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From Madhan Neethiraj <>
Subject Re: 0.8.1 release of Apache Atlas
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 02:42:58 GMT
+1 for 0.8.1 release. This will be the first Atlas release after graduation. The number of
enhancements and fixes look impressive.

Sarath – thanks for taking initiative to release 0.8.1. release. 


On 8/2/17, 5:36 PM, "Sarath Subramanian" <> wrote:

    Atlas team,
    A number of improvements and issues have been addressed since we released
    Apache Atlas 0.8.
    I propose that we make a release of Apache Atlas 0.8.1 - our first release
    after graduation, which includes critical fixes and improvements back
    ported from master branch.
    112 JIRAs have been resolved -
    Some of the improvements:
       1. Move from Guice + Spring framework for dependency injection to using
       only Spring framework.
       2. Export/import support to copy data between Atlas instances.
       3. REST end-point to update classification attributes.
       4. UI enhancements – lineage, attribute search filter, ability to search
       historical data.
       5. Support KNOX SSO Token based authentication on Atlas REST API calls.
       6. Enhance DSL query to support "like” operator.
       7. Basic search improvement in use of Solr index for attribute filtering.
    Please share your comments and thoughts.
    Sarath Subramanian

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