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From "Till Westmann" <>
Subject Commit messages
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2017 16:15:37 GMT

some of us had a discussion with an SDSC team last week that is running 
AsterixDB instance. Their customer perspective on AsterixDB highlighted 
few areas of improvement to ease the consumption of AsterixDB.

One thing that I’d like to follow up on are release notes. So far we 
provide them and so changes to the system came as a surprise to 
who is not monitoring commits closely.

As I think that it’s not easy to provide good release notes I’d like 
propose some additions to our commit messages to ease the creation of
release messages:

Each commit message should
1) reference 1 or more JIRA issues (that hopefully provide a rationale 
    the change).
2) contain a description of changes to the user model (language syntax,
    configuration parameters, ..)
3) contain a description of storage format changes (that would require
    reloading or upgrading)
4) contain a description of interface changes (for source code 

and all reviewers should check that these are mentioned in the commit
message. To increase the probability to we won’t forget to mention the
changes in 2-4, I think that we should should explicitly mention the 
of such changes, i.e.:

user model changes: no
storage format changes: no
interface changes: no

Thoughts/concerns about this?
Is this manageable?
Are there other kinds of changes that have a high impact on consumers 
we should call out?


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