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From "Till Westmann" <>
Subject Re: Merging of AsterixDB and Hyracks repositories
Date Fri, 08 May 2015 20:47:59 GMT
Hmm, and what do we do about the other dependents of Hyracks (e.g. VXQuery)?
We had separate releases of Hyracks for those in the past.
How would releases (branching, tagging ...) work in that case?


On 8 May 2015, at 13:17, Ian Maxon wrote:

> Hi all,
> An idea was brought up today in the meeting (I believe by Yingyi) for
> solving the issues we have right now with maven project interdependencies.
> The idea is to just merge AsterixDB and Hyracks into one git repository,
> and to have them as separate maven projects with a top level pom joining
> them. We actually have part of this implemented already (in the tlp/ folder
> a pom.xml exists for this). Doing this change would eliminate the necessity
> of the topic field hack in Gerrit, as well as ensure changes in Hyracks
> don't break AsterixDB.
> I went ahead and made a branch that has this change implemented, please
> take a look at
> to get an idea of what's proposed. I merged the Hyracks repository into a
> subtree of the asterix repository- so all of the commit history is merged
> properly. I think we would want to not commit this change through Gerrit,
> because if we did all of the Hyracks commit history would not be included,
> which would be unfortunate.
> - Ian

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