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From "Leo Simons" <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject RE: gump entry for containerkit
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 20:19:08 GMT
> Leo Simons wrote:
> > Hi gang,
> > 
> > Gump has an entry for excalibur-containerkit, which I've 
> just moved to 
> > the avalon-sandbox cvs. The sourcepath for this entry needs to be 
> > updated, but even after lots of headscratching I can't 
> figure out what 
> > to do; the <home/> and <work/> tags probably both need to 
> change but 
> > it's unclear to me to what; and I can't find the <module/> 
> definitions 
> > at all!
> > 
> > could someone with more gump knowledge take a peek?
> Stephan Bodewig constructed and committed a correct entry - 
> before you 
> even posted this e-mail.

That'd give him the amazing time window of roughly 10 mins for becoming
aware of the (new) problem, creating the solution, _and_ committing it.
Astounding! :D

There's some mail hiccups atm, I suspect half is the problem of our uni
(re those pictures of lots of smoke in the ICT building), the other half
is @ apache, but it's having some weird effects....

> Editorial comment: there are people who are actively trying to build 
> Avalon related components - if for no other reason than to verify the 
> correct operation of projects they care about (e.g. Ant) or to
> things that other subprojects (e.g., james) may need to be aware of at

> some point.  At times, this requires a little bit of cooperation - to 
> this day, I still have been unable to locate the correct place to find

> and build the org.apache.avalon.framework.info classes.  Any hints
> be appreciated.

These used to be in jakarta-avalon-excalibur/info, and have just moved
avalon-sandbox/info/. Getting avalon "gumped" completely is #2 on
my todo list (#1 is charter/community stuff); this is just one of many
to address IIUC. Note it is hardly appropriate for non-alpha non-avalon
materials to reference that code as it's somewhat contentious but that's
the point atm :D

> In return, you will have nightly builds that are internally self 
> consistent - each component that depends on the common framework will
> built with the same version of that framework.
> Who knows, this might even foster a bit more cooperation and 
> communication within the Avalon project.

My thoughts exactly! Me and some others have been rather ignorant of
and this'll change soon I hope. My POA:

- figure out gump from nitter to gritter (I've got it running locally
but ran
  out of disk space ;)
- get all avalon bits building using gump
- 'normalize' gump usage in avalon
- submit patches to gump docs detailing the things I found out but
"get" at first


- Leo

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