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From Marc Carrion <>
Subject typeMapping vs. beanMapping in .wsdd descriptor
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2011 15:10:13 GMT

I have a .wsdd that I deploy in a axis1.4 server

<service name="MYService" provider="java:RPC" style="wrapped" use="literal" xmlns:ns="">

    <!-- <typeMapping qname="ns:MYServiceTransaction" 
                 encodingStyle=""/> -->
    <beanMapping qname="ns:MYServiceTransaction" languageSpecificType="java:com.my_company.client.MYServiceTransaction"/>


According to all documentation, those two elements (typeMapping and beanMapping) are the same
(, but that's not what I'm finding.

My service works with beanMapping but not with typeMapping. I need typeMapping because I want
to change the deserialization, I get a null pointer on the BeanDeserializer. I was able to
fix that but I don't want to overwrite the BeanDeserializer.class in the axis.jar. I want
to create a new Deserializer for my objects.

I looked at the DataSer/Deser example, but the .wsdd in that example is not registering the
(de)serializers. The example is only using a class that serializes and deserializes without
calling the WS. I tested that with my new deserializer and that works fine, the problem is
with the axis server, for some reason the typeMapping seems not to be processed properly.

Can you help me to fix this issue? I found questions from people in forums with the same question,
but no response.


Marc Carrion


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