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From Nigel Jones <>
Subject Re: Titan: configuration in atlas
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2015 15:18:09 GMT
On 05/09/15 02:27, Seetharam Venkatesh wrote:

> Atlas has sufficient abstraction over the repository and does not want to
> expose it to the users. Given that we have a type-specific DSL, we would
> like users to interact with the system using that or full-text search.

yes - completely understand, my intent was more to understand Atlas 
better, and to better be able to consider any improvements / make 
suggestions. I entirely agree the intent here is to surface that 

> Rester read-only API was added for testing and I purposefully left out the
> server part since it allows mutations.

A colleague had pointed me to some generic graph tooling which I pointed 
at the atlas rexster API, but a few omissions (like getting the list of 
graphs) potentially barfed it. I'll elaborate more when I look into it. 
My initial goal in doing this was think how to visualize the graph in atlas.

> Given that you want to poke around a graph db, I'd suggest you download
> titan server with rexster and just point it to the atlas db dir.
> Makes sense?

Yes .. together with the previous comments, I'll trying doing that. 
Thanks for the tips.

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