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From fo...@apache.org
Subject [avro] branch AVRO-1989 created (now 9e18b51)
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2019 19:41:38 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

fokko pushed a change to branch AVRO-1989
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/avro.git.

      at 9e18b51  Update schema_validator.rb

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 81cf991  Bootstrap Avro svn repo.
     new 9a0bad0  Merge http://people.apache.org/~cutting/avro
     new 22c72f7  Next version.
     new af32499  Try again...
     new 5f34eb0  Adding .gitignore.
     new 3b82183  First version.
     new 5d5df8f  Once more...
     new df459c3  First version.
     new af64465  Next version.
     new 4fc2ebf  Bootstrap trunk.
     new e8a0c37  Merge http://people.apache.org/~cutting/avro
     new 8edb62d  Ignore build directory.
     new e2b3d66  AVRO-3.  Fix ValueReader to throw an exception at EOF.  Contributed by Pat Hunt.
     new fc29ce8  Adding *.pyc to ignore list.
     new 7947e73  AVRO-6.  Provide easier implementation of alternate generic data representations.  Contributed by Hong Tang.
     new 9b14a2a  Fix so that specific code generation works under Eclipse.  Contributed by Pat Hunt.
     new e6d1fca  Fix so that EOF is not thrown when one attempts to read an empty buffer.  Contributed by sharad.
     new 952db93  AVRO-11.  Re-implement specific and reflect datum readers and writers to leverage AVRO-6.
     new 288a8cf  AVRO-13. Use dictionary instead of if-else in validate.
     new 9bd4619  AVRO-5. Add java versus python RPC interoperability tests.
     new c201bb7  AVRO-16. Minor documentation improvements.
     new 55574fe  AVRO-15. Override __eq__() and __hash__() in Schema classes.
     new 5183bd9  AVRO-1.  Record fields are now defined with JSON arrays, rather than JSON objects, since fields are ordered.
     new 0abe6d6  AVRO-1.  Record fields are now defined with JSON arrays, rather than JSON objects, since fields are ordered.
     new 87f3bff  AVRO-9.  Restrict map keys to strings.
     new 75b5c9a  Fix a typo.
     new d1a9521  Add Java support for default values.
     new 20633ec  Minor doc updates.  Copied javadoc overview to main doc.
     new 32a1fcb  AVRO-31. Fix Java package imports in generated specific classes.  Contributed by sharad.
     new 94335e3  AVRO-21.  Default Java namespace from containing definition.
     new 13ba975  AVRO-33.  C support for primitive types.  Contributed by Matt Massie.
     new ff6e70c  AVRO-26.  Switch tests from JUnit to TestNG.  Contributed by Konstantin Boudnik.
     new f42255b  AVRO-18.  Add support for enum types.
     new b061e62  Remove some redundant code.  Inherited methods are identical.
     new 70ffe34  AVRO-10.  Add Java support for fixed-sized types.
     new 998a811  AVRO-34.  Upgrade to Jackson version 1.0.0.
     new 513251c  AVRO-10. Fix a doc typo.
     new 2b7ea9c  AVRO-12.  Fix recursive schemas so that equals() and hashCode() do not cause stack overflow.
     new ac3528e  AVRO-22.  When parsing schemas in Java, do not permit anonymous.
     new dc20712  AVRO-38.  Add Python support for fixed-sized types.  Contributed by sharad.
     new 60dabd6  AVRO-37.  Add C API docs.  Contributed by Matt Massie.
     new c4c9689  AVRO-39.  Fix bug in Java record schema toString().  Contributed by sharad.
     new c5aa645  AVRO-40.  Fix a typo in spec, where 'unsigned' was used where 'signed' was intended.
     new f806cb0  AVRO-32.  Java specific generated record classes now implement equals and hashCode.
     new 5e4733e  AVRO-2.  Optimized Java RPC handshake protocol.
     new 11c84ae  AVRO-42.  Add partial C++ implementation.  Contributed by Scott Banachowski.
     new 111ac06  AVRO-42.  Add partial C++ implementation.  Contributed by Scott Banachowski.
     new c787721  AVRO-44.  Fix so that 'ant clean' works even if C has not been built.  Contributed by Matt Massie.
     new 0282ee3  AVRO-45.  Fix c++ compilation so that python script need not be made executable.  Contributed by Scott Banachowski.
     new 8204eee  AVRO-25.  Add blocking value writer.  Contributed by Thiruvalluvan M. G.
     new bd8c950  AVRO-25.  Remove empty files.
     new 7fd4f2c  AVRO-48.  Remove unused imports and annotations.  Contributed by Thiru.
     new 8a714f4  AVRO-51. Fix testio.py to exit correctly. Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new dfadedf  AVRO-53.  Use Ivy to retrieve Java dependencies.
     new 774c3a0  AVRO-55. Fix two spec doc typos.
     new 40f9f94  AVRO-56.  Use Jackson to generate JSON from Java.
     new 7a6f846  AVRO-58: Add a JSON parser for C.  Contributed by Matt Massie.
     new 33037de  AVRO-36. Correctly encode and decode binary default values.
     new 842690e  AVRO-57.  Make ValueReader/Writer abstract, named Decoder/Encoder.  Add concrete implementations named BinaryDecoder/Encoder.
     new 98eb920  AVRO-46.  Optimized RPC handshake protocol for Python.  Contributed by sharad.
     new 345ff7e  AVRO-29.  Add to Java a validating encoder and decoder, and a resolving decoder.  Contributed by Thiruvalluvan M. G. & Raymie Stata.
     new b2869cc  AVRO-59.  C++: make serializer more generic.  Contributed by Scott Banachowski.
     new df176b7  AVRO-29. Reverting changes to GenericDatumReader.
     new 1b21659  AVRO-67.  Add per-call RPC metadata to spec.  George Porter via cutting.
     new fe66299  AVRO-28.  Add Python support for default values.  Contributed by sharad.
     new 8120af1  AVRO-66.  Add per-call metadata to Java and Python.  Contributed by George Porter & cutting.
     new c1f86d2  Preparing for 1.0.0 release.
     new 2532470  Add NOTICE.txt, per release requirements.
     new 3727a55  Add license files for libraries we use.
     new 81fee7a  Add missing license headers to java sources.
     new 63eb298  Add license headers to C++.
     new 5a34ebe  AVRO-66.  Add response metadata in error case too.
     new 8e9674a  AVRO-68.  Add license headers to C sources and improve C packaging.  Contributed by Matt Massie.
     new f7cc40a  AVRO-69.  Make C's install-sh script executable.  Contributed by Matt Massie.
     new db7edf9  AVRO-70.  Add license header to json_schema.y. Contributed by Matt Massie.
     new ffe3481  AVRO-74.  Add missing license headers in C++.
     new 55bd090  AVRO-73. Workaround in python to fix simplejson bug on Mac OS.
     new a63515c  AVRO-64. Fix socket and parser issue on Mac OS.
     new fff545f  Preparing for 1.0.0 candidate build.
     new 41d08b5  AVRO-77.  Fix C unit tests on Mac OS.  Contributed by Matt Massie.
     new eb3b1bb  Prepare for trunk developmenet.
     new 86d3ba8  AVRO-71.  Make C++ deserializer more generic.  Contributed by Scott Banachowski.
     new 86c74fb  AVRO-60.  Fix C JSON parser to correctly process escapes and multi-byte characters.  Add tests.  Contributed by Matt Massie.
     new 751a179  AVRO-78.  Fix Java reflect to work on non-public fields.
     new e6715a6  AVRO-54. Re-upgrade to testng 5.9.
     new e2e7fd9  AVRO-79.  Specify format for default fixed values.  Contributed by Thiruvalluvan M. G.
     new 0039f14  AVRO-50.  Implement JSON data codec in Java.  Contributed by Thiruvalluvan M.G. and cutting.
     new f352f56  AVRO-82.  Add checkstyle to Java compilation.  Contributed by Thiruvalluvan M. G.
     new f03f432  AVRO-82.  Simplify Ivy configuration a bit.
     new 2034a4e  AVRO-81.  Switch back from TestNG to JUnit.  Contributed by Konstantin Boudnik.
     new eeb1023  AVRO-84, AVRO-85.  Clarify a few things in the specification.
     new 62806ba  AVRO-76.  Add Java RPC plugin framework.  Contributed by George Porter.
     new 127800a  AVRO-81.  Restore checkstyle to test-java target, dropped by this patch.
     new 79d5718  AVRO-87. Fix broken links in javadoc introduced by AVRO-82.
     new a02c725  AVRO-89.  Use unboxed types for generated fields.
     new e1d53e3  AVRO-90.  Fix Java's JSON codec to correctly encode unions.
     new f736dfd  AVRO-95.  Fix writing of reflect-based unions.  Also extend DataFileWriter to permit adding branches to a union schema while writing.
     new 73b69bc  AVRO-88.  Fix Java's BlockingBinaryEncoder to correctly override writeEnum().  Contributed by Ravi Gummadi.
     new b9821a4  AVRO-61.  Add Python support for reading blocked data.  Contributed by Ravi Gummadi.
     new c529c6d  AVRO-97.  Fix various C++ bugs.  Contributed by Scott Banachowski.
     new a84db2b  AVRO-100.  In spec, remove warning about blocking being draft.
     new a1ea81a  AVRO-83. In generated Java code, elide unions with null.
     new 710e237  AVRO-102.  Add license headers missing from AVRO-95.
     new 97a5793  AVRO-104.  Permit null fields with Java reflection.  Contributed by Eelco Hillenius.
     new acba0fc  AVRO-107.  Fix minor problems with equals() and hashCode() in Schema and Protocol.
     new f49a465  AVRO-92.  Describe JSON data encoding in specification.
     new b062afa  AVRO-108.  Add Java implementation of binary comparator.
     new 490d0c7  AVRO-110, AVRO-41.  Implement Comparable in generic and specific.  Also convert GenericData and ReflectData to singletons.
     new c454652  AVRO-98.  Fix C++ schema parser to permit out-of-order attribugtes and ignore extra attributes.  Contributed by Scott Banachowski.
     new b43975a  AVRO-109.  Add Java support for controlling sort order.
     new 7d83e93  AVRO-111.  Document sort ordering in specification.
     new 604f27b  Add missing license headers.
     new d8d9098  Preparing for 1.1.0 candiate build.
     new 14c0ae1  AVRO-112.  Turn off C++ debug output.
     new 1dbb683  AVRO-114.  Fix cdoc Ant target.  Contributed by Matt Massie.
     new cea9e51  AVRO-99.  Use Boost framework for C++ unit tests.  Contributed by Scott Banachowski.
     new fc44dd5  AVRO-113.  Fix endian bug with C++ integer/long varint codec.  Contributed by Scott Banachowski.
     new c7a4f7c  AVRO-115.  Make C++ compatible with Boost 1.32. Contributed by Scott Banachowski.
     new cad632e  AVRO-115.  Remove RPC sessions.
     new 0c2a837  AVRO-119. Add Java GenericData.Array#toString() implementation.
     new 8661456  AVRO-117.  Fix memory leak in C++ JSON parser.  Contributed by Scott Banachowski.
     new 5661078  AVRO-121.  Permit reflect and specific datum readers to read data written with a different version of the schema than is current.
     new 7c346f7  AVRO-118.  JSON codec now permits one to read and write multiple instances without flushing or explicitly resetting the codec between each instance.  Contributed by Thiruvalluvan M. G.
     new 78983ff  AVRO-122.  Fix so that, when multiple Ant targets are specified on the command line that depend on Ivy, Ivy does not fail.  Contributed by phunt.
     new 777d047  AVRO-120.  Improved package and namespace handling.
     new e0c27e1  AVRO-123.  Fix Java's specific protocol compiler so that parameters and return types are unboxed.
     new b397dd7  AVRO-125.  Fix sample protocol in specification document to use the correct syntax.
     new aa7305f  AVRO-101.  Add Java reflect API test case using nested classes.  Contributed by Eelco Hillenius.
     new 8289fbd  AVRO-124.  Remove Ivy's jar from distributions.
     new 6b2a226  AVRO-129.  Add HTTP-based RPC client and server.
     new 4ae97e2  AVRO-24.  Add a simple bulk-data benchmark.
     new fdd0b8c  AVRO-133.  Update version number in specfication document and documentation tab automatically from build version.
     new 2b348c1  AVRO-131.  Permit specification of JUnit test output format.  Contributed by Giridharan Kesavan.
     new dc0107b  AVRO-134. Update data file format specification to include reserved metadata keys 'codec' and 'sync'.  Contributed by Thiruvalluvan M. G.
     new 35776f8  AVRO-138.  Add a 'unit-test-java' Ant target that runs tests without running checkstyle or javadoc.  Contributed by Thiruvalluvan M. G.
     new c1e75de  AVRO-132.  Fix multi-threading race condition when threads share schema objects.
     new 2af1f70  AVRO-137. Suppress warnings in generated java code. Contributed by Doug Cutting.
     new 844b081  AVRO-139.  Refactor HTTP servlet to a separate, public class.
     new db971a2  AVRO-140. Add javadoc to public classes with none.
     new 2427f18  Preparing for 1.2.0 release candidate build.
     new a7bfbd4  AVRO-141.  Fix a NullPointerException in ReflectData#isRecord().  Contributed by Isabel Drost.
     new bc9491c  AVRO-142.  Remove some Java unused fields and imports.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new 7ddc6d6  AVRO-147. Use configure to create makefile for C++ builds.
     new 1999497  AVRO-147.  Ignore some generated files.
     new b574317  Added a validating Avro schema parser in C
     new 5690cd0  AVRO-151. Validating Avro schema parser for C (code committed r825593)
     new 1ecc7b6  AVRO-155. Make python avro.io.DataFileReader iterable. Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new fac2b04  AVRO-156.  Fix broken links to Wiki in documentation.  Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting.
     new 21ba02b   AVRO-148. Add ant target to build c++ project.
     new 62e4e5b  AVRO-165.  Fix an equals implementation in TestReflect.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new d086fd7  AVRO-166.  Improve error checking in Java schema parser.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new edbb3fe  AVRO-167.  Refactor Java SpecificCompiler to simplify testing, and add some tests.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new 4d2c438  AVRO-162. Ensure that 'make distcheck' target works correctly
     new e83268e  AVRO-146.  Add support for using Eclipse to develop Avro's Java.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new 5f7cb7d  AVRO-168. Correct shared library versioning for C implementation
     new 3623bbc  AVRO-172. Don't include value class data/methods in each instance of a value when processing schemas.
     new 4fadaab  AVRO-149.  Add Java command-line executable 'avroj'.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new f1b8343  AVRO-157. Changes from code review comments.
     new de86bbe  AVRO-176. Safeguard against bad istreams before reading.
     new 8be8835  AVRO-175. Split the avro_io interface into two interfaces: avro_reader and avro_writer
     new a4b6df0  AVRO-180. Enhance code generator script and unit tests.
     new e4a937b  AVRO-179. Add unit tests for all Avro C primitives
     new e0871c8  Upgrade Java dependencies to more recent versions.
     new 6c6a0cb  AVRO-169.  Fix a typo in the spec.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new ea05a91  AVRO-158.  Permit appending to a data file from Java.
     new e0940cb  AVRO-186. Full read-path interoperability test
     new 8d1df97  AVRO-187. Move top-level source files into separate directories for easier maintenance
     new a45e938  AVRO-188. Need to update svn ignores
     new 8d27b88  AVRO-188. Need to update svn ignores
     new 39e6d50  AVRO-189. test-c target fails
     new 76c6762  AVRO-182.  Fix Java's generic and specfic implementations of equals() and hashCode() to be consistent with compareTo().
     new 8ab3b6d  AVRO-192.  Improved errors for Java schema parsing problems.
     new 6b33f02  AVRO-185. Java's specific API no longer depends on reflection.
     new 2185314  AVRO-191. Explicitly include stdint.h for C++. (Contributed by cutting).
     new f353002  AVRO-190. Use fixed size C++ types for Avro fixed types.
     new 7ae507b  AVRO-194. C++ varint encoding buffer too small.
     new 21bb13c  AVRO-193.  Fix 'ant test-avroj' on Ubuntu 9.10.
     new 8fa1312  AVRO-171.  Fix Java's Protocol#toString() to correctly handle forward-references.
     new 43884c8  AVRO-193.  Move change notice to correct section.
     new ff753de  AVRO-195. Complex type support for write streams
     new 57d8f45  AVRO-197.  Add mapping of name to index for records and enums
     new 2bf0a95   AVRO-204. Change the way symbolic references are tracked.
     new 9c9b79b  AVRO-205. APIs for checking schema resolution.
     new 60ad460  AVRO-201.  Move Python data file code into its own module.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new c4e01e1  AVRO-203.  Reformat license in Python sources.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new dd75906  AVRO-210. Memory leak with recursive schemas when constructed by hand. AVRO-211. Nested schema does not get parsed in C++. (same patch fixed both problems due to related code overlap)
     new d9600ed  AVRO-199.  Make Python test schemas more readable.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new 1aa6a71  AVRO-216.  Formatting cleanups to schema.py.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new 19684ab  AVRO-202. Add __all__ listing to Python module to ease import.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new e2d1051  AVRO-222.  Fix Python interop tests broken by AVRO-201.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new 1484368  AVRO-223.  Fix test-avroj on Mac OS X.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new 43bcac6  AVRO-154. Add 'induce' sub-command to avroj command line tool.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new d0d4e91  AVRO-224. Code cleanup: cleaner distinction between public and private methods
     new fd1d907  AVRO-221.  Mangle Java reserved words in generated code to avoid name conflicts.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new e0c709a  AVRO-225.  In generated Java, use dollar-sign, not underscore, to prevent name conflicts.
     new c854cd8  AVRO-229. Change Java to implement Flushable and Closeable interfaces where appropriate.  Contributed by tomwhite.
     new 234893c  AVRO-80.  Java reflect API no longer uses Avro-specific classes for string and array.
     new 56d154f  AVRO-227.  Fix a typo in the spec document.  Contributed by Todd Lipcon.
     new 6d882a3  AVRO-231. Tutorial added to C++ docs.
     new 6b3399f  AVRO-231. Tutorial added to C++ docs. (part 2, forgot to add new file in first commit)
     new 6bf0169  AVRO-220. Dynamic schema resolution from writer to reader.
     new 91856e0  AVRO-232. Fix C++ build in cygwin.
     new 6dcb9a0  Add Apache RAT to tests, to validate licenses.
     new f1b61e8  AVRO-233.  Elaborate Java tool API.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new ba55ccc  AVRO-236.  Add protocol support to avroj induce tool.
     new 913074d  AVRO-234. C++ code cleanup.
     new c7fe335  AVRO-237.  More improvements to Java reflection.
     new 21b3430  AVRO-240. In Python, try to use json module if simplejson is not available.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new e0839ab  AVRO-238.  Fix so that slf4j-simple is only required by tests.
     new a976791  AVRO-242.  In Java, add support for extensible, string-valued properties.
     new 7c65594  AVRO-184. Better eclipse configuration support
     new 8fca9cd  AVRO-241.  In Java, add a union annotation for reflection.
     new 3abbd30  AVRO-249. In reflection, implement Java short as an Avro int whose java-class property is set to java.lang.Short.
     new 4764660  AVRO-247.  In Java reflection, add Stringable annotation to indicate classes that can be represented by an Avro string schema.  Also fix failing interop test.
     new 2bf9273  AVRO-246 Java schema parser should take schema from InputStream in addition to file
     new 4e4ef4f  AVRO-250.  Make reflect's Union annotation applicable to message paramters and return types.
     new cfd4b63  AVRO-256. Use fully-qualified class names in generated Java code to eliminate name conflicts.
     new a87b0c1  AVRO-255.  Fix java implementation so that, when parsing schemas, unspecified namespaces are defaulted to nearest enclosing namespace.
     new 3fde11f  AVRO-253.  Improve documentation of schema names in specification.
     new 39c4b9c  AVRO-257.  Remove some dead Java code and un-needed casts.  Contributed by Kevin Oliver.
     new c5df785  AVRO-263.  Change avroj command line tools to return exit codes.  Contributed by Todd Lipcon.
     new e2b5b07  AVRO-260.  Upgrade to Jackson 1.4.0.
     new 1acc991  Fix two typos in the spec.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new 4471c70  Add four new avroj commands for converting data between JSON and binary encodings.
     new 1d125b4  Revised data file format and Java API.
     new 2310971  AVRO-272.  Extend RPCContext to include message.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new d0b7637  AVRO-269.  Use java compielr to validate specific compiler's output.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new 1627262  AVRO-258.  Add GenAvro language tool.  Contributed by Todd Lipcon.
     new 09077d8  AVRO-258.  Don't make Schema.Names public.
     new 939eb8a  AVRO-276.  Gix GenAvro to specify file encoding as UTF-8.
     new e5631c1  AVRO-267.  Add two new avroj commands: rpcsend and rpcreceive.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new 3b52237  Rework Python API.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new 2faea63  Rework Python RPC.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new b0e42bf  Add a Java local RPC transceiver.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new 8911c84  AVRO-291.  Set NODELAY in Java's SocketTransceiver.  Contributed by Eric Evans.
     new fee963d  AVRO-280.  Fix file header schema in specfication.  Also fix forrestdoc build target to work on clean checkout.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new 0def481  AVRO-292.  Fix Python skipping of ints and longs.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new e5d6f00  AVRO-273, AVRO-275, & AVRO-279. Add Java RPC statistics collection and display.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new d933c26  AVRO-289.  Fix Python schema resolution.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new 7b13b5d  AVRO-152.  Add support for documentation strings to schemas, protocols and messages.  Contributed by Philip Zeyliger.
     new 853d0a7  AVRO-75.  Clarify that missing values with no default value are errors, and fix Java implementation.
     new 6a95391  AVRO-278. Change GenericRecord's API and implementation to be array-based rather than Map-based.
     new 8fc362a  AVRO-259. Add null schema check in GenericData.Record and GenericData.Array constructors.  Contributed by Kevin Oliver.
     new 8697acf  AVRO-281. Symlink in build.xml does not work well with Cygwin
     new 5d6bcad  AVRO-299.  Fix Python numeric promotion.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new 7c85a78  AVRO-207.  Fix Python to detect duplicate enum symbols.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new 3765440  AVRO-294.  Clarify that bytes and fixed are unsigned and how their JSON default values are interpreted.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher and cutting.
     new 5979ad3  AVRO-298.  Fix Java's DatumReader and DatumWriter APIs to better use generics.  Contributed by philz.
     new 666ef34  AVRO-288. Implement schema resolution for Python parameters.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new 2b43cbd  AVRO-163.  Re-organized source tree into separate directories for each language.
     new 198bdac  AVRO-163.  Remove empty src/ tree.
     new 107cb5e  AVRO-163.  Fix top-level 'dist' target to 'mkdir build'.  Also moved VERSION.txt to share/ to reduce its visibility.
     new 820d85d  AVRO-282.  Improve avroj build to better specify dependencies.  Contributed by philz.
     new 6b57b50  AVRO-297.  Remove deprecated call to Jackson.  Contributed by philz.
     new 56794b9  AVRO-309.  Fix Python build, post-AVRO-163.
     new f3820c4  AVRO-310.  Improve top-level build.sh.
     new 63a4e8c  AVRO-317.  Restore Java data interop tests.
     new e634f34  AVRO-274.  Make Java's data file sync interval configurable.
     new 801eb60  AVRO-206.  Improved checks for schema parsing.  Contributed by Pat Hunt.
     new 1b0d92f  AVRO-320. Rename avroj to be avro-tools.
     new 7e52669  AVRO-314.  Add mvn-install ant task to publish jar to local Maven repository.  Contributed by Aaron Kimball.
     new e72ac6c  AVRO-315. Performance improvements to BinaryDecoder
     new e10a0be  AVRO-313. Default values for fields or records and array (or map) don't work with ResolvingDecoder
     new 115547c  AVRO-316. Optiminzing inner loop functions of Avro io
     new e2619a8  AVRO-329. Fix Python handshake schema.  Contributed by Jeff Hammerbacher.
     new b6bd228  AVRO-308, AVRO-330.  Two clarifications to the spec.
     new aaa7f47  AVRO-335. Update RAT task, run it from top-level build, add a few missing licenses, update copyright year.
     new eeb127e  Reverting AVRO-313 and AVRO-316, since they cause the test-java target to fail.
     new 55e42a8  AVRO-243. Use automake generated Makefile.in
     new 516ad11  Fixed AVRO-313. Reinroduced Parser.processImplicitActions() as it is still required.
     new 91afe77  AVRO-316. Optiminzing inner loop functions of Avro io
     new bbf437e  AVRO-344.  Complete rewrite of C implementation
     new 76315b9  AVRO-337. ant test-java fails in Cygwin due to CRLF v LF problem
     new 4a0d5ae  AVRO-328. Performance improvements Validating encoder/decoder for nested records
     new 7ddcfd4  AVRO-346.  Add function to validate a datum against a schema
     new b844f7e  AVRO-346.  Add function to validate a datum against a schema
     new 771a96e  AVRO-347.  Add the --unsafe flag to asciidoc in order to include source/header files
     new c111818  AVRO-198. Fix error in specification of protocol name, also clarify which properties are required.
     new 93e81f7  AVRO-339.  Fix build.sh to show usage if invoked without arguments.  Contributed by philz.
     new ca08524  AVRO-336. Check that appropriate schemas are passed to GenericRecord#Array and #Record.
     new b25e6a3  AVRO-345. Optimization for ResolvingDecoder
     new abd816c  AVRO-351. Shorten induce tool description; add check to avoid overly verbose descriptions. (philz)
     new e3ddec6  AVRO-352.  Incorrect binary encoding for strings and bytes
     new 904a5a7  AVRO-353.  Publish the C API to avro-doc package when 'dist' target run
     new 558af6b  AVRO-306.  Add ruby implementation.  Contributed by Jeff Hodges.
     new 015b9bc  AVRO-356.  RAT fails with "Unknown license" error
     new 25009db  AVRO-359.  Add support for encoding/decoding arrays and maps
     new 8959350  AVRO-360.  Standardize on Linux coding style instead of GNU
     new 06896f8  AVRO-362. Add test to ensure Python implementation handles Union schema with two fixed types of different names (hammer)
     new 77bb1e9  AVRO-363. estSchema had two tests disabled; new test for named schemas named after primitives. (philz)
     new 9de8a8d  AVRO-364.  Add support for encoding/decoding records
     new 56f6af3  AVRO-135. Add compression to data files. (philz)
     new 7679cb3  AVRO-367.  Complete memory management for the C implementation
     new 01193b5  AVRO-369.  Add support for encoding/decoding enum values
     new 005f0a6  AVRO-370.  Add support for encoding/decoding fixed data
     new 8590c10  AVRO-47. Use void* for byte sequences.
     new f24e314  AVRO-349. Fix C++ build for post-AVRO-163.
     new d5f3181  AVRO-135.  Add a missing Ivy configuration dependency.
     new 520b9b4  AVRO-371.  Add support for encoding/decoding unions
     new 61aad54  AVRO-355. io.Perf test harness uses different random number seeds for each run
     new fbc0ac7  AVRO-355. io.Perf test harness uses different random number seeds for each run
     new ceba791  AVRO-377.  Add getters and setters for all Avro datum types
     new 27c7ad1  AVRO-354. Performance improvement to BinaryDecoder.readInt()
     new 26f53a1  AVRO-375. Initializing uninizialized encoders fail
     new 8cbe31e  AVRO-375. Initializing uninizialized encoders fail
     new 8a4ddb5  AVRO-373. EOF detection broken in JsonDecoder
     new c85ab4b  AVRO-368. Reserve avro.* in object container files, and rename existing reserved words.
     new c635452  AVRO-343. Minor fixes to Eclipse config after build re-org
     new 2be9e69  AVRO-378.  Add example code to the C implementation and update documentation
     new e790f48  AVRO-379. Changed record getter/setter API to match other datatypes
     new 0319db2  AVRO-381. Update documentation to talk about reference counting and memory management
     new 8f3ad16  AVRO-382. Avro hashCode throws a NullPointerException when fields are uninitialized.  Contributed by Michael Armbrust.
     new 6915f0c  AVRO-384. Add schema projection to the C implementation
     new b73d449  AVRO-374. Remove and ignore files that are created by autoreconf.
     new 3dfd487  AVRO-385. Initializing uninizialized BlockingBinaryEncoder fails
     new 7a0078b  AVRO-383. Optiminzing ResolvingDecoder for default values
     new 2e4f326  AVRO-380.  Avro Container File format change: add block size to block descriptor.  Contributed by Scott Carey.
     new 6e4ae0b  AVRO-383. Optimizing ResolvingDecoder for default values ("skipping default values", which was't handled correctly in the previous commit)
     new 1167caf  AVRO-389. ResolvingDecoder does not resolve enum well
     new bf7db0c  AVRO-390. ResolvingDecoder does not handle default values for records well
     new 6c7b0e1  AVRO-361. Specific Compiler fails to handle union with two fixed branches (Scott Carey via philz)
     new f86e030  AVRO-387.  Add IndexedRecord interface, so that specific & generic may share #toString(), #hashCode(), #compare(), etc.  Also fix toString() and hashCode() to not throw NPE for uninitialized records.
     new 1b9263f  AVRO-350.  Fix GenericData.Record#get(String) to return null rather than throw NPE when passed a field name not in the record.  Contributed by Kevin Oliver.
     new 7e4037d  AVRO-388. Using ResolvingDecoder in GenericDatumReader
     new a861b87  AVRO-386. Python implementation of compression (philz)
     new 1c5dc77  AVRO-394. Simplify and consolidate all data structures into hash tables
     new e1e7220  AVRO-340.  Add a constructor for Utf8 that accepts byte[].  Contributed by Jeff Hodges.
     new a27490c  AVRO-393.  Oops.  Accidentally tagged this as AVRO-340 in revision 906299.
     new 00df8fb  AVRO-395. Add a cscope Makefile target
     new 710f365  AVRO-397: Whitespace change and comment clarification in datafile.py
     new 05b3442  AVRO-322: Add a working client and server to Python implementation using HTTP as a transport (hammer)
     new 441e550  AVRO-322: Add a working client and server to Python implementation using HTTP as a transport (hammer)
     new cd1e3ed  AVRO-340, AVRO-342: Define usage of HTTP as RPC transport in spec, and document that Java's socket and datagram transports are non-standard.
     new 8c3259b  AVRO-208.  Clarify that enum symbols must be unique.
     new 62cba7e  AVRO-321.  Restore java RPC interop tests.
     new 79c0980  AVRO-410.  Fix a typo in the specification.  Contributed by Tom White.
     new b57e524  AVRO-402. Add method for writing avro_schema_t structure to an avro_writer_t
     new 340c58f  AVRO-398. avro_read_file doesn't detect eof (contributed by Eli Collins)
     new fc1935c  AVRO-403. Add file object container support to C implementation
     new e1c17e7  AVRO-408. lang/c/build.sh 'dist' broken (now fixed)
     new 258d419  AVRO-400. Adding warning for unused parameters (contributed by Eli Collins)
     new c06063a  AVRO-409. Update contact database example to use a file object container for C implementation
     new f4e4771  AVRO-407.  Fix a bug in the Java data file reader.  Contributed by Scott Carey.
     new c8ee72a  AVRO-410. Add namespace support to C implementation
     new 835e486  AVRO-261. Allow Schemas to be immutable
     new 3e3f0fb  AVRO-411. Add Ruby data file interop tests.  Contributed by Jeff Hodges.
     new 5fa0669  AVRO-412. Allow schema validation to be optional
     new 02b9415  AVRO-413.  Finish adding Ruby data file interop tests.  Contributed by Jeff Hodges.
     new 1d6b6c5  AVRO-295. JsonEncoder is not flushed after writing using ReflectDatumWriter
     new a2a731f  AVRO-399: Make data file interop tests work with           the Python implementation (hammer)
     new c39ca58  AVRO-287. Make RPC interop tests work with new Python implementation (hammer)
     new f24c33c  AVRO-287. Make RPC interop tests work with new Python implementation (hammer) (cleaning up the setting of PYTHONPATH to be as Doug did it)
     new ac2a19f  AVRO-136. Add support for building/releasing python eggs (hammer)
     new 89d56e9  AVRO-136. Ignore some files.
     new dff585b  AVRO-415.  Fix Ruby to work with Ruby 1.8.6.
     new c221b63  AVRO-416. Produce a Java source archive.  Contributed by Ryan Rawson.
     new 6595bb6  AVRO-318.  Clarify some build requirements.
     new 281f46f  AVRO-416.  Add missing note to CHANGES.txt.
     new fcb06cf  AVRO-349. Ignore some generated C++ files.
     new 674deee  AVRO-417.  Produce Java documentation archive.  Contributed by Scott Carey.
     new 5d523b4  AVRO-421.  Fix some dist target issues.
     new be98c29  AVRO-422. Build c++ docs in correct location.
     new 03e6715  AVRO-392. Overhaul of Java binary decoder.  Contributed by Scott Carey.
     new 2789beb  AVRO-392. Overhaul of Java binary decoder.  Contributed by Scott Carey.
     new 1e9fe80  AVRO-414.  Add Java support for concatenating and appending data files.  Contributed by Scott Carey.
     new 7283620  Preparing for 1.3.0 release.  Fixing some broken links, updating the version.
     new af00ca6  A local setting got leaked into the trunk as part of AVRO-392. Fixed
     new c3a37aa  AVRO-427.  Add a README.txt to the dist directory.  Also restructure dist, fix a typo, etc.
     new d5526da  AVRO-428. Improve file read performance by buffering data
     new e5479e7  AVRO-430. Remove subversion directories from Avro C tarball
     new e2c2722  AVRO-430.  Fix for C++ too.
     new 2b15803  AVRO-424. Fix the specification of the deflate codec.  Contributed by Scott Carey.
     new 15bc535  AVRO-424.  Include a Ruby gem in distributions.  Contributed by Ryan King.
     new 306ab96  AVRO-424.  Remove author names, per Apache policy, and fix a couple of missing field warnings.
     new 65a7620  AVRO-431. Fix mvn-install target to work in clean build.
     new 5dac18f  AVRO-437.  Fix some typos in docs.  Contributed by Amichai Rothman.
     new 40ded25  AVRO-439. Remove unused headers from being checked in configure.in
     new cddf986  AVRO-438.  Clarify spec.  Contributed by Amichai Rothman.
     new 5fd2d18  AVRO-432.  Add @Nullable annotation to Java reflect API.
     new 4313c25  AVRO-433.  Fix exceptions in Java reflect RPC.
     new 97aa7f5  AVRO-445. avro_size_data() to pre-calculate the size of an avro_datum_t in serialized form. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new 9f1d7cd  AVRO-443. Endianness is determined at configure time rather than compile time. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new a1368aa  AVRO-448. encoding_binary.c doesn't build on big endian platforms. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new 4ed47ec  AVRO-442. sizeof void* and sizeof long detected at configure time. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new fc1f019  AVRO-444. Fix warnings. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new 3d190e5  AVRO-452. Include cleanup. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new 1146016  AVRO-453. More warning cleanup. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new 3c8d3aa  AVRO-440. config.h output not correctly used. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new cd965b5  Update Java dependencies.  Contributed by David Dabbs.
     new 6513df9  AVRO-460. Performance improvement to write_long(). Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new 44fe73d  AVRO-446.  Add a build.sh task that signs and checksums artifacts.
     new fe8f2de  Preparing for 1.3.1 rc build.
     new 977cd22  AVRO-454.  Change DataFileStream to implement Closeable.
     new 36b5eae  AVRO-449. CMake-based build system for Avro/C. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new 69d6017  AVRO-418. avro.h generates errors when included in C++ code. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new 02471d0  Add CHANGES.txt section for 1.3.2 and add recent changes to it.
     new 6e01d18  AVRO-479. Fix 'sign' target in top-level build.sh to generate md5 checksums.
     new 3432fe2  AVRO-480. avro_flush() is in the header, but not implemented. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new 3730001  AVRO-481. Buildbot warning fixes. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new cd64e00  AVRO-251. Try to use hashlib in Python implementation and fall back to md5 if we can't find it (Bruce Mitchener via hammer)
     new 3131ef1  git-svn-id: https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/hadoop/avro/trunk@925147 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new e312312  AVRO-487. Fix Java reflect protocols to transmit error messages.
     new 4e0cc6e  AVRO-490.  Add Ant task to deploy Java artifacts to a Maven repo.
     new f33fb89  Preparing for 1.3.2 candidate build.
     new 466dc8f  Preparing trunk for 1.4.0 changes.
     new cdeb6ea  AVRO-493. Add support for Hadoop MapReduce with Avro data files.
     new 492dc3b  AVRO-461. Skipping primitives in the ruby side
     new e7456bf  AVRO-486. DataFile.open for the ruby side
     new be73ec7  AVRO-489. Skipping complex objects in the ruby impl.
     new 9b8e375  AVRO-491. Doing doubles and floats better in the ruby impl.
     new 11dc42a  CHANGES.txt updates for the recent ruby commits. my bad.
     new e18f9ca  AVRO-502. Memory leak from parsing JSON schema. Contributed by Robert G. Jakabosky.
     new ed9239e  AVRO-501. missing function in C api to access array elements after decoding an array. Contributed by Bruce Mitchener.
     new a235059  AVRO-496. python sample_http_client.py is broken (Jeff Hodges via hammer)
     new f85120b  AVRO-497. Minor changes to C++ autotools, makefiles, and code generator.
     new 5c7b748  AVRO-450. HTTP IPC for ruby.
     new ff664ef  AVRO-500. Corrected development packaging for ruby.
     new e1311b6  AVRO-504. Improved error handling while schema parsing.
     new 0ac105e  AVRO-508. Use page-backed buffers for C++ serialization input or output.
     new 87b64a3  AVRO-515. Fix build and compatibility problems.
     new 8c1db28  AVRO-516. Removing unnecessary ruby StringIO calls.
     new 48da0df  AVRO-516. Ruby socket RPC should use big endian buffer lengths.
     new bc40723  First AVRO-516 should be AVRO-514.
     new 754bbd5  Moving AVRO-516 to the Bug Fixes section of CHANGES.txt
     new 9e42255  AVRO-518. Add link to boost filesystem library.  Contributed by John Plevyak.
     new 66243cb  AVRO-520. Refactor C++ validation code.
     new 1857557  AVRO-517. Resolving Decoder fails in some cases
     new 3b1b3f0  AVRO-521. Out of memory and other issues with Junit tests for mapreduce
     new 00c2339  AVRO-524. DataFileWriter.appendTo leads to intermittent IOException during write()
     new 93a483e  AVRO-511. Ruby implementation passes the rpc interop tests.
     new bbcfd0b  AVRO-511. tool.rb for ruby impl
     new 0c4cb52  AVRO-525. remove unused imports (hammer via Esteve Fernandez)
     new 7a42efd  AVRO-526. Fall back to pure Python StringIO if cStringIO is not available (hammer via Esteve Fernandez)
     new 3f7443f  AVRO-527. Undefined variable "schm" error (hammer via Esteve Fernandez)
     new 0fa2979  Follow-on commit for AVRO-526 to fix the Python tests, too. (hammer)
     new c227391  Give credit appropriately, should anyone parse this automatically.
     new d77c7ec  avro goes tlp
     new 627d42d  AVRO-540. Java: Make GenericArray reversible.  Contributed by Eric Evans.
     new 0d274c9  AVRO-499. Java: Fix protocol reflection to reject interfaces with multiple methods of the same name.
     new dd7d8f6  AVRO-285.  Specify one-way messages and implement in Java.
     new c2d9f07  AVRO-499: Add missing change log entry.
     new 4c8ef34  AVRO-543. Schema comparison is hella slow on the Ruby side.
     new e70a612  AVRO-464: Work in progress on performance enhancements, including atom-based API, changing structure of records and arrays to not use hash tables as much. This changes the API incompatibly!
     new 37f6d5b  AVRO-549: Route memory management through an allocator interface.
     new 9c81a52  AVRO-549: Follow-on commit to update autotools build.
     new a2365d9  AVRO-548. Python client should handle CLIENT handshake match status correctly. (hammer)
     new e9c1d63  Adding 1.3.3 section to CHANGES.txt in trunk and in branch-1.3 (hammer).
     new 9c3095a  AVRO-552: Fix build issues for Windows. Still needs Jansson to be fixed or replaced.
     new b79cc95  AVRO-552. Follow-on to add proper licensing headers.
     new 7eaba5a  AVR0-555 Missing license headers in some ruby source files
     new 5949f5e  AVRO-554 Fixing syncing in ruby data file writing.
     new 3604f4f  Merged AVRO-517 to 1.3 branch.
     new 1b5c4e4  Merged AVRO-524 to 1.3 branch.
     new cb3dab0  Merged AVRO-499 to 1.3 branch.
     new 8dfd1a6  AVRO-560. Python impl should include system errors in every protocol (hammer)
     new 9b31fdd  AVRO-559. Handle read_union error where the list index of the union branch to follow exceeds the size of the union schema. (hammer)
     new 05cc368  AVRO-562 ruby side had busted client handshaking.
     new a4c97af  Part 3 of AVRO-526: Fall back to pure Python StringIO if cStringIO is not available. Missed datafile.py. (hammer)
     new 2660351  AVRO-556. Poor performance for Reader::readBytes can be easily improved. Contributed by Dave Wright
     new af73cd3  formatting only: wrap lines longer than 80 columns
     new bed2354  AVRO-566.  Java: fix so that JAVA_HOME is bound by build.xml for test_tools.sh.
     new 3c71a14  Updating CHANGES.txt in trunk to reflect the 1.3.3 release.
     new 50755b2  AVRO-571. Fix how we handle out-of-bounds indexes for union and enum parsing in Python (hammer)
     new 7da52d8  AVRO-284. Handle namespaces correctly in new Python implementation (Patrick Wendell via hammer)
     new e6407b5  AVRO-331. Inline shared state during the Python build process (version, handshake schemas, and interop data directory) (Patrick Wendell via hammer)
     new 2bce9ea  AVRO-447. Describe implicit protocol system error in spec.
     new cac9e93  AVRO-512. Java: Define and implement MapReduce connector protocols.
     new 2ca528f  AVRO-577. Java: add MapReduce InputFormat for plain-text files.  Contributed by Tom White.
     new 76bf17a  AVRO-577. Java: add MapReduce InputFormat for plain-text files.  Contributed by Tom White.
     new 3e8840c  AVRO-512.  Fix typo in file name.
     new bbb830d  AVRO-150. Java: fix compiler to not re-generate up-to-date code.  Contributed by John Yu.
     new 5874b2a  Completing AVRO-284. Handle namespaces correctly in new Python implementation (Patrick Wendell via hammer)
     new 9c56ed4  AVRO-567.  Add command-line tools for text file import and export.  Contributed by Patrick Wendell.
     new 26fb764  AVRO-372.  Rename GenAvro to be Avro IDL.
     new 5cbc5e2  AVRO-584. Update Histogram for Stats Plugin (Contributed by Patrick Wendell)
     new 0fcfe28  AVRO-578. Java: add payload data to RPC context for use by plugins.  Contributed by Patrick Wendell.
     new 14b6af1  AVRO-494.  Add support for default values to IDL.
     new f739842  AVRO-405. Java: Add Netty-based RPC transceiver and server implementation.  Contributed by Harry Wang.
     new 7f5901e  AVRO-589. ClassCastException: org.apache.avro.io.parsing.Symbol$Alternative cannot be cast to org.apache.avro.io.parsing.Symbol$UnionAdjustAction
     new d4a3c05  AVRO-544.  Java: Add start() and join() methods to Server interface.  Contributed by hammer & cutting.
     new 76088c6  AVRO-596.  Java: Start Netty server eagerly in constructor.  Contributed by Patrick Linehan.
     new 905586f  AVRO-587. Add Charts and Templating to Stats View (Contributed by Patrick Wendell)
     new a90142c  Reverting r966342 for AVRO-587 because it's missing files from the patch and, even when these files are added, tests still fail.
     new ce35df9  AVRO-580, AVRO-581.  Java: Update MapReduce APIs to use key/value pairs for intermediate data.
     new 1c37d4c  AVRO-582.  Java: Add comment to generated code indicating that set() and get() are not for use by applications.
     new 0457a57  AVRO-587. Add Charts and Templating to Stats View (Contributed by Patrick Wendell)
     new 2dc24e0  AVRO-573.  Java: Fix various bugs with undeclared RPC exceptions.
     new 53aca6d  AVRO-601.  Java: Add per-field property support.
     new cc369c8  AVRO-583. Java: Improve error message when types not correctly nested.
     new 5aa8b0c  AVRO-604. Java: Fix missing build dependency for checkstyle target.  Contributed by Patrick Wendell.
     new 2182b99  AVRO-603. Java: Add a constructor for SpecificDatumReader that accepts both reader's and writer's schemas.  Also improve related javadoc.  Contributed by Stu Hood.
     new 4c6d01f  AVRO-602. C++: Update documentation to match API.  Contributed by Jingguo Yao.
     new 819709d  AVRO-595. Add Basic Trace Collection and Propagation. (Patrick Wendell via philz)
     new a71d0cf  AVRO-595.  Fix three unchecked warnings and make unchecked warnings cause compilation to fail.
     new de5d143  AVRO-605. Java: Change Utf8 to implement CharSequence.
     new d704183  AVRO-609. Java: Fix JsonToBinaryFragmentTool to flush output.
     new de72584  AVRO-557. Java: Cache ResolvingDecoder instances in GenericDatumReader.
     new 230b96c  AVRO-586.  Java: Permit specification of MapReduce output file metadata properties.  Contributed by Ken Krugler.
     new 5b06c32  AVRO-606. Add File-Based Span Storage to TracePlugin (Contributed by Patrick Wendell)
     new e213cfe  AVRO-600. Add support for type and field name aliases.
     new 8349f69  AVRO-616. Java: Add a comment to generated source files noting that they should not be edited.  Contributed by Patrick Wendell.
     new a3a4644  AVRO-495. IDL: Add support for file includes.
     new 094c95b  AVRO-611.  IDL: Add support for one-way messages.
     new 7afee34  AVRO-612. Java: Preserve field documentation when writing schemas.
     new 77a7965  AVRO-615. Java: Improve error message for NullPointerException while writing data.
     new 8a0ee2e  AVRO-629. Prefer the JSON module of python's stdlib over simplejson. (Contributed by Harsh J Chouraria)
     new ec46888  AVRO-618. Avro doesn't work with python 2.4
     new c62f97d  AVRO-613. Create basic frontend to view trace results. Contributed by Patrick Wendell
     new b2c40ab  minor whitespace changes
     new 0f0875d  AVRO-534. Java: Permit mapred jobs to specify a different input schema from the input file.  Contributed by Harsh J Chouraria.
     new 1824923  AVRO-617.  Java: Detect erroneous default field values.
     new 19dccec  AVRO-617.  Update CHANGES.txt.
     new bb4d21d  AVRO-590. IDL: Fix order specifications.
     new 4d31386  AVRO-620. Python implementation doesn't stringify sub-schemas correctly.
     new 94c4c52  AVRO-622. python avro.ipc doesn't work with python2.4
     new 35bb270  AVRO-541. Fix sporadic corruption when appending a compressed file to an uncompressed file.  Contributed by scottcarey.
     new ce39791  AVRO-86. Java: Fix NullPointerException when reflect API infers schema for a class without a package.
     new e0bbd4f  AVRO-598. Use generic data structures when reading with reflect API and classes are not defined.
     new 6593926  Reverting revisions 949400, 947962, 947389, 947385, and 947299 in preparation for 1.4.0 branch.  Re-opening AVRO-441, AVRO-464, AVRO-466, AVRO-549, and AVRO-552.
     new 8c2d1e9  AVRO-510. C: Fix some memory leaks in datafile reader and writer.  Contributed by Robert G. Jakabosky.
     new 5355146  AVRO-631. Java: Make RPC plugin payload reporting consistent.  Contributed by Patrick Wendell.
     new 4537345  AVRO-632. Java: Change RPC responder to log stack traces for user exceptions.
     new 61a54e4  AVRO-633. Ruby: Implement skip_union to correct issues with updating protocols
     new c6cbf0b  AVRO-528. Python: Add support for Twisted.  Contributed by Esteve Fernandez.
     new 5a7bae1  Add some missing licenses so that rat passes.  Also add .json files to excludes, since json doesn't permit comments.
     new 5d2ea9d  AVRO-614. Improve Trace frontend UI. (Patrick Wendell via philz)
     new bdedfc8  AVRO-639. Use namespace-unqualified names for references to schemas in the same namespace.
     new 72d74a4  AVRO-640.  Python: Fix path to sources in RPC interop tests.
     new 90e3880  Add license.
     new db2aff8  Branching for 1.4 releases.
     new 91b8e3c  AVRO-636. Expose Singleton Method for TracePlugin.
     new 5bc80f6  Prepare trunk for post-1.4.0 changes.
     new 2b664be  AVRO-637. Java: Change GenericArray to implement List.
     new 3418c6e  AVRO-627.  Add PHP implementation.  Contributed by Michael Glaesemann.
     new 7d9919f  Minor updates to ignores, manifests, & READMEs, cleanups for 1.4.
     new fdfd718  Remove generated data files from Ruby's Manifest.
     new 679c531  Fix Ruby dist target to not automatically update Manifest.
     new 3af2f76  AVRO-644. PHP: Add requirements to README.  Contributed by Michael Glaesemann.
     new cac87ab  AVRO-637. Fix specific to use correct type for array message parameters.
     new 825c341  AVRO-653. Python: Fix so distribution contains correct files. Contributed by Eric Evans.
     new 73feedb  AVRO-652. Java: Expose sync points in DataFileReader.  Contributed by Stu Hood.
     new 8fed51d  AVRO-650. Java: Fix GenericDatumReader to be thread-safe.
     new a3d6e2d  AVRO-666. Remove an extraneous pdb.set_trace() that crept into schema.py (hammer)
     new 9b6148d  AVRO-655. Change build so that 'dist' target no longer also runs C and C++ tests.
     new 9e3d6fd  AVRO-657. Fix build so that md5 and sha1 checksum files contain only a file's basename without directories.
     new 1086f2a  AVRO-634.  IDL: Add support for aliases.
     new 25dabab  AVRO-664. Ruby server takes a long time to start in interop tests
     new 3efcc1e  AVRO-667. GenericArray fails to compare with List. SpecificRecord compare gets ClassCastException
     new f9c3ccc  AVRO-641. Java: Add SASL security for socket-based RPC.
     new 13bf69f  AVRO-662. Java: Add support for reading Hadoop sequence files as Avro data to MapReduce API.
     new 3397abb  AVRO-670. Allow DataFileWriteTool to accept schema files as input with new --schema-file and --schema command-line flags. (Contribyted by Ron Bodkin)
     new 13c020e  line-wrap long message
     new 1ff1704  AVRO-668.  Java: Reduce object allocations while writing strings.  Contributed by scottcarey.
     new b56ff0f  Vim editor support for IDL files.  Contributed by Daniel Lundin
     new 4bcde0b  AVRO-675.  Bytes and fixed setters don't update datum size (Contributed by Douglas Creager).
     new b509756  AVRO-671. Check that type and field names conform to specified requirements.
     new f7245d4  AVRO-537.  Ruby: Reuse client connection for multiple requests.  Contributed by Gabor Torok.
     new 4dda8dd  AVRO-537. Python: Remove unneeded schema validations.  Contributed by Erik Frey.
     new ff82217  AVRO-673.  Fix CHANGES message.
     new 48cbce8  note release date of 1.4.1
     new 4794325  Move AVRO-675 from 1.4.1 to 1.5.0.
     new 63ad1ce  Clarify change message for AVRO-675.
     new 954df1f  AVRO-681. IDL: Fix documentation example with illegal syntax.  Contributed by Jingguo Yao.
     new 77f169d  AVRO-678. Implement ReflectData#compare().
     new dd8e3d5  AVRO-682.  Java: Add method DataFileStream.getMetaKeys().  Contributed by Harsh J Chouraria.
     new 78d9518  AVRO-683. Java: Fix RPC proxy factories to not require casting.  Contributed by Stephen Gargan.
     new ddf2947  AVRO-685. Java: Fix Schema#equals() and hashCode() to not require exponential time for some recursive schemas.  Contributed by Richard Ahrens.
     new ba0a281  AVRO-642. Pretty-print schemas in some validation error messages.  Contributed by Harsh J Chouraria.
     new efd4e04  Java: Use Velocity templates to generate specific code.  Contributed by philz.
     new c9e3bcf  AVRO-693. Java: Configure Velocity to use null logger.  Contributed by Stephen Gargan.
     new 9ecce5d  AVRO-696. Java: Make DataFileWriter.setMetaInternal(String,String) private.  Contributed by Patrick Linehan.
     new 4d73af8  AVRO-684.  Java: Add command-line recodec tool to change file compression codecs.  Contributed by Patrick Linehan.
     new 7adf61b  AVRO-698. Java: Add MapReduce tests and documentation for jobs that mix Avro and non-Avro data.
     new 0c52cf1  AVRO-702. Java: Fix a bug printing nested record namespaces.
     new 5440e53  Fixed AVRO-706. Java: Type promotion not succeeding for long -> float
     new 615d3d1  AVRO-689. Java: Permit setting timeout of HttpTransceiver.
     new 2145bb9  AVRO-692. Java: Permit Avro 1.2 format files to be read.
     new 6647059  AVRO-707. Java: Promote SASL-based RPC.
     new bc55a14  AVRO-704. Java: Fix SocketServer connection threads to exit rather than busywait when client closes connection.
     new 759ef5d  AVRO-705. Java: Fix DirectBinaryDecoder to correctly reinitialize.  Contributed by Gilles Gaillard and thiru.
     new e0d5606  AVRO-710. Java: Add bounds checking to GenericData.Array#get(int).  Contributed by Bo Shi.
     new 352bc86  AVRO-687. Java: Permit RPC applications to view remote protocol.
     new d5ec608  AVRO-687.  Fix a NullPointerException.
     new 4631aef  AVRO-647 Java: Break avro.jar up into parts
     new 50b4f76  AVRO-647
     new 69c7858  AVRO-713. Java: Fix GenericData.Record#toString() to produce valid JSON for enum symbols.  Contributed by Jay Kreps.
     new cb2aca3  AVRO-647: improved change log message
     new d2d8ce9  AVRO-647: fix so that tests files are written to target/ dir
     new e623053  AVRO-714. Fix Forrest to work with Java 6.  Contributed by Carl Steinbach.
     new c5890b7  AVRO-714. Update requirements.
     new a612645  AVRO-669. Java: Make MapReduce to work with reflection-based data.
     new 1116da4  AVRO-717. Java: Fix SpecificDatumWriter default constructor to correctly reference SpecificData.  Contributed by Joe Crobak.
     new 9ea5139  AVRO-643. Java: Fix intermittent failures in TestTraceCollection.
     new 5a80788  AVRO-722. Java: Fix ordering of calls to RPC plugins. Contributed by Stephen Gargan.
     new 7014730  AVRO-708. Java: Fix Netty-based RPC to keep connection open.  Contributed by Stephen Gargan.
     new 6cac5fe  AVRO-723. Java: Pass error messages for unexpected RPC exceptions through to client.  Contributed by Stephen Gargan.
     new ee5428d  AVRO-719. Java: Permit MapReduce programs to alter output file sync interval.  Contributed by Joe Crobak.
     new a0d444d  AVRO-694. Python: Fix schema parse error for maps of records.  Contributed by hammer.
     new 161206d  AVRO-725. Add avro_schema_get_subschema function.
     new 02fc973  AVRO-630. Size accessors for array and map data.
     new 8028574  AVRO-727. This patchs several missing accessor and mutator methods for Avro schemas and data instances.
     new 7febb30  AVRO-549. Custom allocator interface.
     new 44eb7b8  AVRO-729. avro_schema_to_json can take const schema.
     new 2a3841f  AVRO-729. Part 1 of updating to Jansson 1.3.
     new 8bb68f7  AVRO-729. Upgrading to Jansson 1.3
     new c69a5bb  AVRO-729. Follow-on to address issues when building with CMake.
     new 2f5d854  AVRO-729. JSON encoded Avro values.
     new d88f0e4  AVRO-729. Follow-on to set some permissions correctly.
     new a2d92d7  AVRO-729. Follow-on to fix further issues from Jansson update.
     new fe2631a  AVRO-725: Follow-on to fix missing include causing warning.
     new 4f8f908  AVRO-731. Documentation: Improve identification of Apache trademarks.
     new 5a5a909  AVRO-734 Maven build could need a few plugin updates
     new f036caa  AVRO-734. Java: Update maven build plugin versions.
     new d0985f9  AVRO-733 Java: Checkstyle failure in SpecificResponder.java
     new 6076010  AVRO-663 Java build: Change build to create an avro-tools.jar that conforms to maven standards and contains dependencies within
     new 309b4a3  AVRO-663. Java: avro-tools.jar does not meet maven2 layout standard.
     new f46af6b  AVRO-734. Java: Update maven build plugin versions.
     new 914bdb5  AVRO-733 Java: change checkstyle to be bound to 'test' rather than 'verify' phase
     new a1eb97a  AVRO-688. Java: Only require that one-way'ness of messages match over stateful connections.
     new baab724  AVRO-647 remove inappropriately added eclipse project files
     new c849a8f  AVRO-740. Fix early deletion of schema during test_avro_data.
     new b4f29d1  AVRO-736. At least let valgrind run test_avro_data on Mac OS X.
     new a1e801a  AVRO-742. Maintain reference count for singleton objects.
     new 26ea6ca  AVRO-736. Fix running test_valgrind on Mac OS X. No need for --show-reachable=yes.
     new 335d725  AVRO-745. Fixed memory bug in bytes/string/fixed values.
     new bd1c8fe  AVRO-741. The avro_give* functions now all take in a custom free function that will be called once the datum no longer needs access to the underlying buffer.  This gives complete flexibility over wrapping external buffers into Avro datum instances.  The avro_wrap* functions have been removed, since this is now just a special case — just use NULL for the free function.  To get the previous behavior of avro_give* (where the buffer is freed using the custom allocator), use  [...]
     new 9403bef      AVRO-716. Java: Improve correlation between packages and modules.     Each module introduced by AVRO-647 now exclusively provides     different java packages.  This required moving several classes     around into new packages and will therefore require users to     change their package imports when upgrading to Avro 1.5.0.     Summary of changes:     * AvroRemoteException has moved to org.apache.avro     * ByteBufferInputStream and ByteBufferInputStream have moved    [...]
     new 330e7fb  AVRO-700. Change C++ build system to CMake
     new 7fedde6  AVRO-749. Don't install Jansson files.
     new 5ca4688  AVRO-752. Java: Enhanced Performance Test Suite
     new bb9b1c9  AVRO-737. Fix bug number in change log.
     new 214803f  AVRO-716. Java: integrate AVRO-647 changes with top level build
     new 9a34604  AVRO-743 Java: Performance Regression and memory pressure with GenericDatumReader
     new 0011118  AVRO-757. Java: Permit data files to be re-opened without re-reading the header.  Contributed by Stu Hood.
     new e020bba  AVRO-752. Java: Enhanced Performance Test Suite
     new 555df46  AVRO-765. Java: Improvement to BinaryDecoder readLong performance
     new 4becf04  AVRO-750. C: Install pkg-config file
     new c6469bf  AVRO-744. C: Helper macros for extracting and setting record field values
     new 9075618  AVRO-759. Java: Fix NullPointerException when some but not all fields are aliased.  Contributed by Xiaolu Ye.
     new 1ab4eec  AVRO-762. Java: Bug in BinaryData.compare() with offset comparison.
     new b366fd1  AVRO-764. Java: Bug in BinaryData.compare() with offset comparison.
     new f7e0c4a  AVRO-764. Java: Bug in BinaryData.compare() with offset comparison.
     new bccc998  AVRO-730. Java: Add set() and remove() methods to GenericData.Array. Contributed by Chase Bradford.
     new dcbfacd  AVRO-711. JSON encoder and decoder for C++
     new 1c5bbe9  AVRO-755. Java: Fix SpecificResponder to correctly handle message parameter lists that differ between client and server.
     new a21cdcd  AVRO-771. Java: Update dependency versions
     new 6fccf35  AVRO-701 + AVRO-772: Extensions to HttpServer to let you specify bind address as well as add arbitrary Jetty connectors (useful for Avro HTTP RPC over SSL).
     new 8b173f0  wrap long lines
     new 5076849  AVRO-246. Java: Fix union dispatch to consider full schema name for records, enums and fixed.
     new 9852bec  AVRO-773. Java: Add no-arg constructor to AvroWrapper.  Contributed by Jan Prach.
     new 690bcb1  AVRO-774. Java: Clean up repositories in pom.xml.  Contributed by Lars Francke.
     new 82ba2e6  AVRO-754. Java: Permit passing custom channel factory to NettyTransceiver.  Contributed by Bruno Dumon.
     new 3962eec  AVRO-753. Java: Improve BinaryEncoder Performance.
     new 5f56124  AVRO-751. C: Store schema reference in datum instances
     new 9534b3c  C: Additional svn:ignore patterns
     new aa3e960  AVRO-463. C: Error messages
     new 7f0c2f3  AVRO-762. C: Better schema resolution
     new 474cd6b  AVRO-762. C: Promotion of values during schema resolution
     new 3e89724  AVRO-762. C: Recursive schema resolution
     new 16987f2  AVRO-762. C: Fixed segfault in avro_schema_from_json
     new 196a252  AVRO-766. C: Skip valgrind check for now
     new 3b5d033  AVRO-769. Java: Align Decoder/Encoder APIs.  Contributed by scottcarey.
     new 4d58a72  Make RAT exclude a new C file.
     new e8dc149  Update trunk to build 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT.
     new b328ff0  AVRO-769. Update javadoc and fix return type of ValidatingEncoder#configure().  Contributed by scottcarey.
     new e73a781  sign jars when deploying
     new 1b14447  AVRO-726. Java: Make GenericDatum{Reader,Writer} easier to extend.  Contributed by scottcarey.
     new ad93579  AVRO-775. Java: Fix a file handle leak in DataFileReader.
     new 16f9fbc  AVRO-761. Java: Fix Requestor to not send client's protocol redundantly.
     new b63f694  Prepare to roll another 1.5.0 candidate.
     new c567683  Added interrupt on close to main thread in SocketServer to avoid holding socket and port open
     new 4968176  Avro-776. Java: SocketServer holds socket open after close.
     new addcbe1  AVRO-781. Generic data support in C++
     new 3d64951  AVRO-783. Specifc object support in C++
     new b7d0d2b  AVRO-786. Java: Fix equals() to work on objects containing maps.
     new 60e5ddf  AVRO-785. Java: Squash a Velocity warning by upgrading to Velocity 1.7.
     new 554434b  AVRO-789. Datafile support in C++
     new 0963e56  Move AVRO-781, AVRO-783 and AVRO-789 to 1.5.1.
     new 7784b56  AVRO-787. Ruby: Make compatible with Ruby 1.9.  Contributed by Michael L. Artz.
     new a02c5c2  AVRO-780. Java: Fix a NullPointerException with reflect data when a union contains an array and null.
     new e9dbb30  AVRO-533. Add a C# implementation.  Contributed by Jeremy Custenborder, Dona Alvarez and thiru.
     new fb8d5a0  AVRO-533. Fix svn ignores.
     new e331555  AVRO-296. IDL: Use double-asterisk comments for schema documentation.
     new 361b0fb  AVRO-709. Python: Optimize property lookup.  Contributed by Justin Azoff.
     new fb9e558  AVRO-533.  Fix an apparent cut-and-paste error.
     new 26b4efe  AVRO-794. Makefile.am is no longer required in C++
     new 9d567ae  AVRO-795. C++ Datafile reader makes it hard to build adaptive clients
     new 77047ac  AVRO-788. Java: Add Snappy compression.
     new 3f9db28  AVRO-790 Java: GenericDatumReader can fail when reusing objects with unions containing 'bytes' fields
     new 9f34df4  AVRO-802. Java: Add documentation for non-Avro input, map-only jobs.
     new 4ed7ff8  AVRO-799. Java: Add support for --codec parameter to the 'fromtext' command.
     new df001ad  AVRO-798. Add checksum to Snappy compressed blocks.
     new a364235  AVRO-763. Java MapReduce API: add support for configure() and close() methods to mappers and reducers.  Contributed by Marshall Pierce.
     new 03933b3  AVRO-807. C#: Some improvements and bugfixes.  Contributed by Dona Alvarez.
     new 7833e4b  AVRO-810. Java: Fix a bug in SaslSocketTransceiver where large messages were truncated on write.
     new 4601ccf  AVRO-801.  Fix a typo in change log.
     new d1e46b2  AVRO-808. Java: Add AvroAsTextInputFormat for use with streaming.  Contributed by Tom White.
     new 7472d98  AVRO-793. Java: Fix a bug in the resolver when skipping an array within a record.  Contributed by thiru.
     new b34848d  AVRO-791. Java: Add avro-tools-nodeps jar.  Contributed by scottcarey.
     new afa1fd5  AVRO-812. Java: Implement help goal for Maven plugin.  Contributed by Holger Hoffstätte.
     new 064d760  Preparing for 1.5 release.  Add missing license header.
     new 3ea269b  Avro-815. Netty Transceiver fails processing one-way messages
     new 3eb8a8c  Added comment for Avro-815 to fixes section for 1.6.0
     new fbab55f  AVRO-818. C: Fix data file corruption bug
     new 947bd7d  AVRO-819. C: Fix file reader EOF detection
     new 85bc4f8  AVRO-815. Remove tabs that cause checkstyle to fail.
     new ac835f5  update CHANGES.txt in trunk to reflect what's been merged to the 1.5 branch
     new e05d7e8  AVRO-809.  Fix reflect for classes that have no package.
     new 1dbd63f  no incompatible changes in 1.5.2
     new ea05ebd  AVRO-820. Java: Permit applications to catch exceptions thrown while writing data to a file and then continue writing to that file.  Contributed by scottcarey.
     new b65bfcf  AVRO-830.  Java: Add AvroTextOutputFormat to permit Hadoop streaming jobs to easily write Avro format output with bytes as schema.  Contributed by Tom White.
     new 215c50f  AVRO-826. CSharp: Add MD5 and hashcode functions to Protocol.  Contributed by Dona Alvarez.
     new 94d4da5  AVRO-470. Generate docs in CMake build scripts
     new 89d8396  AVRO-470. Documenting fix in CHANGES.txt
     new 535f4ba  AVRO-469. C: Use soversion in CMake build scripts
     new 452ed33  AVRO-833. Don't require simplejson for python >= 2.6.
     new d4867eb  AVRO-832. Java: Fix RPC client to correctly perform schema resolution on message responses.
     new 6c6b08c  insert release date of 1.5.1
     new 153ce10  AVRO-539. Java: Add asynchronous RPC support, through either callbacks or futures.  Contributed by James Baldassari.
     new 77c3c69  Move AVRO-815 and AVRO-539 to 1.5.2.
     new 52ae42f  AVRO-836. Python "avro" commandline utility to display and write Avro files. Contributed by Miki Tebeka.
     new 3a282bd  AVRO-841.  Java: Implement insertion in GenericData.Array.  Contributed by Nick Palmer.
     new 2f5cdaf  AVRO-824. Java: Fix usage message of BinaryFragmentToJsonTool.  Contributed by Jakob Homan.
     new 5b88de9  AVRO-845. setup.py uses Python2.7+ specific code (Miki Tebeka via philz)
     new 460b26d  AVRO-838. Java: Permit invalid characters in record and field names of schemas read from data files, for compatibility with 1.4.
     new 6a58422  Add change message for AVRO-776.
     new 0a3c5b4  AVRO-847. Java: Add a unit test for Java MapReduce tether.  Contributed by Jeremy Lewi.
     new cd50b81  add some missing attributions
     new c4f2432  AVRO-842. Java: Fix Netty-based IPC client to provide better errors when attempting to use a closed connection.  Contributed by James Baldassari.
     new df5f9be  AVRO-844. Java: Provide better errors for null or missing record fields.  Contributed by Bill Graham.
     new 07c66f9  AVRO-825: C++: Fix bugs in codegen with recursive schemas.  Contributed by thiru.
     new 0cc2905  AVRO-810: C#: Add strong naming to assemblies.  Contributed by Eric Hauser.
     new b623e6f  AVRO-856. Java: Update Snappy to 1.0.3-rc4.
     new 34d6f3a  AVO-746. C: Atomic reference counts
     new 1fa65b7  AVRO-746. Updated CHANGES.txt
     new 23b9833  AVRO-837. C: Avro value interface
     new aae39c9  AVRO-837. Updated CHANGES.txt
     new 3dff33c  AVRO-861. C: Remove dependency on stdbool.h
     new c9f6f4e  AVRO-396. C: avrocat and avropipe commands
     new 6d3e2f0  AVRO-396. C: avropipe still had a reference to stdbool
     new 78ab420  AVRO-857. Add mailing lists, scm and issue management to Maven metadata.  Contributed Jan Prach.
     new b61743e  AVRO-864. Java: Fix reflect to be able to write unions containing generic and/or specific records.  Contributed by Isabel Drost.
     new 827cac5  Move AVRO-833, AVRO-856, AVRO-845 and AVRO-864 to 1.5.2.
     new a03c195  AVRO-873. Java: Permit passing classloader to SpecificDatumReader.  Contributed by Michael Armbrust.
     new 646bfb8  AVRO-874. Java: Improved Schema parsing API and permit IDL imports to depend on names defined in prior imports.
     new b1bb350  AVRO-853: Java: Cache Schema hash codes. (cutting)
     new 2679a8b  update release date for 1.5.2
     new 4f693b1  AVRO-879: Try locating the java executable from java.home system property rather than $PATH.
     new 174f5a8  AVRO-879. Try setting target to an absolute path.
     new d3d6134  prepare for 1.5.3 changes
     new 79b61b5  Move AVRO-874 to 1.5.3.
     new 1462c10  AVRO-877. Java: Add support for compiling multiple, dependent schemas.  Contributed by Bill Graham.
     new 341d120  fix a typo
     new d15cce1  AVRO-880. Java: Upgrade snappy-java to  Contributed by Alejandro Abdelnur.
     new 3be4df9  AVRO-872.  Add missing license.
     new 31d1e9b  AVRO-877. Exclude generated test output files w/o license from RAT testing.
     new 203cbd4  prepare to roll a 1.5.3 release candidate
     new 666be14  AVRO-839. Java: Add accessor methods and builders to generated java classes.  Contributed by James Baldassari.
     new 72c9d6b  AVRO-884.  Java: Fix a regression in RPC so that one-way messages fail when the transciever cannot connect.  Contributed by Tom White.
     new 7c2bfeb  AVRO-866. Python: Add support for snappy compression codec.  Contributed by Tom White.
     new b4d6a17  prepare to roll 1.5.4 candidate
     new 5f2cc47  AVRO-805: Java: Add support for reading and writing instances of Protocol Buffer (protobuf) generated classes.
     new 7185321  AVRO-805. Note addition of build-time requirement on protoc.
     new fed95bb  AVRO-805.  Fix to work with either protobuf 2.3 or 2.4.
     new ce10b07  AVRO-805. Fix to work with protobuf 2.2 as installed on build server, but revert default protobuf version to something that's probably compatible with the version of protoc that developers have on their desktop.
     new bfdee03  AVRO-889. Java: Change lang/java/pom.xml to use project's top-level pom.xml as parent.
     new dba5842  AVRO-858. Python: Add --fields option to 'avro cat' command.  Contributed by Miki Tebeka.
     new 8feed04  AVRO-866. Java: Add support in IDL for documentation in protocols and messages.  Contributed by George Fletcher.
     new 6ea146d  AVRO-888. Java: Add SeekableByteArrayInput.  Contributed by Saleem Shafi.
     new afc3621  AVRO-887. Java: Improve reflection error message when a field is not found in a class.
     new 895ce26  AVRO-874. Remove experimental disclaimer from IDL documentation.
     new e93f2ff  AVRO-881. Java: Add a 'getmeta' tool that lists a file's metadata.  Contributed by Tom White.
     new 3fe4738  AVRO-891. Java: In SpecificDatumReader, when no reader schema is specified, use schema of currently loaded class.
     new fe169ad  AVRO-892. Python: Fix an "integer out of range" error with snappy compression. Contributed by Michael Cooper.
     new 471b3f5  AVRO-894. C: cmake build now works on Mac OS X Lion
     new d6d9116  AVRO-894. C: Fixed CHANGES.txt
     new e1fa719  AVRO-865. C: Upgrade Jansson to 2.1.
     new 47161ba  AVRO-865. C: Removing empty directories from previous Jansson version.
     new 27493bb  AVRO-863. C: Schema resolution using new value interface
     new 7a1cdae  AVRO-893. C: Avro data file functions using value API
     new fd02845  AVRO-890: Java: Add Maven archetype for creating Avro service projects.  Contributed by Stephen Gargan.
     new d6d8e36  AVRO-899. C#: Include binary artifacts and documentation in releases.
     new 2122369  AVRO-895. JsonDecoder does not tolerate JSON records with different field order
     new 2b4a20c  AVRO-898.  Java: Extend NettyServer to support SSL.  Contributed by Vadim Tsarik.
     new ce9db30  Whitespace fixups.
     new 3f01ca6  AVRO-804. Java: Add support for reading and writing instances of Thrift generated classes.
     new 126e976  AVRO-906. Java: Fix so that ordering of schema properties is consistent.
     new 29f3399  AVRO-905. Java: Change JsonEncoder to write objects on separate lines.
     new 5c4ebdc  AVRO-907. Java: Optimize access to protobuf message fields.
     new 86fa1ce  AVRO-901 Java tools unit tests fail in Windows due to line termination and filenaming conventions
     new 748e8c1  AVRO-901 Java tools unit tests fail in Windows due to line termination and filenaming conventions
     new d7dbac1  AVRO-901. On slower machines Java unit test TestFileSpanStorage fails
     new 240c694  AVRO-910. Java: Add generated protobuf test code to subversion.
     new c4fa8c5  AVRO-912. Mapreduce tether test fails on Windows
     new a614a28  AVRO-903. C++/Cmake build fails to find Boost libraries
     new fdc2c48  AVRO-904. C++/CMake build should fail if Boost libraries are not present
     new 85949e7  AVRO-902. C++/CMake installs into /usr/local/local/
     new efc3db5  wrap some long lines
     new ff1e35f  AVRO-914. Java: Fix SpecificResponder to better handle non-Exception Throwables.  Contributed by philz.
     new 844ea77  AVRO-871. Fix specification to state that enum symbol names must follow the same rules as record and field names.
     new c7acde0  AVRO-908. Add an option to build avrocpp as a static library
     new 874faae  AVRO-908. Made sure that static library will be static irrespective of settings outside
     new da44c23  AVRO-803. Java: Optionally change string types in generated code to java.lang.String instead of java.lang.CharSequence.
     new eb89522  AVRO-917. Avrogencpp does not insert avro prefix for avro headers in the generated files.
     new c4c4426  AVRO-916. 0xff in binary stream is interpreted as end-of-stream
     new 6e774f5  AVRO-869. Lifetimes of streams and encoder/decoders not managed propertly
     new 1223536  AVRO-840. C++ generate nullable types for optional fields int the schema
     new 883f32a  AVRO-915. Large number of warnings in C++ buildsc
     new 287f348  AVRO-913. CMake/C++ build should work for out-of-tree builds
     new 8fad411  AVRO-925. CMake/C++ Unable to build debug version of libavrocpp
     new 5c7076d  AVRO-928. Debug statement no longer reports garbage from stack
     new acbb703  AVRO-919. C: Produce JSON encoding for Avro values
     new d5e1e38  AVRO-920. C: Reusable memory I/O objects
     new c909aa1  AVRO-921. C: Default wrapped buffer implementation is zero-copy
     new 0c0a454  AVRO-922. C: Value comparison function
     new 29fa142  AVRO-474. C: Add source package target to CMake build files
     new 35f6ce9  AVRO-929. C: Set install_name in shared library on Mac OS X
     new 67142f0  AVRO-468. C: Document CMake build system
     new 9eed34d  AVRO-932. C++ build.sh should have an option to install the built software
     new b4bd442  AVRO-931. Avro C++ "make install" does not install the code generator
     new fc986ce  AVRO-918. Avro C++ documentation is very old
     new 6310f694 AVRO-918. Avro C++ documentation is very old
     new ee35b21  AVRO-933. On latest Ubuntu AvrogencppTests.cc does not compile
     new 60c0c54  AVRO-924. Java: Support reading & writing arbitrary JSON data using an efficient Avro binary representation.
     new db12764  AVRO-927. Java: Fix Pair#equals() to better compare schemas.  Contributed by Brock Noland.
     new 2c39d10  AVRO-934. PHP: Remove quadratic performance bug.  Contributed by abawany.
     new 1628df0  AVRO-938. Some more warning when built on RHEL
     new 6debff5  AVRO-937. C++ CMake keeps generating code even when there is no change
     new f6ddbe4  AVRO-936. Avro Java does not build with Maven 2.
     new 2eef70c  AVRO-940. C++ design for generic datum could be better
     new b151f1f  wrap long lines
     new c542500  AVRO-935. Java: Update dependency versions for 1.6.0.
     new 23c6456  AVRO-930. C: Fixed memory leak in resolved writer class
     new 37f4c48  AVRO-468. C: Document CMake build system
     new ba6b305  AVRO-467. C: Update build system to CMake
     new cd30b48  AVRO-942. Java: Fix reflect so that @Nullable fields have a default value of null.  Contributed by Binglin Chang.
     new af78321  Preparing to build 1.6.0 candidate.  Update version & add some missing license headers.
     new 1ef1b15  preparing for 1.6.0 RC build.  enforcer is broken, rat only works at top-level.
     new 12fce37  preparing for 1.6.0 RC.  copy-artifacts should only run at top-level. 'mvn clean' is now recursive.
     new 04d3e59  Preparing for 1.6.0.  Move 'dist' and 'sign' profiles to top-level pom.
     new cc43459  AVRO-945. C# port does not build under Ubuntu 11.10
     new 08d0b88  AVRO-941. Java: Make generated specific classes to work in some cases after Maven shade plugin is used on them.
     new b0da28f  AVRO-948. Java: Fix to more correctly handle Thrift optional and nullable fields.
     new 14bad85  AVRO-944. Java: Fix mapred so that reduce-side combines use correct serializer.
     new 28fbfce  preparing to roll 1.6.0 RC1
     new 1db27e2  Prepare trunk for 1.6.1 changes.
     new c1038fa  Prepare trunk for 1.6.1 changes.
     new 2ce7e30  AVRO-943. Java: Fix an intermittent deadlock in TestNettyServerWithCallbacks.  Contributed by James Baldassari.
     new 5a0df85  AVRO-821. PHP: Add support for parsing protocols.  Contributed by Andy Wick, Saleem Shafi and A B.
     new 8b58efb  AVRO-951. Java: Fix generated code to not conflict with fields named 'data'.
     new 4e10536  AVRO-946. Java: Optimize union resolution when writing.
     new 729385b  AVRO-950. C: Fix source tarball to include VERSION.txt. (dcreager)
     new 4789252  Preparing for 1.6.1 rc0.
     new 4cfa82a  Preparing for 1.6.1 rc0.
     new ed24ecc  Prepare trunk for 1.6.2-bound changes.
     new 0e6318c  AVRO-962. Java: Fix Maven plugin to support string type override.  Contributed by George Fletcher.
     new dac0b38  AVRO-963. Java: Permit compiler template directory to be overridden by Maven plugins.  Contributed by George Fletcher.
     new 7ded439  AVRO-963.  Add change that was somehow missed.
     new 480e593  AVRO-835. C#: Fix codgen for protocols to not fail.  Contributed by Dona Alvarez.
     new f8e718a  AVRO-966. Java: Fix ReflectDatumWriter to be able to correctly write unions containing Collection and/or ByteBuffer.
     new cf4b823  AVRO-953. Python: Permit users to override HTTP path in RPC.  Contributed by Craig Landry.
     new 0ba056f  AVRO-972. Java: Add support for Infinity and NaN as default values for float and double.
     new af1ab38  AVRO-965. Java: Enhance IDL to support properties for protocols and messages.  Contributed by George Fletcher.
     new c7919f9  Java: Extend NettyServer to permit specification of an ExecutionHandler, to handle multiple requests simultaneously.  Contributed by Bruno Dumon.
     new 77480fd  AVRO-976.  Add attribution.
     new cc0e5cf  Java: Fix codegen to not generate deprecated code.  Contributed by Hamed Asghari.
     new 8f06933  AVRO-977.  Update test files.
     new 940493f  AVRO-978. Java: Fix reflect to better handle Byte type.
     new f95e272  AVRO-960. C: const char parameters for set_string and set_string_len
     new 09e1155  AVRO-968. C: avro_value_cmp now compares string values correctly
     new 2d44583  AVRO-982. Java: Fix NettyTransceiver to not hang when server stops.  Contributed by Bruno Dumon.
     new 9aed3b7  AVRO-961. C: avrocat/pipe use stdin when no file is specified.
     new fdcb6c2  AVRO-957. C: Codec support
     new 62d3cac  Update version to 1.6.2-SNAPSHOT.
     new 2874dfd  AVRO-984. C: Resolved reader initializes complex array values correctly.
     new ebbcdca  AVRO-994. Java: TestFileSpanStorage.testTonsOfSpans() fails on my slow VM.
     new d72dafc  Update CHANGES.txt with author of AVRO-994
     new 40b2a86  AVRO-993. Java: Add methods back to GenericDatumReader that were removed in AVRO-839.
     new b180bd8  AVRO-926. Java: Fix tests to pass under JDK 7.
     new b4ad6eb  AVRO-1000. Java: Remove incompatible implementations of equals() and hashCode() from GenericData.Array.
     new c315638  AVRO-854.  Python: Permit DataFileWriter and DataFileReader to be used as context managers in with statements.  Contributed by Harsh J.
     new 2af5295  AVRO-1002.  Fix a broken link in the specification.
     new cef4128  AVRO-1003. C: Fix pkg-config file when codecs are missing.
     new 2681d58  AVRO-1004. C: avropipe: Don't display NUL terminators for string values.
     new dbab66b  AVRO-986. C/Java: Fixed relates to sync markers in file headers.
     new f36a3b4  AVRO-1014. C: Check for errors producing JSON output in avrocat.
     new c0d9d5c  AVRO-956. Remove dependency on Flex/Bison
     new 634fead  Removing the empty files that were not removed from svn in the last checkin for AVRO-956
     new 29f8701  AVRO-996. Java: SpecificRecord builder pattern object copy fails with unions in some cases.
     new 70e19ce  AVRO-1011. Improve POM structure. (Lars Francke via scottcarey)
     new 044c065  AVRO-1020. Java: Fix builder API to correctly handle default values for enums.
     new e99366a  AVRO-1016. Java: Add Field#getAliases() method to better permit copying of schemas.
     new 0b1df07  AVRO-1005. Java: Extend HttpTransceiver to permit specification of a Proxy.  Contributed by Craig Landry.
     new d517dcd  AVRO-1010. Java: Improve codec javadoc.  Contributed by Lars Francke.
     new c003680  AVRO-1018. Java: add svn:ignore to eclipse generated files for protobuf, thrift, and archetype modules
     new d21d802  AVRO-1018.  fix CHANGES.txt message
     new 142bcd9  AVRO-1019. Java: Add unit test for Netty server concurrent execution.
     new 69e2309  AVRO-1013. Java: NettyTransceiver can hang after server restart.
     new 1720777  AVRO-995. Java: Update Dependencies for 1.6.2. (scottcarey)
     new e5c9931  AVRO-1012. Java: Improve avro-service-archetype: POM and IT changes.
     new 212c6ee  rewrap some long lines
     new 234487d  AVRO-971. Java: Permit IDL imports from classpath in Maven.  Contributed by Victor Chau.
     new abe9f8d  AVRO-1007. Java: Enhance builder API's validity checks.
     new fc616d5  AVRO-1015. Support for C++ build using Micrsoft Visual Studio on Windows
     new 6f117bd  AVRO-1021. Clarify some naming issues in the specification.  Contributed by Raymie Stata.
     new 2850cfb  Adding missing license headers.
     new 7fc68de  Preparing to build 1.6.2-rc0.
     new 753c54f  AVRO-980. C: avro_schema_from_json_length
     new a985f08  Prepare trunk for 1.6.3 development.
     new 9869e9b  AVRO-1030. Fix a broken link in the documentation.
     new 61b059b  AVRO-1037. Problems using Avro 1.6.2 with Hadoop (CDH3 or 1.0)
     new 17aec14  AVRO-1036.  Fix a regression in IDL imports created by AVRO-971.
     new 6de7a27  AVRO-1031. C: avro_value_cmp doesn't necessarily return {-1,0,1}.
     new a77a88d  AVRO-1033. C: Fix x86 assembly implementation of reference count primitives.
     new 8f779e1  AVRO-1038. C: Require GCC 4.5.0 to use GCC atomic intrinsics.
     new 0ad579a  AVRO-1039. C: Don't try to use nonexistent codecs in test cases.
     new 523d2de  AVRO-1034. C: Resolved reader initializes child array.
     new 98b14a0  AVRO-1041. Java: Fix Utf8 to reuse array in more cases.  Contributed by Dave Irving.
     new c9dfafb  AVRO-1027. Java: Fix deadlock in NettyTransceiver.  Contributed by jbaldassari.
     new 6979b94  Preparing to roll 1.6.3 RC0.
     new 66a34cf  AVRO-1027: update attribution.
     new 87c3c2f  add 1.7.0 section to CHANGES.txt
     new 0ea74a3  AVRO-1006.  Add schema fingerprinting to specification and Java.  Contributed by Raymie Stata.
     new 989b7b6  Update version to 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT.
     new 17e0ec1  AVRO-300. Python: Support "doc" field in schemas AVRO-301. Python: Handle non-reserved properties appropriately
     new 23fc278  Forgot CHANGES.txt
     new 36f9b46  AVRO-1045. Java: Fix a bug in GenericData#deepCopy() of ByteBuffer values.
     new 5cac72e  AVRO-1055. Race condition in Java fingerprinting code
     new 446bd1b  AVRO-593. Java: Add support for Hadoop's newer mapreduce API.  Contributed by Garrett Wu.
     new 2cb83f4  AVRO-1060. Java: Upgrade Netty to version 3.4.0.  Contributed by Karthik K.
     new 6fd7519  AVRO-954. Typo in JsonCodec.cc
     new 64664a6  AVRO-1068. Avro Java does not build on recent Eclipse versions with m2eclipse
     new 52ea2d8  AVRO-551. C: Compiles on Win32 via VC++ 2008.
     new 03dfcb3  AVRO-1048. C: Use less stack space in avro_file_writer_create
     new acfa07f  AVRO-1071.  Fix change log to correctly cite AVRO-656, not AVRO-246.
     new 6cf7a47  AVRO-1075. Add some Eclipse stuff to .gitignore.  Contributed by Karthik K.
     new 34ece34  AVRO-1070. AvroSequenceFileOutputFormat is in wrong package.
     new 6eb2c58  AVRO-1080. JsonIO.cc should allow \u escape sequence in string
     new b50ab97  AVRO-1066. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ParsingEncoder when trying to use a json encoder to serialize a deep object graph
     new 563afdb  AVRO-1065. NodeRecord::isValid() treats records with no fields as invalid
     new 0b0a574  AVRO-1085. Fingerprinting for C#
     new 5e8664c  Missing 'inline' for union set function
     new c6cf5d5  AVRO-1078. ostreamOutputStream declaration missing in C++ API
     new 7d46ba4  AVRO-1079. C++ Generator, improve include guard generation
     new e16dd63  AVRO-1062. Java: Remove use of java.rmi.server.UID so things work on Android.  Contributed by Kevin Zhao.
     new 7fb5639  AVRO-1051. Java: Fix specific RPC so that method is found when parameters are a union of a primitive and null.  Contributed by Hamed Asghari.
     new 02802d5  AVRO-1049. Java: Fix GenericData.Record#equals() to correctly compare schemas and fix Schema#equals() to consider order.
     new 4a6cd27  wrap some long lines
     new 5be068e  AVRO-1081. Java: Fix to be able to write ByteBuffers that have no backing array.  Also fix reflection to correctly read ByteBuffer fields.
     new 1f3580f  AVRO-1090. Java: Permit appending to files besides java.io.File, e.g., files in HDFS.
     new 2020c8a  AVRO-1046. Java: Fix ReflectDatumReader to be able to read generic and specific arrays.
     new f84b9a4  AVRO-1056. Java: Fix reflect to correctly handle unions containing maps. Contributed by Kevin Zhao.
     new d4151ed  AVRO-1076. Java: Fix Protocol#equals() to consider properties.  Contributed by Karthik K.
     new d3b4045  AVRO-1074. Java: Optimize Utf8#length() and #toString() to not allocate a String when the length is zero.
     new 91af47b  AVRO-1094. Java: Fix specific compiler to better support non-default templates.  Contributed by Ed Kohlwey.
     new dc4d37d  AVRO-1050. PHP: Optimize memory use by string append.  Contributed by A B.
     new 2567f66  AVRO-1028. Python: Fix HTTP server to handle connection resets and redirects.  Contributed by Bo Shi.
     new aa24373  AVRO-1082. C: Avoid leaking open FILE objects
     new e7619cc  AVRO-1096. C: Don't set default CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES
     new 2467317  AVRO-1084. C: Fix reference counting in file_reader and file_writer
     new 78b172c  AVRO-1083. C: Fix multiple memory leaks
     new b49babe  AVRO-1086. C: Fix possible crash bug in default codec initialization
     new 46726e0  AVRO-1096. C: Describe CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES in installation instructions.
     new 60d75c5  AVRO-1088. C: Performance tests for arrays and schema resolution.
     new fbb3618  AVRO-1092. C: Thread-safe versions of error handling code.
     new bc4e7d8  AVRO-1091. C: Helper scripts for calling CMake on Windows and Linux.
     new 034665d  AVRO-1095. C++ compiler warns about control reaching end of doAdavance (in JsonIO.cc) which returns something other than void
     new b663225  AVRO-1026. Add namespace support to C++
     new 099e207  AVRO-1088. C: Fix compiler warning in test case.
     new 3c2cec4  AVRO-1087. C: avro_file_writer_open() and appending values works correctly.
     new b52d006  We need urllib3 on any version
     new ab4fe4f  Adding missing license headers in preparation for 1.7.0 release candidate.
     new c7e3f4a  AVRO-1052. Java: Add AvroMultipleOutputFormat, to permit splitting mapreduce output to multiple locations.  Contributed by Ashish Nagavaram.
     new a581cf3  AVRO-1097. Fix BinaryDecoder so that EOFException is thrown instead of a generic IOException when reading ints and longs past the end of file.
     new ea125d9  AVRO-1098: CSharp: Fix compilation to work under older versions of Mono.
     new 172408e  Revert patch for AVRO-1028 (r1340271) that breaks RPC interop tests.
     new f9a423d  Preparing to build 1.7.0 RC0.
     new 3a7cc7e  AVRO-1102. C: Fix memory leak in avro_string
     new a39e6de  AVRO-1099. Java: Fix JsonDecoder to permit floats and doubles to be read from JSON values without decimal points, and for ints and longs to be read from JSON values with decimal points.
     new a760e09  Preparing to roll 1.7.0-rc1.
     new cbe3f07  Prepare trunk for 1.7.1 development.
     new f563913  AVRO-1114. Java: Update license headers for new mapreduce code.
     new dedacbf  AVRO-1106. Java: Add AvroMultipleOutputs for newer mapreduce API.  Contributed by Ashish Nagavaram.
     new 98cffd1  AVRO-1069. Java: Fix HttpTransceiver to close streams.
     new 03f675f  AVRO-1112. Java: Add support for Snappy codec to newer mapreduce API.  Contributed by Matt Mead.
     new eaa8213  AVRO-1108. Java: Add support for reflect API to newer mapreduce API.
     new 04f9469  AVRO-1104. C: avroappend utility
     new 69135f5  AVRO-1117. C: avro_file_writer_create{_with_codec}_fp functions
     new 6e9b037  AVRO-1115. C: Fix crash error in codec cleanup code.
     new f60833f  AVRO-1117. C: Add should_close parameter to avro_file_writer_create{_with_codec}_fp
     new 061fc31  AVRO-1120. Let AvroMultipleOutput jobs use multiple schemas with map-only jobs.  Contributed by Ashish Nagavaram.
     new fdba5e0  AVRO-1116. C++ code crashes on Data files with no data
     new f648932  AVRO-1119. Java: Permit NettyServer to be used with SSL.  Contributed by Sebastian Ortega.
     new dd4db64  AVRO-1109. CSharp specific fails on multidimensional arrays.
     new 10c9b56  AVRO-1125.  Remove un-needed warning about reflect API.
     new b49190e  Prepare to build 1.7.1-rc0.
     new 85a0b7c  Prepare trunk for 1.7.2 development.
     new fa3db4e  AVRO-1128. Java: Fix SpecificRecordBase#equals() to work for records that contain maps.
     new eaa43db  Generated build makefiles for MSYS/MinGW use Visual Studio compiler flags
     new be2f378  whitespace
     new 196011b  AVRO-1103. Java: Fix SpecificData and mapreduce to use correct classloader.
     new a76428f  AVRO-1135. Avro C++ fails to build on Mac
     new ab5eb85  Buffer.hh includes Config.hh without "../"
     new 1096f34  Add C# requirements.
     new 31d32f4  AVRO-1141. Avro data files are created without O_TRUNC
     new 9babffe  AVRO-1143. avrogencpp generates $Undefined$ for some union types
     new 6816e60  AVRO-1146. Java: Serialize several built-in Java classes as strings, including BigDecimal, BigInteger, URI, URL, Date and File.  Contributed by Alexandre Normand and cutting.
     new df362fa  AVRO-1152. Java: Fix TestTraceSingletons for Java 7.
     new 911cc53  AVRO-1147. Java: Permit stringable map keys in reflect.  Contributed by Alexandre Normand.
     new 69c305b  AVRO-1152. Java: Fix TestTraceSingletons for Java 7.
     new 2ff7ecb  AVRO-1151. Netty Avro server should expose the number of connections currently open. Contributed by Hari Shreedharan.
     new 6d91cdf  AVRO-1111. Malformed data can cause OutOfMemoryError in Avro IPC. Contributed by Mike Percy.
     new 8775193  AVRO-806.  Add specification of the Trevni columnar file format and a Java implementation of it.
     new 156280d  AVRO-1149. Java: Add a constructor to generated classes with all fields as parameters.  Contributed by Gabriel Reid.
     new bd0f7ef  AVRO-1155. Stringable Date test in TestReflect fails if timezone doesn't match locale's default.
     new a4994fd  AVRO-1153. Java: Fix reflect to be able to write unions that contain stringable schemas.  Contributed by Alexandre Normand.
     new c078153  AVRO-851. Java: Fix a bug in GenericData#toString() when escaping characters.  Contributed by Jeff Mesnil.
     new 92a56a4  add a simple README file
     new 6f5327b  AVRO-1154. Java: Fix NettyTransciever to not hang when the server is stopped.  Contributed by Bruno Dumon & Karel Vervaeke.
     new 111b2f4  AVRO-1154. Java: Fix NettyTransciever to not hang when the server is stopped.  Contributed by Bruno Dumon & Karel Vervaeke.
     new 850ca3c  AVRO-1138. C: Open data file with new block size
     new 9fff186  AVRO-1129. C: Detect when avro_schema_decref frees schema
     new b854359  AVRO-1158. C: Fix infinite loop in delate codec decompression.
     new 124ed63  AVRO-1159. C: Check union discriminant in avro_value_read.
     new 13bb8b2  AVRO-1160. C: Better error reporting in avrocat
     new a6cc5ca  AVRO-1162. Java: Extend AvroKeyValueOutputFormat to support reflection.  Contributed by Alexandre Normand.
     new 7470a57  AVRO-806. Fix docs to build.
     new c41fc15  AVRO-1142. Clarify Snappy block compression in specification.
     new 17fe15e  wrap long lines
     new d2d05c3  AVRO-1166. Java: Fix bug in SpecificData.getSchema(Map).  Contributed by George Fletcher.
     new cc6dce5  AVRO-1150. Java: Fix tests to create all temporary files in target directories.  Contributed by Gabriel Reid.
     new 5f19b06  AVRO-1164. C: Fix valgrind warnings in avro_test_schema
     new a258965  AVRO-1165. C: Fix memory leak in AVRO_LINK generic value implementations
     new 828c61c  AVRO-1161. C: Fix memory leak in avro{append,cat,mod,pipe}
     new caad471  Preparing for 1.7.2-rc0.
     new 69aef1e  Preparing for 1.7.2-rc0.
     new 7b78665  Preparing for 1.7.2-rc0.
     new ba55d81  Prepare trunk for 1.7.3 changes.
     new 79323b0  AVRO-1169. Java: Reduce memory footprint of resolver.  Contributed by Hernan Otero.
     new 1b896e1  AVRO-1171. Java: Don't call configure() twice on mappers & reducers.  Contributed by Dave Beech.
     new c357765  AVRO-1170. Java: Avro's new mapreduce APIs don't work with Hadoop 2.
     new f920d4e  Update copyright year.
     new 01f774f  AVRO-981. Python. Make snappy optional package
     new 1dbb07a  AVRO-485.  JavaScript: Add validator.  Contributed by Quinn Slack.
     new 3c15fc6  AVRO-1157. Java: Extend schema and protocol property support from string-only to full JSON.
     new 9b9068a  AVRO-1186. Java: Extend specific compiler to emit Java annotations.
     new 9e5e046  AVRO-1197. Java: Expose mapreduce tests so that 'maven install' works correctly.  Contributed by Mike Percy.
     new f261733  AVRO-983. maven-avro-plugin: Allow maven schema compiler to support external reference in an another avro schema file.
     new 121b98d  AVRO-1200. DatumWriter can write malformed data if collection is modified during write.
     new b81a91a  Reverting AVRO-983 since it broke the build.
     new 957ccf7  AVRO-1188. Java: Permit external schema imports for schemas in Maven plugin. Contributed by Sharmarke Aden.
     new 1638ebb  AVRO-1183. Java: Provide a better error message when the schema for a Pair cannot be inferred.
     new c8fe3e0  AVRO-1199. Java: Fix SortedKeyValueFile to copy the key used to compare against next.
     new 22d55dd  AVRO-1202. Java & Python: Add Getting Started guides.  Contributed by Skye Wanderman-Milne.
     new 88736f8  AVRO-1207. Java: Add tests for Maven plugins.  Contributed by Sharmarke Aden.
     new a2a7aea  AVRO-1201. Java: Fix GenericData#toString() to generate valid JSON for enum values. Contributed by Sharmarke Aden.
     new a8a9058  AVRO-1205. Java: Add stereotype annotation to generated classes.  Contributed by Sharmarke Aden.
     new fab6363  AVRO-1206. Ruby: Fix UTF-8 handling in Ruby 1.9.  Contributed by Nicolas Fouché.
     new 0c5813b  AVRO-1210. Java: Fix mistakes in AvroMultipleOutputs error messages.  Contributed by Dave Beech.
     new 2efa6ce  AVRO-1178. Java: Fix typos in parsing document. Contributed by Martin Kleppmann.
     new fb165e6  AVRO-1177. Ruby: Fix RPC to only send handshake for first request over a connection.  Contributed by Georg Franz.
     new 23c2acf  AVRO-1175. Java: Clear thread local reference in BinaryData#compare().
     new 47308d1  AVRO-988, AVRO-1209: Add options to make fields in generated classes private and to make generated classes immutable, without setters.  Contributed by Jeff Kolesky.
     new 2eb0672  Preparing to create 1.7.3 RC0: Updated versions and fixed licensing.
     new 8e33d6c  AVRO-1163: Fix memory leak in avro_fixed_private(). Contributed by Maxim Pugachev.
     new dc1eadb  AVRO-1174. Fix Windows build. Contributed by Stefan Langer.
     new d160f17  fix projected release date
     new f0e4e90  AVRO-1089. C: Remove performance penalty with resolved writer arrays
     new 785523b  Prepare for 1.7.3-rc2: updated projected release date.
     new bfc1bdc  Prepare trunk for 1.7.4 development.
     new a77d713  AVRO-1217. Python: set_meta on DataFileWriter does not do anything
     new 111c5c9  AVRO-1211. Add MR guide to documentation. Contributed by Skye Wanderman-Milne.
     new 588288b  AVRO-1221. Java: Fix TestSaslDigestMd5 to pass on IBM JVM.  Contributed by Rodrigo Trujillo.
     new 6774ee3  AVRO-1008. Java: Improve support for forcing connection handshakes.
     new a4769d9  AVRO-1231. Java: Fix Trevni shredder to work on non-recursive schemas with multiple references.  Contributed by Mark Wagner.
     new 53fa2dc  AVRO-1230. avro-mapred-1.7.3-hadoop1.jar does not work with Hadoop 1.
     new 77c4833  AVRO-1233. Java: Fix InputBuffer's constructor to use the specified initial position.  Contributed by Mark Wagner.
     new 7e141b8  AVRO-1229. Add support for booleans to Trevni.
     new 350f09f  AVRO-970. Java: Make Codec API public.
     new 30e1a52  AVRO-1223. Java: Add a static method to generated classes that returns its schema, getClassSchema().
     new fd4edf6  AVRO-1232. Java: Add a toString() method to AvroWrapper so that it works with TextOutputFormat.  Contributed by Garrett Wu.
     new 7666029  AVRO-1223. Re-generate test files to correspond to compiler changes.
     new dc0d13f  AVRO-1227. Java: Large ByteBuffers can corrupt output.
     new acf3345  AVRO-1241. Java: Optimize Trevni string input.  Contributed by Joseph Adler.
     new ed8c614  AVRO-1228. Java: Fix Trevni to use default values for missing Avro fields.
     new d84d4df  AVRO-1240. Java: Fix SpecificDatumReader(Class) constructor to use correct ClassLoader.
     new e73d18d  AVRO-1242. Java: Fix AvroTrevniOutputFormat to correctly get file metadata from JobConf.  Contributed by Ted Malaska.
     new 57c9811  AVRO-1220. Java: Fix a deadlock when reading by replacing parser symbol constructors with factory methods.
     new 4482493  AVRO-1248. Avro Tool to dump protocol of a remote RPC Service
     new 68bdc43  AVRO-1198. Java: Improve error message for malformed data.
     new cf495ef  AVRO-1250. Add a command-line tool to concatenate data files.  Contributed by Nick White.
     new 4d8a4dd  AVRO-1243. Java: Add support for bzip2 file compression and translate Hadoop job compression options.  Contributed by Ted Malaska.
     new c6d00c7  AVRO-1249. Java: Fix DataFileWriter#close() to not throw an exception when called twice.  Contributed by E. Sammer.
     new e044aad  AVRO-1253. Java: Add support for bzip2 file compression to Trevni.  Contributed by Ted Malaska.
     new e32e219  AVRO-1247. Java: Fix Requestor and Responder implementations to use correct ClassLoader.
     new 21c2390  AVRO-1252. Java: Add a '-string' option to compiler command line.
     new 85b9c2c  AVRO-1255. Python: Make 'names' parameter optional in to_json methods.  Contributed by Jeremy Kahn.
     new 267bda8  Java: Add TestNettyServerWithCompression, illustrating how one can add compression to Avro Netty-based RPC.  Contributed by Ted Malaska.
     new f5c61da  AVRO-1215. Java: Fix AvroMultipleOutputs when specifying baseOutputPath.  Contributed by Ashish Nagavaram.
     new 9eae491  AVRO-1254. Java: Add support for new mapreduce APIs to Trevni.  Contributed by Ted Malaska.
     new a78127b  AVRO-1257. Ruby: Fix UTF-8 encoding in Ruby 1.9.  Contributed by Martin Kleppmann.
     new 8e8de33  AVRO-1258. Ruby: Fix handing of RPC errors.  Contributed by Martin Kleppmann.
     new 1dc0858  AVRO-1252. Update rat-excludes for newly added generated files.
     new b99318c  Preparing to create 1.7.4-rc0.
     new f7ce4ab  AVRO-1254. Fix Trevni mapreduce tests to not depend on order, which is no longer guaranteed under Java 7.  Committed to the right place this time.
     new 882b0b3  Preparing trunk for development of next release.
     new 84ad7a7  AVRO-1260. Ruby: Improve read performance.  Contributed by Martin Kleppmann.
     new 1788948  AVRO-1267. Java: Permit dashes in IDL property names.
     new 48c7b54  AVRO-1272. Ruby: Improve schema namespace handling.  Contributed by Martin Kleppmann.
     new a3b38eb  AVRO-1268. Java: Extend support for stringables from reflect to specific.  Contributed by Alexandre Normand and cutting.
     new 253e96e  AVRO-1259. Java: Improve Trevni's encoding of sparse columns.
     new 0820a9e  AVRO-1266. Java: Fix mapred.AvroMultipleOutputs to support multiple different schemas.  Contributed by Ashish Nagavaram.
     new 3726dc2  AVRO-1287. Add data file with deflate codec to the interoperability test suite.
     new 1e7a16e  AVRO-1288. Ruby: Add support for deflate codec in data files.
     new 0d22770  AVRO-1295. Java: Fix printing of a non-null namespace within a null namespace.
     new c56c436  AVRO-1296. Python: Fix schemas retrieved from protocol types to not ignore namespaces. Contributed by Jeremy Kahn.
     new ebe5747  AVRO-1300. Java: Fix generated copy constructors to copy field values.  Contributed by taton.
     new 2985e27  AVRO-867. Java: Enable command-line tools to read data files from any Hadoop FileSystem implementation.  Contributed by Vincenz Priesnitz.
     new eb7a721  AVRO-1296. Fixing build breakage for python2.6.
     new 3eb36b5  AVRO-1309. Java: Fix nested protobuf enums.
     new 9a501d9  AVRO-1299. Java: SpecificRecordBase implements GenericRecord.  Contributed by Christophe Taton.
     new c880210  AVRO-1308. Java: Fix repeated protobuf messages & enums.  Contributed by Steve Zesch.
     new 6983e7c  AVRO-1306. Java mapred: Fix incorrect documentation for combiners.  Contributed by Mina Naguib.
     new 3e35fd4  AVRO-1307. Java: Add 'cat' tool to append and sample data files.  Contributed by Vincenz Priesnitz.
     new 866a68d  AVRO-1274. Java: Add a schema builder API.
     new 2d90087  add svn:ignore for eclipse project settings to trevni and base pom.xml projects
     new 4065054  AVRO-1282. Java: Use sun.misc.Unsafe to improve Reflect API Performance.     (Leo Romanoff via scottcarey)
     new 2e102f6  AVRO-1313. Java: Add system property avro.disable.unsafe for disabling     use of sun.misc.Unsafe.
     new 258f800  Java: Fix Trevni to correctly read unions and specific enums.
     new 52fe350  AVRO-1319. Java: Add command line tools to generate random data files and to convert Avro to Trevni.
     new 23201de  AVRO-1327. Java: Make GenericEnumSymbol implement Comparable.
     new 8244172  AVRO-1326. Java: Fix bug in BZip2 codec.
     new e10bd69  AVRO-1322. Java: Add Hadoop version classifier to trevni-avro Maven artifacts.  Contributed by massie.
     new 711a4ed  AVRO-1316. Java: Fix compiler to split long schema string constants so javac can compile them.  Contributed by Jeremy Kahn.
     new d32617f  AVRO-1314. Java: add @threadSafe annotation to maven plugins.
     new 9199bac  AVRO-1331. Java: Fix schema-parsing incompatibility introduced in AVRO-1295.
     new 16c6260  AVRO-1334. Java: Upgrade snappy-java dependency to 1.0.5
     new 2fd8d25  AVRO-1238. C: EOF detection in avro_file_reader_read_value
     new 0b9ac65  AVRO-1324. C: Handle namespaces when parsing schemas
     new b790897  AVRO-1181 compileJsonSchemaFromString(std::string) declared in Compiler.hh but not defined
     new 923b619  AVRO-1290. Handling NaN and positive and negative infinities in C++ Json
     new 710684f  AVRO-1346. C++: schema parser cannot parse verbose primitive types
     new d2a8de1  AVRO-1172. Avro C++ Json Decoder: Double cannot be decoded
     new a179671  AVRO-823: C#: Add data file support.  Contributed by David McIntosh.
     new 1074bbd  reflow long lines
     new ecee999  AVRO-1293. Java: Fix potential deadlock in NettyTransceiver. Contributed by James Baldassari.
     new c979ba8  AVRO-1292. Java: Fix potential client blocking in NettyTransceiver.  Contributed by James Baldassari.
     new ae6eede  AVRO-1351. Extend SortedKeyValueFile to support data models besides generic.
     new 9d9ab81  AVRO-1261. Clarify in documentation that generated no-arg constructors do not use default values from schema.
     new b6c2905  AVRO-1261. Add missing escape that broke the build.  Oops.
     new 6e79ea1  AVRO-1261. Fix tests whose generated javadoc has changed.
     new 1579ab1  AVRO-1297. NettyTransceiver: Provide overloaded close(boolean awaitCompletion)
     new 4cd5829  AVRO-896. C: Snappy compression codec.
     new 9b0a633  AVRO-1279. C: Treat missing codec in data file as null codec.
     new 05e9ff1  AVRO-896. C: Snappy is an optional dependency
     new e6549b4  AVRO-1325 Enhanced Schema Builder API
     new b7897db  AVRO-1144 Deadlock with FSInput and Hadoop NativeS3FileSystem
     new 00f36ae  AVRO-1337. Java: Add a command line tool to generate schema files from a protocol.  Contributed by Bertrand Dechoux.
     new fe114b9  AVRO-1356. Java: Fix AvroMultipleOutputs for map-only jobs.  Contributed by Alan Paulsen.
     new d6b1d2c  Add a couple of missing license headers.  Preparing for 1.7.5 release.
     new 8af840b  AVRO-1341. Java: Add reflection annotations @AvroName, @AvroIgnore, @AvroMeta, @AvroAlias and @AvroEncode.  Contributed by Vincenz Priesnitz.
     new 854daaf  AVRO-1353. Java: Permit specification of data model (generic, specific, reflect, or other) in mapreduce job configuration.  Contributed by Marshall Bockrath-Vandegrift.
     new 7481138  Updating versions, preparing for 1.7.5 release.
     new 7523d4c  Prepare trunk for development of next release.
     new d1a2205  AVRO-975. C#: Add RPC support.  Contributed by Mark Lamley.
     new 79d6b2b  AVRO-1355. Java: Reject schemas with duplicate field names.  Contributed by Christophe Taton.
     new 2b6eafc  AVRO-1268.  Corrected change log message.  Date is not supported as a stringable.  That support was removed in AVRO-1155.
     new 50baf4c  AVRO-1368. Fix SpecificDatumWriter to, when writing a string schema, not silently convert any object to a string.  Contributed by Christophe Taton.
     new 4128159  AVRO-1374. Java: Fix compilation against Hadoop 2.1.  Contributed by Julian Zhou.
     new 2c336d8  AVRO-1366. Fix specification's description of metadata format.
     new 9e3de75  AVRO-1377. Java: Fix a bug in Schema#toString() when a namespaced enum or fixed is defined within an un-namespaced record.  Contributed by Graham Sanderson.
     new a56e7f1  AVRO-1332. C#: Improve DatumReader performance. Contributed by David McIntosh.
     new 3575039  AVRO-1387. Java: Add DataFileWriter option to inhibit flush per block.  Contributed by Hari Shreedharan.
     new 0520c1c  AVRO-1384. Java: Permit Maven to find imports within project.  Contributed by Alexandre Normand.
     new 15d5cdc  AVRO-1397. Java: Improve error message when missing field has no default.  Contributed by David Carr.
     new 6255771  AVRO-1388. Java: Add fsync support to DataFileWriter.  Contributed by Hari Shreedharan.
     new 217a633  AVRO-1332.  Add missing files and fix a bug with defaults.  Contributed by David McIntosh.
     new 2e8db1e  AVRO-1373. Java: Add support for xz compresssion codec, using LZMA2.  Contributed by Nick White.
     new 7d8746b  AVRO-1399. Java: Fix a test within TestAvroKeyOutputFormat.  Contributed by Rob Turner.
     new 335fb78  AVRO-1400. Java: Add AvroDefault reflect annotation to specify default values.
     new 3289a4d  AVRO-1398. Increase default sync interval from 16k to 64k.  Contributed by Rob Turner.
     new fe0c6c8  AVRO-1234. Java: Permit AvroInputFormat to process files whose names don't end in .avro.  Contributed by Dave Beech & Sandy Ryza.
     new deb4354  AVRO-1397. Java: Binary fragment tools can now read multiple objects from their input.  Contributed by Rob Turner.
     new 692f2b7  AVRO-1344. Java: Expose sync interval configuration in mapreduce API.  Contributed by Rob Turner.
     new ffaf716  AVRO-1406 Avro C++ GenericRecord (GenericDatum, etc.) doesn't support getters and setters with field name argument
     new 08c097b  AVRO-1410. Explicit version specification in pom prevents dependency management. Contributed by Eric Sammer.
     new be7fc35  Update CHANGES.txt for AVRO-1410.
     new e2905e6  AVRO-1396. Java: Enable tojson command-line tool to pretty print output. Contributed by Rob Turner.
     new b69af81  AVRO-1409. Java: Add an API for testing schema compatibility.  Contributed by Christophe Taton.
     new aab73f1  AVRO-1379. C: avro_file_writer_append_encoded() function
     new b0e6e05  AVRO-1358. C: Hide symbols that aren't part of the public API.
     new 4498b99  AVRO-1237. C: Verify union discriminant when reading Avro data files.
     new f91e32b  AVRO-1369. C: Use correct byte-swapping macros on Mac OS X.
     new f363687  wrap long line
     new f5ebcf1  AVRO-1063. Ruby: Use multi_json instead of requiring yajl.  Contributed by Duke.
     new 7699e3d  AVRO-1348. Java: Improve UTF-8 to String conversion performance in Java 6.
     new a2fe7c3  AVRO-1225. Java: Add guide for MapReduce API.  Contributed by Brock Noland.
     new f03f618  AVRO-1405. C: Check for end-of-file correctly.
     new 7c3ac7d  AVRO-1063.  Add a build.sh script for ruby that installs dependencies before runnings tests.
     new 1547d49  gem version on buildbot server didn't like --conservative option
     new f80baa2  gem on build server is updated.  try --conservative flag and trigger re-build.
     new 6fd5335  trigger build again
     new 9414a32  trigger another build
     new 020089a  try again
     new da51810  fix typo to trigger build
     new 25c06cf  trigger build
     new cca7abe  ignore build generated files
     new 30f8e22  AVRO-1426. Java: Add mapreduce word count example.  Contributed by Jesse Anderson.
     new 5b20989  AVRO-1424 ValidatingDecoder hangs on large schema
     new 48dedd5  AVRO-1414. C++: Add support for deflate-compressed data files.  Contributed by Daniel Russel.
     new d70a506  AVRO-1418. Java: Add sync support to AvroMultipleOutputs.  Contributed by Deepak Kumar V.
     new ed15da8  AVRO-1421. Java: Add an @AvroSchema annotation to reflect.
     new 62d19fe  AVRO-1063. Add missing license header.
     new e4124c1  AVRO-975.  Fix licensing.
     new 05354bf  AVRO-987. Java: Make Avro OSGI-ready. Contributed by Ioannis Canellos.
     new 0855eb7  AVRO-1427. Java: Improve ResolvingDecoder tests. Contributed by Rob Turner.
     new 4c51fe3  AVRO-1432. Java: Reduce javadoc warnings.
     new 07b6a7c  AVRO-1433. Java: Fix compiler to not drop aliases when StringType is String.
     new 0a576b8  AVRO-1415. C++ binary encoder and decoder doesn't handle uninitialzed enums
     new 6bb3246  AVRO-1382. Add support for Python3.  Contributed by Christophe Taton.
     new ffe0bd8  AVRO-1382. Ignore generated files.
     new e4b9aca  AVRO-1382. Add missing license header.
     new 2bd2933  AVRO-987.  For back-compatibililty, don't create tools jar as a bundle.
     new c069e28  AVRO-1434. C#: Fix ObjectCreator to be thread safe.  Contributed by David Taylor.
     new bd263c4  Ignore generated file.
     new ac7c3a7  Prepare for 1.7.6 release candidate.
     new 9ef7389  Prepare trunk for 1.7.7 development.
     new b19df78  Fix build to better support python3 releases.
     new 86a6427  AVRO-1446. C#: Correctly handle system errors in RPC.  Contributed by David Taylor.
     new 9bae616  AVRO-1445. Java: Fix protobuf support to correctly handle enums with default values.
     new 1c43a60  AVRO-1436. C#: Fix tests to run multiple times.  Contributed by David Taylor.
     new 7be037b  AVRO-1441. Java: Improve documentation for Maven configuration.  Contributed by Jesse Anderson.
     new 06711d3  AVRO-1447. Java: Remove dead code from example in documentation.  Contributed by Jesse Anderson.
     new a0f75f9  tweak test to reduce runtime from 2 minutes to 10 seconds
     new 49593cc  AVRO-1439. Java: Add AvroMultipleInputs for mapred.  Contributed by Harsh J.
     new 5e2e176  AVRO-974. Add a Perl implementation of Avro.  Contributed by Yann Kerhervé & John Karp.
     new 3644447  AVRO-1449. Java: Optionally validate default values while reading schemas.
     new 41b8efb  AVRO-1439. Fix to work when -Dhadoop.version=2. Hadoop2 depends on Commons Codec 1.3, while Hadoop1 depends on 1.4.
     new 7061313  AVRO-1458. Java: Setting char record field via reflection affects other fields
     new e0966a1  AVRO-1455. Deep copy does not need to create new instances for primitives.
     new 8dd8370  AVRO-1454. Java: Fix GenericData#toString and AvroAsTextRecordReader to generate valid Json for NaN and infinities.
     new 63b8689  AVRO-1472. Java: Clarify parse method in getting started guide.  Contributed by Michael Knapp.
     new 6e1e0bc  AVRO-1473. Java: Fix references to names in the empty namespace.  Contributed by Gabriel Reid.
     new 4405ed9  AVRO-1465. Java: Improve the error message when union dispatch fails.  Contributed by Gabriel Reid.
     new c81303a  AVRO-1459. Ruby: Fix a typo in Rakefile that breaks 'gem install'.  Contributed by Tomas Svarovsky.
     new 14cae5d  AVRO-1471. Java: Permit writing generated code in different character encodings.  Contributed by Eugene Mustaphin.
     new f88cabc  AVRO-1482. In specification, place null first in unions as best practice.
     new 4fec1d9  AVRO-1402. Support for DECIMAL type (as a record mapping).
     new 7122dda  Revert r1584605. AVRO-1402. Support for DECIMAL type (as a record mapping).
     new c754127  AVRO-1402. Add optional subtypes to specification.  Contributed by tomwhite & Ryan Blue.
     new c533aef  AVRO-1457. Java: Fix Encoder so that offset in non-array-backed ByteBuffers is not altered when written. Contributed by Rob Turner.
     new 4deed74  AVRO-1476. Remove transient declaration from Schema.Field#position.  Contributed by Robert Chu.
     new c3a67e5  AVRO-1512. Java: Support Thrift unions.
     new 71c2fc6  AVRO-1442. Java: Fix ResolvingGrammarGenerator to work with fixed type.  Contributed by Jim Pivarski.
     new 30e914c  AVRO-1522. Java: Add support for compression codecs to SortedKeyValueFile.  Contributed by Steven Willis.
     new 5c5e2ea  AVRO-1500. Java: Fix bug in handling of Thrift shorts in unions.  Contributed by Michael Pershyn.
     new 98ec5f2  AVRO-1315. Java: Schema Validation utilities. Contributed by scottcarey and tomwhite.
     new 3e9479b  AVRO-1513. Perl: Remove test plans from unit test files.  Contributed by John Karp.
     new a076f6f  AVRO-1462. Perl: Stop serializer warnings about Non-ASCII decimal chars.  Contributed by John Karp.
     new 070c430  AVRO-1470. Perl: Fix encoding of boolean values.  Contributed by John Karp.
     new cc7ec43  AVRO-1525. Java: ReflectData cannot resolve union with fixed.
     new b723741  AVRO-1474. C++ resolvind decoder doesn't work when reader schema has more fields than writer schema
     new 010091f  AVRO-1352. Schema for fixed types corrupted when writing out in JSON format
     new 289ea57  AVRO-1535. Java: Make the name .X to refer to X in the null namespace.
     new ce98884  wrap long lines
     new 11a18d9  AVRO-1533. Java: In schema resolution, permit conversion between bytes and string.
     new b67cea1  AVRO-1536. Ruby: Remove monkeypatching of Enumerable. Contributed by Willem van Bergen.
     new 3e997c3  AVRO-1499. Ruby: Fix corruption of data files under Ruby 2.0+. Contributed by Willem van Bergen.
     new 175a67d  AVRO-1498. Java: Fix custom encodings to work in reflect without Unsafe access.  Contributed by Christopher Mann.
     new f406cb4  AVRO-1315. Add missing license header.
     new f3e482f  add excludes for perl
     new d5f32e1  make perl build commands work in any order
     new 082fb97  AVRO-1448. Python3: Fix setup.py and PyPI installation.
     new 0478e9c  C++ doesn't build in Ubuntu
     new 1de668f  AVRO-1448. Fix failing test.
     new 2cf39f7  Prepare to create 1.7.7 rc0.
     new 06d463b  AVRO-1546. Java: Change GenericData.Record#toString() to not escape forward slashes.  Contributed by Brandon Forehand.
     new d9f748e  Prepare trunk for 1.7.8 development.
     new 0d57724  AVRO-1553. Java: MapReduce never uses MapOutputValueSchema.
     new b8dec14  AVRO-1544. Java: Fix GenericData#validate for unions with null.  Contributed by Matthew Hayes.
     new 0781e9f  C#: Add support for RPC over HTTP.  Contributed by Dmitry Kovalev.
     new 2a61806  C#: Add support for RPC over HTTP.  Contributed by Dmitry Kovalev.
     new 919ace2  AVRO-843. C#: Change Visual Studio project files to specify .NET 3.5.  Contributed by Dmitry Kovalev.
     new d3e984e  Set trunk version to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT.
     new aad41f7  AVRO-1583. Java: Add stdin support to the tojson tool.  Contributed by Clément Mahtieu.
     new 7aa6d34  AVRO-739. Add date, time, timestamp, and duration binary types to specification. Contributed by Dmitry Kovalev and Ryan Blue.
     new 884c3fc  AVRO-1334. Java: Update versions of many dependencies.
     new 7c0f04e  AVRO-1589. Java: Fix ReflectData.AllowNulls to not create unions for primitive types.  Contributed by Ryan Blue.
     new fdb45a7  AVRO-1551. Java: Add an output encoding option to the compiler.  Contributed by Keegan Witt.
     new fb28910  AVRO-1590. Java: In resolving records in unions, permit structural and shortname matches when fullname matching fails.  Contributed by Ryan Blue.
     new 4eec345  AVRO-997. Java: For enum values, no longer sometimes permit any Object whose toString() names an enum symbol, but rather always require use of distinct enum types.  Contributed by Sean Busbey.
     new f71e0cd  AVRO-1502. Java: Generated classes now implement Serializable.
     new f426a75  AVRO-1591. Java: Fix specific RPC so that proxies implement hashCode(), equals() and toString(). Contributed by Mark Spadoni.
     new 5af5e39  AVRO-570. Python: Add connector for tethered mapreduce. Contributed by Jeremy Lewi and Steven Willis.
     new 4a78a2d  AVRO-570. Python: Add connector for tethered mapreduce. Contributed by Jeremy Lewi and Steven Willis.
     new 2cfab13  AVRO-1489. Java: Avro fails to build with OpenJDK 8. Contributed by Ricardo Arguello.
     new c915fb1  AVRO-570. Fix build to get avro-tools jar from snapshot repo when not built locally.
     new 4f6eb20  AVRO-570. Fix python build to download ivy on demand.
     new 3b87408  Compatibility fix for AVRO-1502. Contributed by cutting.
     new 535f6ef  AVRO-1502. Add a test for SpecificRecordBase's Externalizable implemenatation.
     new 97165ab  AVRO-1302. Python: Update documentation to open files as binary to prevent EOL substitution.  Contributed by Lars Francke.
     new d84eef2  AVRO-1598. Java: Fix flakiness in TestFileSpanStorage.  Contributed by Ryan Blue.
     new 4210b05  AVRO-1592. Java: Fix handling of Java reserved words as enum constants in generated code.  Contributed by Lukas Steiblys.
     new 77e7fa0  AVRO-1597. Java: Random data tool writes corrupt files to standard out.
     new 5b9b847  AVRO-1602. Java: Remove Dapper-style RPC trace facility.  This seems unused and has been a source of build problems.
     new 3bb62d2  AVRO-1596. Java: Cannot read past corrupted block in Avro data file.
     new 5cc9950  AVRO-834. Java: Data File corruption recovery tool. Contributed by scottcarey and tomwhite.
     new f66a787  AVRO-1585. Java: Deprecate Jackson classes in public API.
     new ad27ed0  AVRO-1564. Java: Fix handling of optional byte field in Thrift.  Contributed by Michael Pershyn.
     new fbaf3c3  AVRO-1407: Java: Fix infinite loop on slow connect in NettyTransceiver.  Contributed by Gareth Davis.
     new 5009caa  AVRO-1604. Java: Fix ReflectData.AllowNull to work with @Nullable annotations. Contributed by Ryan Blue.
     new d2cd7b8  AVRO-1602. Remove Dapper-style RPC trace facility (for CSharp).
     new 6501dd5  AVRO-1622. Add missing license headers.
     new 71c29bd  AVRO-1619. Java: Improve javadoc comments in generated code.  Contributed by Niels Basjes.
     new 7d61edb  AVRO-1616. Add IntelliJ files to .gitignore.  Contributed by Niels Basjes.
     new 34174ef  AVRO-1614. Java: In generated builder classes, add accessors to field sub-builders, permitting easier creation of nested, optional structures.  Contributed by Niels Basjes.
     new 7c0a16b  AVRO-1545. Python. Fix to retain schema properties on primitive types.  Contributed by Dustin Spicuzza.
     new 510a617  AVRO-1623. Java: Fix GenericData#validate to correctly resolve unions.  Contributed by Jeffrey Mullins.
     new 3fdea9c  AVRO-1539. Java: Add FileSystem based FsInput constructor.  Contributed by Allan Shoup.
     new 3414ca0  AVRO-1621. PHP: FloatIntEncodingTest fails for NAN.
     new 005c7e0  AVRO-1573. Javascript. Upgrade to Grunt 0.4 for testing.
     new 5683839  AVRO-1537. Make it easier to set up a multi-language build environment.
     new a34ae84  AVRO-1624. Java. Surefire forkMode is deprecated. Contributed by Niels Basjes.
     new a471a72  AVRO-1628. Java: Add Schema#createUnion(Schema ...) convenience method.  Contributed by Clément Mahtieu.
     new 6a80468  AVRO-1630. Java: Creating Builder from instance loses data. Contributed by Niels Basjes.
     new 2e5acf3  AVRO-680. Java: Support non-string map keys. Contributed by Sachin Goyal.
     new 42abe4f  AVRO-1653. Fix typo in spec (lenghted => length). Contributed by Sehrope Sarkuni.
     new 5a52b4b  AVRO-1656. Fix 'How To Contribute' link. Contributed by Benjamin Clauss.
     new 630562a  AVRO-1652. Java: Do not warn or validate defaults if validation is off. Contributed by Michael D'Angelo.
     new 60d9ef0  AVRO-1655. Java: Fix NPE in RecordSchema#toString. Contributed by Lars Francke.
     new eb31746  AVRO-1497: Add LogicalType implementation.
     new ab938b8  AVRO-1685. Allow specifying sync in DataFileWriter.create. Contributed by Sehrope Sarkuni.
     new 83cb47e  AVRO-1689. Update Dockerfile to use official Java repository.
     new 1e1b379  AVRO-1683: Add microsecond-precision time type specs.
     new b81761e  AVRO-1681. Improve generated JavaDocs. Contributed by Charles Gariépy-Ikeson.
     new 4f7013b  AVRO-1576. TestSchemaCompatibility is platform dependant. Contributed by Stevo Slavic.
     new f2d7c19  AVRO-1586. Build against Hadoop 2.
     new c5fe805  AVRO-1559. Drop support for Ruby 1.8. Contributed by Willem van Bergen.
     new ba10e8b  Update required Ruby version to 2.0 or greater.
     new 9e9f0e8  Revert AVRO-1559. Drop support for Ruby 1.8.
     new d3f8544  AVRO-1645. Ruby: Improved handling of missing named types. Contributed by Daniel Schierbeck.
     new a674384  AVRO-1693. Ruby: Allow writing arbitrary metadata to data files. Contributed by Daniel Schierbeck.
     new dfdbb60  AVRO-1672: Add time logical types and conversions.
     new c4c3739  AVRO-1697. Ruby: Add support for the Snappy codec to the Ruby library. Contributed by Daniel Schierbeck.
     new 74b4449  AVRO-1688. Ruby test_union(TestIO) is failing.
     new e12bdb0  AVRO-1692. Allow more than one logical type for a Java class. Contributed by Ryan Blue.
     new 96c95a9  Moved AVRO-1502 to incompatible section of CHANGES.
     new 7fcfcf1  AVRO-1673. Python 3 EnumSchema changes the order of symbols. Contributed by Marcin Białoń.
     new fe306bf  AVRO-1491. Avro.ipc.dll not included in release zip/build file. Contributed by Alex Ausch.
     new 4de8024  Fix contributor for AVRO-1491.
     new 90d02b4  Add missing file from AVRO-1673.
     new 65841fc  Revert Ruby: Add support for the Snappy codec to the Ruby library.
     new 2c76eb5  Add missing license headers.
     new 946e966  Build fixes for AVRO-1586 (Build against Hadoop 2).
     new bc657e4  AVRO-1697. Ruby: Add support for the Snappy codec to the Ruby library. Contributed by Daniel Schierbeck.
     new 8570a93  Build release fixes.
     new 82ee5b4  AVRO-1713: Remove extra character in mapred POM.
     new e90092b  Preparing for release 1.8.0
     new 72846f1  Preparing for 1.9.0 development
     new 248c4bf  Build fixes for 1.8.0.
     new 710a001  AVRO-1676. Java: Do not treat enum symbols as immutable when deep copying. Contributed by Mike Rodriguez.
     new 069f00e  AVRO-1593. Use classic locale to escape control chars. Contributed by Hatem Helal.
     new 4fdc752  AVRO-1700. Fix avro_BufferStreambuf_hh__ header guard. Contributed by Liu Yanbo.
     new 4686716  AVRO-1709. Ruby: Ignore generated files. Contributed by Daniel Schierbeck.
     new e0096f2  AVRO-1694. Ruby: Schema normaliation and fingerprints. Contributed by Daniel Schierbeck.
     new 0f5758b  AVRO-1739. Update Avro URLs and mailing lists. Contributed by Gabor Liptak.
     new 4707d9a  AVRO-1715. Java: Close files opened by the Schema parser. Contributed by Pavel Safrata.
     new bc19e3a  AVRO-1729: Ruby: Add LICENSE and NOTICE to ruby gems.
     new 5cb83db  AVRO-1732: C++: Add LICENSE and NOTICE to binary distribution.
     new 3585c45  AVRO-1733: C#: Add LICENSE and NOTICE to binary distribution.
     new 1c5205e  [add] AVRO-1723 and AVRO-1667
     new bdc9848  AVRO-1755. Java: avro-mapred should not depend on avro-ipc:test. Contributed by Clément MAHTIEU.
     new 5662cbb  AVRO-1754. C++ ValiditingDecoder handles null incorrectly
     new df5c513  AVRO-1731: C: Add LICENSE and NOTICE to binary distribution.
     new 96d2d35  AVRO-1735: Perl: Add LICENSE and NOTICE to distribution.
     new ada69ac  AVRO-1736: PHP: Add LICENSE and NOTICE to distribution.
     new e11c588  AVRO-1730: Python: Add LICENSE and NOTICE to distribution.
     new 2c6c570  AVRO-1730: Python3: Add LICENSE and NOTICE to distribution.
     new f49b2d3  AVRO-1722: Update root LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt.
     new bf751df  AVRO-1722 ADDENDUM: Java: Fix tests broken by adding licenses.
     new 2863a18  AVRO-1747: JavaScript: Add implementation.
     new 02418de  AVRO-1765: JS: Update node.js in docker to 4.x.
     new 80ba788  AVRO-1722 ADDENDUM: Add last license doc changes, rat helper.
     new 273106b  AVRO-1767: Fall back to unwrapped union values. Contributed by Matthieu Monsch.
     new 1f6fa7b  [add] AVRO-1723 and AVRO-1667
     new 57bea12  Merge origin/trunk-AVRO-1723 into trunk-AVRO-1723
     new 4590538  AVRO-1584: Java: Escape characters not allowed in JSON in toString.
     new ee28a20  AVRO-1728: Java: Add LICENSE and NOTICE files to jars.
     new 1ccb4c2  Preparing for release 1.8.0.
     new 1910fad  Preparing for 1.9.0 development.
     new a395720  AVRO-1572: C: Fix EOF handling on data files that are multiples of 4096 bytes. Contributed by Ben Walsh.
     new 146c528  AVRO-1617: C: Fix equality checking of record schemas. Contributed by Skye Wanderman-Milne.
     new 00b1c43  AVRO-1560: C: Fix build for custom libsnappy location. Contributed by Ujjwal.
     new 7ff749b  AVRO-1770. Python 3 overwrites custom README.txt. Contributed by blue.
     new 1abf6c2  AVRO-1771. Add LICENSE and NOTICE to avro-doc artifact. Contributed by blue.
     new e747a43  AVRO-1772. Ruby: load error in rubygem when loading schema normalization. Contributed by blue and martinkl.
     new cfa305b  AVRO-1725. Docs: clarify restrictions on enum symbols.
     new 080cd77  AVRO-1779. Avro docs convenience artifact missing LICENSE/NOTICE. Contributed by blue.
     new 2564afe  AVRO-1780: Java: Fix NPE in tools. Contributed by Tom White.
     new f7ec679  AVRO-1781: Use Guava for a thread-safe weak identity cache.
     new 60365c1  AVRO-1782. Ruby: Fix unit test failures in new versions of Ruby.
     new 3633602  AVRO-1760. Java: Thread scalability problem with the use of SynchronizedMap
     new 5a2febc  AVRO-1769. C: Use operating system's libjansson instead of bundling it with Avro. Contributed by Magnus Edenhill.
     new 693ba37  AVRO-1691. C: Allow schemas consisting only of a primitive type. Contributed by Magnus Edenhill.
     new 7f2afa8  AVRO-1663. C: Fix handling of namespaces for enum and fixed types.
     new 05f3fce  AVRO-1775. Ruby: Use test-unit gem for running tests.
     new 4c9b159  AVRO-1781 ADDENDUM: Remove LogicalTypes cache.
     new 257aba0  Increment C version number to reflect incomaptible changes since last update (May 2011).
     new 315d842  AVRO-1783. Ruby: Ensure correct binary encoding for byte strings.
     new 274c510  Update date for 1.8.0 release.
     new 499b756  Skip javadoc for avro-guava-dependencies.
     new a50068f  AVRO-1793. Python2: Retain original exception on schema parsing failure.
     new 9101a42  AVRO-1778. JavaScript: Add IPC/RPC support.
     new 5e6ffb8  AVRO-1493: Java: Schema fingerprint vary by locale
     new 62ad11d  AVRO-1799: Fix GenericRecord#toString ByteBuffer bug.
     new 482adcf  AVRO-1667: Fix parser grammar flattening for recursive cases. Contributed by Zoltan Farkas.
     new fd6c422  [add] AVRO-1723 and AVRO-1667
     new c299da6  Merge origin/trunk-AVRO-1723 into trunk-AVRO-1723
     new 3ff1fa8  Merge origin/trunk-AVRO-1723 into trunk-AVRO-1723
     new ce16a3f  Merge origin/trunk-AVRO-1723 into trunk-AVRO-1723
     new 1158152  [fix] remove @author from javadoc, add some useful comment instead, reformat file to 2 space indentation
     new b5e13ff  [cleanup]
     new df57d3a  [fix] use a logger instead of System.out +  reformat to 2 space indentation
     new a084fcd  [fix] indentation
     new 32067de  AVRO-1824: C++: Update required packages in docs. Contributed by William S. Fulton.
     new e98caa9  AVRO-1784. C++: Should have a json encoder that pretty prints
     new 683bc71  AVRO-1701: Fix for "warning: comparison between 'const enum testgen_r::ExampleEnum' and 'const enum testgen::ExampleEnum"
     new 1de8287  AVRO-1829. C++ documentation improvements
     new 58daaf0  AVRO-1821: Fix possible memory leak of Schemas in ReflectData. Contributed by Byran Harclerode.
     new f4f2263  AVRO-1823: Java: Do not swallow IOException while reading magic bytes. Contributed by Koji Noguchi.
     new 54eefb8  AVRO-1821 ADDENDUM: Fix checkstyle violations.
     new e62b98c  AVRO-1642: Java: Do not generate invalid all-args constructor. Contributed by Prateek Rungta and Barry Jones.
     new 4996990  AVRO-1825: Allow running build.sh dist under git
     new 2875665  AVRO-1826: build.sh rat fails over extra license files and many others.
     new b30b9e7  AVRO-1821: Add license header to TestReflectData.
     new a593cb0  [cleanup] eliminate commented code.
     new cc224ab  [add] some comments
     new 21efba0  [add] better exception messaging.
     new 4c1463c  AVRO-1819, AVRO-1820: Java: Add aliases, custom properties to Protocol. Contributed by Konstantin Usachev.
     new ea242ff  AVRO-1834: Lower the Javadoc warnings on the generated code.
     new 4cac7c8  AVRO-1814: Generated java code fails on variables with a TLD name like 'org'
     new 96ef881  AVRO-1835: Running tests using JDK 1.8 complains about MaxPermSize
     new da22ffc  AVRO-1828: Add EditorConfig file and cleanup of whitespace violations
     new 4fe9b45  Update the gitignore files to hide generated files
     new 7e10bab  AVRO-1711: Java: Fix JsonDecoder#skipChildren skipping extra tokens.
     new 02f623b  AVRO-1838: Java: Update checkstyle to catch trailing whitespace. Contributed by Niels Basjes.
     new f614e15  AVRO-1840: Ensure that build.sh clean really cleans all generated files
     new bedf2f2  AVRO-1838: Java: Update checkstyle to catch trailing whitespace. Added missing files.
     new 51a260a  AVRO-1841: Add clientside githooks to do basic commit validation
     new fc34234  AVRO-1841: Add clientside githooks to do basic commit validation. Add missing copyright header.
     new f793202  AVRO-1807: Java/JSON: Throw for unsupported objects rather than ignoring.
     new c22a1a1  AVRO-1684: Add time types to the specific compiler.
     new 48239bb  AVRO-1833: Java: Add test dependency for guava.
     new ae3b78f  AVRO-1833: Update CHANGES.txt for 1.8.1 release.
     new 191badb  AVRO-1741: Py3: Fix error when codec is not in the header. Contributed by Matthew Hayes.
     new 89a31b9  AVRO-1847 IDL compiler should use BigDecimal to represent decimal logical type.
     new 0376544  AVRO-1869: Java: Fix Decimal conversion from ByteBuffer.
     new c396434  [add] add more to gitignore
     new f2c7b08  Add FreeBSD way of byte-swapping uint32
     new 5259f26  AVRO-1877 restore correct javaUnbox in Specific Compiler.
     new e3c5da6  AVRO-1704: Java: Add support for single-message encoding.
     new f6c044e  AVRO-1704: Java: Add toByteArray and fromByteArray to specific.
     new f01f61b  AVRO-1889: Upgrade maven-shade plugin
     new be1639c  AVRO-1695. Java: Fix GenericData#deepCopy() to support logical types.
     new 9456db0  AVRO-1695. Fix deepCopy() to get correct logical type conversion.
     new 5d45505  Revert "AVRO-1695. Fix deepCopy() to get correct logical type conversion."
     new 07c8f32  Revert "AVRO-1695. Java: Fix GenericData#deepCopy() to support logical types."
     new 973aa71  AVRO-1895. Java: Fix GenericData#deepCopy() to support logical types.
     new 9cfd338  AVRO-1895. Fix deepCopy() to get correct logical type conversion.
     new 749934f  AVRO-1719: C++: Fix tests with Boost >= 1.59.
     new fa0059c  AVRO-607: Java: Make SpecificData schema cache thread-safe.
     new 17cfe99  AVRO-1888: Java: Fix single-record encoding marker check.
     new d7e1231  AVRO-1848: Ruby: Fix handling of falsey default values.
     new 30408a9  AVRO-1704: Add single-record encoding spec. (Contributed by Niels Basjes)
     new c37d05e  AVRO-1879: Make conversions field static.
     new e6d2c4d  AVRO-1884: Java: Add method to set the compiler output suffix.
     new 64f898c  AVRO-1874: Py3: Use recommended module-level logging.
     new 5acae5e  AVRO-1883: Java: Fix incompatible schema detection nested in unions. Contributed by Yibing Shi.
     new 4c992a5  AVRO-1908: Fix TestSpecificCompiler reference to private method.
     new 832512e  AVRO-1873: Add CRC32 checksum to Snappy-compressed blocks.
     new 33d4958  AVRO-1900: Remove dev-tools to fix Java build.
     new 4810d48  AVRO-1913: No warnings in the generated Java code.
     new 27cb9e2  AVRO-1914: Fix licencing errors reported by rat.
     new bafac8d  Merge oficial/master into trunk-AVRO-1723
     new be33922  AVRO-1901: Record named Exception generated bad code
     new fcd0a65  AVRO-1921. Fix slow build due to unreachable codehaus website.  Contributed by Gabor Szadovszky.
     new ab25bf2  AVRO-1919: Formalize the presence of build.sh.  Contributed by Suraj Acharya.
     new 1296ce9  AVRO-1849: C++: printJson fails on record with no fields. Contributed by Simon Woodford.
     new a92c8f5  AVRO-1918: Improve logical type documentation. Contributed by Gabor Szadovszky.
     new bc3fffb  AVRO-1853: Compiler::toBin crashes on empty string. Contributed by Zoltan Ivanfi.
     new 2b1639c  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/avro
     new e276aa5  AVRO-1923: Stop infinite recursion in GenericData.toString
     new ef0e1a1  AVRO-1860: Java: Field#DefaultVal() returns Ints for Long fields.  Contributed by Gabor Szadovszky.
     new 0a74e1e  AVRO-1929: Java: SchemaCompatibility fails to recognize string<->bytes promotion.  Contributed by Anders Sundelin.
     new 8ecb2f1  AVRO-1932: Java: Allow setting the SchemaStore on generated classes.
     new 420824c  AVRO-1882: ConcurrentHashMap with non-string keys fails in Java 1.8
     new e2d1073  AVRO-1943 - Flaky test: TestNettyServerWithCompression.testConnectionsCount
     new 67bec06  AVRO-1944: Fixed invalid toString in records with duplicate values
     new b2cd78d  AVRO-1947 - Inconsistent maven profile activation
     new bf7f393  AVRO-1907: Java: Add debug logging for invalid logical types.
     new ecc2adb  AVRO-1626: C#: Fix Avro.pref build error. Contributed by Naruto Takahashi.
     new 23de4d0  AVRO-1897: Fix build issues due to VERSION.txt newline, avro-tools. Contributed by Suraj Acharya.
     new 454db15  AVRO-1907 ADDENDUM: Do not warn when logical type name is null.
     new 7a398e0  AVRO-1951: Python: Fix ipc_test.py with a valid DNS name.
     new cae491a  AVRO-1897 ADDENDUM: Install all Java artifacts during test build.
     new a53a4fd  AVRO-1966: Java: Fix NPE When copying builder with nullable record.
     new 152fa09  AVRO-1967: Java: Fix NPE when calling getXyzBuilder on instance where the xyz is null
     new d559a7e  AVRO-1970: Flaky test: TestInputBytes. Contributed by Gabor Szadovszky.
     new 4f53fa9  AVRO-1881 - Avro (Java) Memory Leak when reusing JsonDecoder instance. Contributed by Nandor Kollar.
     new d9338a4  AVRO-1954 - Schema.Field.defaultVal() generates: Unknown datum type org.apache.avro.JsonProperties$Null. Contributed by Nandor Kollar
     new 68a5418  Merge oficial/master into trunk-AVRO-1723
     new f8c70a3  AVRO-1787 Add support of directories & globs to concat and cat. Contributed by Clément MATHIEU.
     new 6bdc8f4  AVRO-1982: Fix static code analyzer findings. Contributed by Zoltan Ivanfi.
     new 630e6bc  AVRO-1886. Improve error reporting for schema validation in ruby library. Contributed by Miroslav Csonka.
     new f5cbd73  fix for AVRO-1993
     new 3ab93ca  AVRO-1930 fixed
     new ad42bb3  AVRO-1912 fixed using John McClean's patch
     new 57983af  Fixed AVRO-1866, contributed by Pietro Cerutti
     new cc31afe  Fix for AVRO-1750
     new 92b83f5  AVRO-1995: JSON Parser does not properly check current state
     new 2ac7861  Updated CHANGES.log
     new a974984  Fix for AVRO-1216
     new 94d15f4  AVRO-1972 Corrected typo in method name (getConversion)
     new c3384e4  [add] incomplete implementation to use generic schema traverser.
     new b735b42  AVRO-1975: Upgrade java dependencies
     new 656b2bb  AVRO-1960 Add log4j properties for avro-tools
     new 30b5d4d  AVRO-1992 close github prs.
     new 29129ab  AVRO-1813: Incorrect link to build instructions in Java Getting Started
     new e9fd99f  AVRO-1996: compatibility with Ruby 2.4
     new ce36fff  Fixed AVRO-1937, C++ code genrator now handles recursive structures well
     new ec8514f  Fixed AVRO-1898, C++ library cannot parse unions with default values
     new 230c7e7  Fix for AVRO-1994: C++ Code Generator Generates Invalid Code if Field is of type Null
     new 52d12bb  AVRO-1973: Upgrade netty to the latest 3.x release
     new 0e24e2a  Added a missing file
     new 5ec94b9  Added Snappy compression for the DataFile.
     new 2735564  Made C++ work when Snappy is not installed
     new db6bb9d  [fix] get/set defaults for fixed.
     new 4329765  Updated CHANGES.txt
     new e06b401  Revert "[fix] get/set defaults for fixed."
     new 37ce7f7  AVRO-1997 [java] get/set defaults for fixed.
     new 884fbab  [merge] marge with latest changes
     new 0550d2c  AVRO-2001: Adding support for doc attribute
     new 4b3677c  AVRO-1969: Add schema compatibility checker for Ruby
     new 874fff7  [add] resolution code using new reusable visitor.
     new 64c482f  Merge oficial/master into trunk-AVRO-1723
     new fc3d582  warning CS0219: The variable `es' is assigned but its value is never used
     new 17f2d75  warning CS0219: The variable `fieldRef' is assigned but its value is never used
     new ce1654d  [fix] eliminate FB annotations to reduce the scope of this change.
     new 60b7896  Merge oficial/master into trunk-AVRO-1723
     new ce0bad5  [fix] fix indentation
     new 9132015  Added more tests and fixed a couple of bugs. Also formatted the code
     new 008cd8a  Merge pull request #1 from thiru-apache/thiru-AVRO-1723
     new 53156fd  Added a unit-test for forward referencing of named types
     new 1f4ec52  Merge pull request #2 from thiru-apache/thiru-AVRO-1723-A
     new 5795c5e  [fix] redo guava + shading in the compiler.
     new 9d76342  [fix] redo guava + shading in the compiler.
     new e0a3907  Added a unit-test for forward referencing of named types
     new e1d331d  [fix] redo guava + shading in the compiler.
     new 2cb0638  [fix] redo guava + shading in the compiler.
     new 81ca4db  Added to CHANGELOG.txt
     new 7fcd5eb  Merge branch 'trunk-AVRO-1723'
     new 0b74bd5  Initialize GenericUnion to a valid state
     new c9f2c49  AVRO-1857: GenericDatumWriter.write using BufferedBinaryEncoder leaves ByteBuffer in indeterminate state
     new ddfcabc  AVRO-2038 fix extra characters in build.xml
     new 8336f7e  AVRO-1990: CreateRandomFileTool should validate arguments
     new c04a17c  AVRO-1401: @Nullable does not work with byte[]
     new edd8edd  AVRO-1971: Allow alias annotation on fields
     new 528a1c8  AVRO-1985: Unreleased resources
     new e5ae42e  AVRO-2035: Java: validate default values when parsing schemas.
     new 49ddc89  AVRO 1191: Fix C++ JSON Encoder to use /u escape sequence
     new d145b8b  AVRO-2035: Update tests to require that default values are validated by default.
     new 9bff02f  AVRO-2021: uuid logical type is not documented
     new 21b3698  AVRO-1485: Specification says Record field type can be record name but implementation allows any named type.
     new f72b620  AVRO-2043: Move to java8
     new b1233fd  AVRO-2040: Ruby 2.4 deprecation fixes
     new 3801888  AVRO-2056: DirectBinaryEncoder Creates Buffer For Each Call To writeDouble
     new 224f75f  AVRO-2054: Use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer
     new d0cce25  AVRO-2050: Clear Array To Allow GC
     new 91d4cc0  AVRO-2049: Remove Superfluous Configuration From AvroSerializer
     new 14488e3  AVRO-2048: Avro Binary Decoding - Gracefully Handle Long Strings
     new 5e85226  AVRO-2063. C: VERSION, SOVERSION not set correctly for shared library
     new 040a3be  AVRO-2061: Improve Invalid File Format Error Message
     new 15651fc  AVRO-1931: Reader is now compatible if able to read all branches of union
     new 09c997e  AVRO-1574: Create list for schema symbols with specified size.
     new 189368e  AVRO-2066 Wrong schema file used in one TestSpecificCompiler test case
     new db8ed21  AVRO-1933: Add more specific error details to SchemaCompatibility class
     new 50eebb8  AVRO-2072: ResolvingGrammarGenerator doesn't implement schema resolution correctly for unions
     new 6f8c727  AVRO-2059: Remove support of Hadoop 1
     new ce3f821  AVRO-2053: Remove Reference To Deprecated Property mapred.output.compression.type
     new 9f3ceef  AVRO-2055: Remove Magic Value From org.apache.avro.hadoop.io.AvroSequenceFile
     new 3af404e  AVRO-1213 Update to latest release of Jetty
     new 2df0775  AVRO-2003: Report specific location of schema incompatibilities
     new 8466975  Fix compilation error caused due to vector<bool> specialization.
     new 7bbbf92  AVRO-2043: Remove pre JDK 1.8 surefire specific configuration
     new b8c37b3  AVRO-1047: Java: Fix remaining javac warnings.
     new b84f640  AVRO-2080: Fix Javadoc Warnings in Generated Records This closes #254
     new c412267  AVRO-2115: Control commit.
     new 03a3d6f  AVRO-2118: Fix rat failure
     new 164ee58  AVRO-2115: Added test for Void in union.
     new ba11dda  AVRO-2118: Add missing license headers
     new 53a9af7  AVRO-2115: Added documentation.
     new ff5099c  AVRO-2114: Make missing value exceptions in nested structures easier to read.
     new 5040c64  AVRO-2115: Java: Permit @Union annotations on fields of classes.
     new 1f9553a  AVRO-2014 Add support for custom streams for the DataFile interfaces.
     new c7a3c96  AVRO-2118: Reverting changes by Thiruvalluvan M G <thiru@startsmartlabs.com> from commit 9132015450a2ad6f56cd582b393e8f1b8df573c9
     new 48b2abc  AVRO-2118: Fix license headers
     new 4165385  AVRO-2118: Remove @author tag. Dangling JavaDoc fix.
     new a79b436  AVRO-2119: Run Apache Rat check on every java build
     new 2e25d2e  AVRO-2119: Update Apache Rat. Fix build problem
     new ea23e37  Change namespace definitions in C++. Use nested namespaces instead of colon separated.
     new 4b69cb2  AVRO-2117: Cleanup Java - Fix spelling errors
     new 706d8ce  AVRO-2117: Cleanup Java - Remove trailing spaces
     new 42afa62  AVRO-2117: Cleanup C# - Remove trailing spaces
     new 8bc4951  AVRO-2117: Cleanup Java - Explicit types replaced with <>
     new 2bbb996  AVRO-2117: Cleanup Java - Copyright block is reported as 'Dangling Javadoc'
     new 61ab738  AVRO-2117: Cleanup Java - Remove unused imports
     new 6a4dd09  AVRO-2117: Cleanup Java - Cleanup tests
     new a3e05be  AVRO-2117: Cleanup Java - Remove redundant type arguments
     new a7a43da  AVRO-2120: Fix NullPointerException thrown by Schema.Parser#parse("")
     new 673261c  AVRO-2109: Reset buffers in case of IOException
     new 37bd84d  AVRO-2133: Log rat failures
     new 7f9cbca  AVRO-2122: Cannot validate schemas with recursive definitions
     new 027d196  AVRO-1957: TimeConversions do not implement getRecommendedSchema()
     new 51a92fe  AVRO-1335: Adds C++ support for default values in schema serialization to json.
     new e74ab07  Adds more test cases for fixed and byte types and fixes non-null Union type
     new 517e617  Fixes Avro schema JSON serialization to escape default values for strings. For example a default value string "Foo \"bar\"" would previously fail to  round trip: the schema serialization would produce "Foo "bar"", so parsing would fail.
     new 340ef22  AVRO-2143. Fix Java reflect to stop using dollar sign in namespaces of nested classes.
     new 338f250  AVRO-2041: Upgrade Apache Forrest in docker image to v0.9
     new 407c48a  Merge pull request #283 from cutting/master
     new 9c200c9  AVRO-2132: Allow dots in IDL property names. (kdrakon via cutting)
     new 2689439  AVRO-2035. Java: enable default validation for schemas created by constructors.
     new 61befce  Merge pull request #288 from cutting/AVRO-2035
     new 94f12b8  AVRO-2147. Java Protobuf: use schema cache to improve performance. (Tobi Vollebregt via cutting)
     new 86bc260  jira avro 2157: add <SCHEMA> to AnyIdentifier() definition in lang/java/compiler/src/main/javacc/org/apache/avro/compiler/idl/idl.jj
     new 5c270da  Merge pull request #295 from psocratic/jira-avro-2157
     new 82a57ad  AVRO-2067: Add object-value attrs to PropBuilder
     new 463fbc0  Merge pull request #304 from jmullins/AVRO-2067
     new 33c165b  Fixed error reporting in C++ schema parsing
     new bdeb76b  Merge pull request #233 from JamesAdams800/Avro-1191
     new 79e4e9d  Merge pull request #249 from purushnayak/avro-2081
     new 3b6658d  Merge pull request #305 from thiru-apache/AVRO-2113
     new 0f25ed1  AVRO-2172: Avro binding for gRPC to enable avro based schema and RPC IDL to be transported over gRPC.
     new 238714d  AVRO-1340. Java: Add enum defaults, including builder & IDL support.
     new d5eeeed  Merge pull request #308 from wavefrontHQ/avro-grpc
     new b71dcf2  AVRO-1889: Upgrade maven-shade plugin
     new 18164dc  AVRO-2173: remove CHANGES.txt
     new 5e8168a  AVRO-2189: Fix typo in SchemaBuilder example
     new 5f88528  Merge pull request #310 from nandorKollar/AVRO-2173
     new d8ad935  Merge pull request #275 from kwallner/feature/CppUseSimpleNestedNamespaces
     new cf2f303  AVRO-2195: Add Zstandard Codec (Benson Qiu via Nandor Kollar)
     new ff1e23f  Allow "integer" defaults dfor double and float
     new 390a854  Fix https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AVRO-1635 - Use indirect symbols to "own" the production needed for records (so that weak_ptrs have something to point to) - Use a stack instead of a counter for the number of items in a repeated symbol - A handful of tests.
     new 67204b8  fix tests under boost 1.67+
     new b41da12  implement java-style seek and sync for avro DataFileReader
     new e1c30a2  AVRO-2196: Fix build problem about missing avro-mapred tests jar
     new dc15bfc  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/apache/avro
     new e83caaf  AVRO-2222 Avro C++ documentation is missing code snippets
     new b814cd0  AVRO-2079: Add ability to generate Java8 native date/time classes (new) (#309)
     new 3efbd4c  Merge pull request #328 from wmatthews-google/avro-2214-support-seek
     new fec162d  Fixed doxygen
     new a943df7  Merge pull request #338 from apache/AVRO-2222-doxygen-fix
     new 355d51b  Handled possible negative lengths in data in decoder
     new 4505b49  Merge pull request #339 from apache/AVRO-2220-handle-negative-lengths
     new 993cede  Fixed error message in validating encoder/decoder and resolving decoder
     new 389231e  Merge pull request #301 from wmatthews-google/fix-issue-1635
     new f7f2f82  Address stle issues
     new c83acd5  Fix silly error in handling doubles.
     new 2cf3c99  Merge pull request #1 from apache/master
     new 377bc58  AVRO-1335: Adds C++ support for default values in schema serialization to json.
     new 54a7976  Merge pull request #326 from da77a/master
     new 6b6ddfe  Merge pull request #340 from apache/AVRO-2186-wrong-error-message
     new bbd41db  Update to latest jetty
     new a11bd49  [AVRO-2229] Test using a Docker image (#336)
     new f20b566  Merge with master.
     new a9f286b  Fixes Avro schema JSON serialization to escape default values for strings. For example a default value string "Foo \"bar\"" would previously fail to  round trip: the schema serialization would produce "Foo "bar"", so parsing would fail.
     new 8be63e3  Merge branch 'changes' of github.com:vimota/avro into changes
     new 787be93  Resolve styling issues and add more robust escaping function.
     new 089ee70  Merge pull request #241 from vimota/changes
     new 47923b7  Renamed BUILD.txt to BUILD.md in RAT-task exclusions
     new 421a370  Merge pull request #348 from rstata-projects/rat-exclude-BUILD-md
     new 563e79d  Merge pull request #270 from mariusvniekerk/avrocpp-datafile-constructors
     new d695a50  AVRO-2241. Fix Jsr310/Joda datetime tests (#346)
     new b4ede4b  AVRO-2090 second try (#350)
     new 764c932  Updated spec to agree with implementation of AVRO-1340 (#357)
     new c9a62f3  AVRO-2249 Fix for C++ build failures (#360)
     new 8d2a2ce  Make Perf.java more friendly to automation scripts.
     new 9373b13  Update various java dependencies to latest versions
     new 63d0524  Some more java dep updates
     new 0ebd2c8  Update some plugin versions
     new 46d2c8b  Excluded com.google.common* packages from OSGi import, as the contents are shaded into the final jar therefore the OSGi bundle does not need to import these packages
     new 8e06939  Mark sun.misc as optional
     new 2670094  AVRO-2207: avro-maven-plugin: Using project.build.sourceEncoding as a encoding for files generated from avdl/avpr
     new 943411d  AVRO-2251 part 2: Allow changes to COUNT and CYCLES via system properties.
     new 95234db  Update Jackson to 2.9.7.  This changes a LOT of API's due to Jackson's package rename, but for the most part it's search/replace type changes
     new 9855529  Clarify importance of writer's schema in documentation (master) (#91)
     new d799e18  Squashed commit of the following:
     new c78a3d5  Remove use of guava by utilizing java8 lambdas and collections
     new fd26721  Fix test
     new 25032e1  AVRO-1887 Integrate Yetus and fix tests (#353)
     new 9e60e59  AVRO-2234 Use MappingProxyType, not ImmutableDict (#337)
     new a318a34  [AVRO-2051] Remove synchronization for JsonProperties.getJsonProp Fixes #245
     new 33f7177  AVRO-1695: Ruby support for logical types revisited (#116)
     new 6527d6d  AVRO-2240 Fix py3 Setup (#347)
     new aa5860f  Allow to set template dir for avro-tools compile
     new c4386ad  [AVRO-2228] Bump Apache Velocity to 2.0
     new 409dac8  [AVRO-2245] Improve java tests for compression codecs
     new 9623e50  Update compiler pom to load into m2e
     new 33bbf35  Update to commons-lang3 which is in common with what velocity will bring in
     new 561a811  Fix map with no string keys toString method
     new 43dbc59  Fix javadoc link
     new c8ea9da  Remove println
     new c6f772b  AVRO-2127: throw more specific exceptions from DataFileStream#initialize (#323)
     new 207d4ff  Since we will no longer support java6 and 7, remove the "optimizations" for those
     new 4fad66d  Remove some java6 code, add a configurable limit for maximum string lengths to read
     new ca1ef06  AVRO-2183 Provide name only for named schema (#313)
     new bb6a79e  Fix for C++ tests to run on Docker (#369)
     new 07bd95a  AVRO-2262 Java compression codec fixes. (#352)
     new 6d4f6be  AVRO-2264 Bump Apache commons-lang3 to 3.8.1
     new 4a8e814   AVRO-1256: C++ API compileJsonSchema ignores "doc" and custom attributes on a field/record (#345)
     new 9bf8b01  AVRO-2263 Bump Apache commons-cli to 1.4 (#371)
     new a8875da  AVRO-2261 Bump Rat version (#372)
     new 88de5c8  Skipping iovec for Win32 (#375)
     new 40a5e6a  AVRO-2262 Unit test to test codec behavior on sliced buffers (#376)
     new 80632f4   Partially addressed the problem of constructing nested Array/Map schemas (#374)
     new 71be8a4  AVRO-2265 Remove Guava as a test dependency (#377)
     new 113ea7f  AVRO-1702: Added support for logical types in the C++ client. (#379)
     new 5bd23dd  Suppressed the warning from m2e maven plugin
     new 89f3503  AVRO-2268 Support List.clear operation for FooBarSpecificRecord.nicknames field (#382)
     new a7fb391  [AVRO-1605] Remove deprecated API's that expose JsonNode
     new 2109852  Make snnappy/xz/zstd-jni/paranamer optional/provided in avro jar.
     new fe6a2fc  AVRO-2239: Fix RPC interop tests for Ruby (#381)
     new e6a3126  Prevent error checking compatibility of a record reading a union (#368)
     new eb06f71  AVRO-2267 Removed copies of RandomData (#385)
     new 3950008  AVRO-2039: Ruby encoding performance improvements (#230)
     new e04c2c2  AVRO-2244 Fix flaky datetime test (#386)
     new 04d4423  Squashed commit of the following:
     new 021c01c  Squashed commit of the following:
     new 01a347e  AVRO-1658: Java: Add reflection annotation @AvroDoc.
     new 619c6c0  AVRO-1658 Added Javadoc to AvroDoc.java, which was missing on initial commit.
     new f86da24  C: Namespace "" means space = NULL.
     new fe58b5a  AVRO-2269 Make Perf.java more usable.
     new 008b190  Added build.sh flag to pass extra docker-run args, updated perf-doc to explain how to use.
     new 2950a10  AVRO-2269 More documentation for using Perf.java
     new 563cfb7  Remove warning: comparison of unsigned expression < 0 is always false [-Werror=type-limits]
     new d3c726f  AVRO-2181: missing escape character added
     new 39ec1a3  AVRO-2142: Fix SchemaBuilder javadoc code snippet
     new 6eb2560  AVRO-2274 Improve resolving performance when schemas don't change. (#393)
     new 226013f  AVRO-2279: Fix broken java build on windows
     new bbea1ce  AVRO-2276: Escape Map keys in GenericData.toString to generate valid JSON
     new 30a5725  Clean up Ruby warnings
     new e2e11cb  [AVRO-2129] Add getEncoder method to match getDecoder Closes #277
     new 0beb39d  AVRO-2131 Modified Schema.parse(JsonNode schema, Names names) to allow Unions with self references. (#278)
     new 734edde  Add license header
     new 3e5cf4a  [AVRO-2226] Fixes UnionSchema specificity
     new 6583fcc  AVRO-1743: override writeFixed in BlockingBinaryEncoder Closed #78
     new ee5008d  AVRO-1858 add tojson head mode (#100)
     new b07dfbc  C: Allow record to have no fields.
     new b991c93  C: Allow file with no records. (#160)
     new 54fc3f5  AVRO-1528. C: Applied patch for enum bounds.
     new d9d9587  AVRO-1939: Add commandline tool that outputs canonical form of schema
     new b5bec5c  Avro1363  C# union schema can now contain multiple entries with the same name and different namespace (#131)
     new 3299a9f  fixes unicode compile on windows
     new c5aa1d6  AVRO-1939: Add missing Apache license header (#399)
     new 0e6df48  AVRO-1542 replacing auto_ptr by unique_ptr & std::move This closes #157
     new b64081e  AVRO-2192: Remove paranamer dependency from Avro (#400)
     new 915cb45  AVRO-2155: Include documentation for named schemas in generated code (#296)
     new eaa7cca  AVRO-2144: Fix for CSharp documentation Url
     new 602a2c5  AVRO-2156: Map Avro namespace to C# namespaces during code generation
     new 0530d6c  C# - Generic Record - Fix false positive equality (#204)
     new de5d8eb  Fix typo in error messages (Unknown instead of Uknown)
     new 8c99b34  Optimize ruby binary encoder/decoder
     new 6eda0b4  fix avrogen.exe output dir path format using Path API
     new eaaf263  [AVRO-1952] Squashed commit of the following: This closes #134
     new b9409b3  Cleanup csharp tests a bit
     new b597c3a  AVRO-1167, AVRO-766: Fix c AVRO_LINK memory leaks (#217)
     new 7fbedbb  [AVRO-2026] Add valgrind to c tests This closes #218
     new 4b1ab22  AVRO-2063. C: VERSION, SOVERSION not set correctly for shared library (#239)
     new e37a52d  change the error module to be thread-safe on Windows as well as on UNIX (depended on defining the macro THREADSAFE). add appropriate test which launch several threads and validate the errors they set/add are thread-safe.
     new 269d0ff  [AVRO-2058] Fix issues with Utf8 keys maps being treated as non-strings This closes #237
     new 4d07366  avro-c: Fix build with clang compiler
     new c843699  AVRO-1844: set correct header searching path for zlib, snappy & jansson.
     new 6971ac7  add ivy profile to generate ivy.xml desriptors for java artifacts
     new 67dbda9  AVRO-2004: moved CSS and JS files to a directory where they will be included in the final jar
     new 5432cd0  AVRO-2004: changed Protovis javascript functions to be compatible with Chrome. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6831655/protovis-what-are-these-functions-with-no-curly-braces
     new e65411f  Squashed commit of the following: This closes #243
     new 595643c  AVRO-2184: Unable to decode JSON data file if a property is renamed in reader schema (#316)
     new d55f5e1  AVRO-2034 Nested schema types with unexpected fields causes json parse failure (#224)
     new 254ee8f  [AVRO-2034] Remove conditions that will always be true/false
     new 4759048  Fix rat tests
     new beef866  AVRO-1777: Select best matching record when writing a union in python (#95)
     new 7ed38d7  Improved conversions handling + pluggable conversions support [AVRO-1891, AVRO-2065] (#329)
     new 726c7bf  Update package.json version
     new 4b498e5  AVRO-1749 Java: Introduce induce Maven plugin goal (#70)
     new 67014e5  Remove version numbers from test poms, fix checkstyle
     new c011d76  Fix undefined variable field_desc_list in RecordSchema._MakeFieldMap (#355)
     new 34aa0fa  Avro-CPP: build fixes to work with vcpkg and Visual Studio 2017/c++11 enum class support
     new a262a10  Fix for AVRO-2286 and regression test (#406)
     new 52a53e9  Reverting the changes for AVRO-1777 which failed in Travis (#413)
     new 29e1d66  Fix for move constructor errors and warnings (#412)
     new d2f92b4  Fixed C++ data file reader to handle zero-object blocks (#414)
     new 6599fb2  Remove multiple maven build warnings
     new 7182fda  Upgrade easymock test dependency to version 4.0.2
     new 4eb2bed  AVRO-2218: Upgrade dependencies to latest releases
     new b124940  AVRO-2218: Update thrift to version 0.11.0 and tukaani to version 1.8
     new a9ec22c  Use RoundingMode for BigDecimal to avoid deprecation warning (Java > 9)
     new fab3d40  AVRO-2288: Refactor OutputBuffer to not throw Exceptions
     new 35dd881  Fix for a crucial bug in C++ file handling under MS Windows (#416)
     new 904a914  Made use of std::any in case C++17 is used. (#415)
     new 6c1e81c  UTF-8 support for JSON in C++
     new b3d0276  Added more tests for C++ JSON
     new 8f94f56  Merge pull request #417 from thiru-apache/AVRO-1190
     new 202748d  Fixed init problem in C++ JsonCodec
     new d3dbf71  Merge pull request #418 from thiru-apache/AVRO-1444
     new 0917c49  Added a method in decoder and related classes to drain residue bytes and return unused bytes to underlying stream
     new 7da2a4f  Fixed a few warnings in C++
     new a296ebc  Merge pull request #420 from thiru-apache/AVRO-1416
     new e61751e  Merge pull request #419 from thiru-apache/AVRO-1176
     new 1e5f62c  Made schema compiler accept $ in namespace
     new 1d7f2d7  Merge pull request #421 from thiru-apache/AVRO-1478
     new 0c223c9  [AVRO-2290] Truncate to millis for the timestamps as that's what the converter will use
     new 7622817  Disabled ruby build for docker
     new 2b8513f  Fixed a typo
     new 1a934e3  run-tests.sh is broken
     new efd6274  Merge pull request #422 from thiru-apache/AVRO-2297
     new 7740efa  Revert "Merge pull request #422 from thiru-apache/AVRO-2297"
     new 9133577  Install specific version of bundler for Ruby
     new dd31b7e  New tests to catch skip problems with deflate compressor and the fix.
     new a7e72b5  Merge pull request #424 from thiru-apache/AVRO-1520
     new 298047b  Replaced boost::array with std::array
     new e5fdce5  Replaced boost static_assert with std static_assert
     new 63a34a6  Replaced boost type_traits with C++ std type_traits
     new 6660870  Merge pull request #423 from salsify/tjwp/reenable-ruby
     new c3a488c  Replaced boost smart pointers with C++ std equivalents
     new 695d83d  Replaced ptr_vector with vector<unique_ptr>
     new 29ebfc3  Fixed a few issues reported in Linux environment
     new 8a42cd0  Removed Boost.hh which is no longer required
     new 7f116b8  Remove duplicate jar-plugin definition
     new 55acae0  Turn off doclint for javadoc and update links so javadoc generation won't fail
     new 7a09848  Merge pull request #425 from thiru-apache/AVRO-2295
     new 114cf9c  Exclude the files causing issues on jenkins
     new 9a05375  AVRO-2112: Target .NET Standard/Core in C# (#307)
     new 806adf7  Make elements of an array reusable again
     new 2084ca4  Ignore the generated csharp output directories for rat
     new 5a64ea5  Added byteCount() to Encoder interface in C++
     new 6d0323c  Merge pull request #429 from thiru-apache/AVRO-2300
     new 0d997e5  AVRO-1946 - Continue if user already exists.
     new 05171ee  AVRO-1214 Use void instead of Void for RPC methods
     new 411cfb9  [AVRO-1577] Update couple more methods to use try-with-resources
     new 2eea14c  AVRO-2303: Build and test against .NET SDK instead of Mono (#431)
     new 5896f1a  AVRO-2238 Update Dockerfile base image from java to openjdk Fix the PHP error due increased json_decode strictness with PHP 5.6
     new c3e0c49  AVRO-2303: C#: Update docker image to use .net sdk 2.2
     new 8643e3b  AVRO-2296: Add Java 11 build in the CI server
     new 384061c  AVRO-2306: Fix data corruption issue with snappy in Python 3
     new 10445fe  Update surefire to version 3.0.0-M1 and enable parallel tests for some modules
     new 3c16299  AVRO-2308: Use Java StandardCharsets
     new bcc79e9  AVRO-2309: Conversions.java - Use JDK Array Manipulations
     new 0de8055  AVRO-2310: GenericData Array Add Use JDK Copy Facilities
     new 4fad0f2  Add ability to add a mount flag for the docker volumes
     new e03f9d4  AVRO-1381: Generate NuGet package for main Avro library (#428)
     new cef06d9  Update DataFileTests.cc
     new a780991  Merge pull request #440 from plopp/patch-1
     new 9939327  Add probot auto-labeler configuration (#432)
     new 6b5963d  [AVRO-2314] Bump protobuf to 3.6.1
     new f442591  AVRO-2313: Bump libthrift from 0.11.0 to 0.12.0
     new 7e64b40  Enable test execution with custom coders only for Avro core
     new c1faf3b  AVRO-2311: Remove findbugs annotations dependency
     new ba30662  AVRO-2315: Update zstd-jni to version 1.3.8-3 (#445)
     new 1f88d9e  AVRO-2317 Update hamcrest-library to version 2.1 and remove hamcrest-all (#447)
     new c4f880e  AVRO-2316: Update ant to version 1.10.5 (#446)
     new 95cd620  AVRO-2319: Bump grpc.version from 1.17.1 to 1.18.0 (#449)
     new ac95feb  [AVRO-2106] Split netty/jetty out of avro-ipc
     new e0ab6bd  AVRO-2302 Fix invalid namespace on BigQuery import
     new 9e18b51  Update schema_validator.rb

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