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From Timothy Ward <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Blueprint bundles
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2018 18:30:43 GMT
I have run the normal verification checks and found a few problems:

These source files have no licence headers (triggering a RAT failure):

  *   All the XSDs in

Did these not show up in the pre-release checks?



On 6 Feb 2018, at 06:18, Francois Papon <<>>

+1 (non-binding)

Thanks Guillaume for the release.


Le 05/02/2018 à 19:46, Guillaume Nodet a écrit :
I've staged the following releases:
  Blueprint Parser 1.5.0
  Blueprint Core 1.9.0
  Blueprint CM 1.2.0
  Blueprint Spring 0.6.0
  Blueprint Spring Extender 0.4.0

The staging repo is available at:

Please review and vote !

Here's the full log:

9daed4f7a Remove unneeded file

4d3c8d659 [ARIES-1770] Spring schemas can not be validated offline

c76afdc1e [ARIES-1106] Injection to support fluent setter methods

ae4bde3d5 [ARIES-1129] Implement a null proxy element

c9ca94f34 Fix indentation / formatting

f8c5297e4 [ARIES-1138] Fix broken unit test

8088d3832 [ARIES-1098] BeanRecipe.findMatchingMethods does not support

ba817a73b [ARIES-1116] Blueprint loses bounds for <? super Type>

29fd4c8c4 [ARIES-1138] Disable Blueprint Schema Validation via System

77128d7de Add constants to the BlueprintConstants interface

610c3b965 [ARIES-1282] BeanRecipe.findMatchingMethods is not able to filter
out overridden method signatures

b42d19d5c [ARIES-1248] Add test for threadpool creation with generics

06d3a60b9 [ARIES-1436] cm:managed-component destroy-method will only be
called when it has a single integer argument

1ddc6292f [ARIES-1544] Blueprint property resolution fails for setters with
derived type

01182e980 [ARIES-1607] Add a flag to enable raw conversion when using

e8c6217d5 [ARIES-960] Improve generics support to support type inference

d1b7347e2 Simplify ExtNamespaceHandler

dc3675240 [ARIES-1668] Support null values inside property-placeholders

597e787df [ARIES-1738] BeanProcessor are not removed when a namespace is

33811d686 [ARIES-1535][ARIES-1536] Implement new policies for reference
lifecycle and damping

f05631bf5 Fix various versions in poms

60803fca7 [ARIES-1717] Untie Aries Blueprint Spring (extender) to specific
Spring version

81693822a [ARIES-1768] BlueprintDomainCombiner should not be holding a
reference to BundleContext

1d1574030 Use generics for the ServiceTracker in BlueprintEventDispatcher

1f2ba7a65 EventAdmin events should be posted synchronously

Guillaume Nodet

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