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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Proposal to move core of CXF DOSGi to Aries as protocol neutral Remote Service Admin Spec impl
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2016 16:16:15 GMT
Sascha Vogt and Johannes Utzig started a discussion on karaf dev to find 
a way to implement a light weight DOSGi implemention (using RMI).

After looking into the possible places to put this we found that the 
CXF-DOSGi code might provide a good starting point for it. As the code 
is coupled to CXF it needs some work of course.

The discovery and topology manager parts are already nicely separated 
from CXF. Only the dsw-cxf module is tightly coupled to CXF. 
Unfortunately this part contains a big part of the
remote services reference impl. So the idea is to split this module in 
the impl of RemoteServiceAdmin and into one or more modules for the CXF 
providers (WSDL, pojo, rest).

I already started this to make sure it is possible. In the current 
master I refactored the code inside the module to decouple CXF and the 
spec parts.

These packages implement the RemoteServiceAdmin spec part while the 
other packages implement the CXF providers.

The idea is to use an API like this for providers:

So a provider needs to be able to expose a service to the outside world 
and create a local proxy for a remote service.
The main advantage of such an API compared to the RemoteServiceAdmin 
interface is that it is stateless. The provider just needs to create the 
endpoints and clients/proxies. It does not have to manage them. So it 
should be a lot easier to write new transports for the Remote Service 
Admin spec.

So one point of discussion is if we want to create such an API for the 
public and how it should look like.

The other point is that the CXF independent parts then would not have 
any dependency on CXF. So I think they would be better placed in Aries 
as they implement an OSGi spec.
The CXF implementations for Soap and Rest providers would of course stay 
in CXF but might then be moved into the CXF main project to follow the 
changes and releases in CXF more closely.

I have also started to discuss with Scott Lewis(Eclipse ECF) and Peter 
Kriens. They are quite positive about the API.
Ideally it could be supported by Aries and ECF so providers could run in 
both implementations. Johannes even proposed that such an API could be 
part of a future remote services spec.

What do you think?


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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