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From Mike Carey <>
Subject Re: Postgres Aggregation Function - Discussion
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2015 01:55:19 GMT

We all need to look at this!!!  Sorry sorry sorry!  I will have a look 
ASAP (by early next week, say Tuesday since that's traditionally a "UCR 
day" for me, at the latest).

Question - what do you mean by "do we want a scalar or aggregate 
version" of the functions?  It seems like we don't have a choice, do 
we?  Aren't they inherently aggregate functions (so the answer would be 
the latter)?  I think maybe I didn't get the gist of the question.  On 
the SQL vs. AQL versions - it would be nice to have both versions of 
each (aggregate) function, actually - i.e., one version that does what 
SQL does in terms of turning a blind eye to nulls, and one version that 
does what AQL does, which is to say that if you have a null (a.k.a. 
unknown) input then the output must logically be unknown as well (e.g., 
if you add two numbers by either doing "+" or having them appear in a 
two-object dataset's numeric column and doing sum( ), you should get the 
same answer either way).

More to follow when I look more closely!  Sorry we've all been so slow.  
(@Others: your take(s)?)


On 11/18/15 2:06 PM, James Fang wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone has a response on this discussion?
> Thanks,
> James
> On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 2:11 PM, James Fang <> wrote:
>> The following functions that I am asking about are from
>> The following google doc contains a spreadsheet of all the current
>> aggregation functions that exist in AQL and SQL. The colored portions will
>> be the portions that I wish to discuss. I assumed that AQL returns null if
>> at least 1 of the results in the aggregation is null while SQL ignores the
>> tuple if it is null.
>> Questions:
>> 1) Do we need array_agg, this function just groups up the results together
>> into one array as output. If so, do we want a scalar version or aggregate
>> version?
>> 2) For bitwise-or and bitwise-and, I have implemented a sql aggregate
>> version. Do we want a AQL aggregate version as well? Do you think that we
>> should implement this as a scalar or as an aggregation?
>> 3) For boolean-or and boolean and, we current have an existing scalar
>> version for AQL. Do we need a scalar version for SQL? Should we implement a
>> aggregate version of these boolean functions?
>> 4) Do we need a json_agg function? I do not think so because all the data
>> is returned in json format. If you have a different answer, let me know.
>> 5) For string_agg, we currently have a scalar version for AQL known as
>> string-join. Do we need a SQL version?

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