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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Phoenixs Deprecated features
Date Sun, 12 May 2002 00:38:41 GMT
On Sun, 12 May 2002 09:51, Stephen McConnell wrote:
> >* lifecycle "style": Is it poolable, is it re-entrant, is it threadsafe,
> > is singlethreaded etc
> Just a note that I think that we will sooner or later have to deal with
> the pooled concept at the framework - by the addition of a specific
> interface for a Pool, 

Thats how it used to be back a while ago. We used to have Poolable and Pool 
interface inside the framework proper. Thankfully that got moved out.

> or, elimination of pooling notions at the level of
> ServiceManager and ComponentManager.


> >* context:
> >   - Context Class
> >   - Entrys in Context (both name of entry and type of entry)
> I'm assuming you mean something along the lines of
> excalibur.context.ContextUtility (which I'm using within Merlin).  It
> handles the above but the javadoc really needs some work.

Very similar. However it needs to be more like J2EE <resource-ref/> in that we 
can map arbitrary types into context. In particular I would like to be able 
to map objects of type MBeanServer into context. 

I also plan to use the converter architecture (in excalibur now, previously of 
myrmidon) to help with populating the context. Basically converter 
architecture tries to convert from one type to another type.

> >I was going to try address it in a global manner first but if you want me
> > to make it possible for you to overide default behaviour with
> >CascadingConfigurerr then it should be relatively easy. Just say the word.
> Before answering the above, I'll go into a more detail concerning Merlin
> configuration semantics.  

sounds interesting - I will have a further look. I am not sure thats the right 
way to go with all phoenix but it should be possible to enable by just 
writing a new Deployer. Wait till next weekend (after I put through all 
changes I proposed) and hopefully it will be much easier to enable this sort 
of thing. Currently it is a PITA because we are supporting a bunch of 
deprecated deployment formats (and thus need similar code in multiple 
places). After this is all cleaned up it should be much easier to do.

> For completeness, there are two other .xinfo additions that should be
> noted.  Firstly, there is the introduction of the name attribute on the
> block element.  


> Secondly, Merlin supports a
> <context> declarations within a .xinfo which is handled by the
> ContextUtility class.

+1 to idea but I want to play with concept a bit more because I need other 
things to be placed in context that wont be supported by current ContextUtil.


Peter Donald

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