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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject Re: Is Axis (not Axis2) still being developed?
Date Mon, 16 May 2011 19:40:02 GMT
On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 11:07, Simon Frettloeh
<> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm wondering whether Axis (not Axis2) is still being developed.

No. Since a picture says more than a thousand words:

> There are
> some rather anoying issues, e.g.
> AXIS-2498 (patch is at least attached in this report) or
> AXIS-2545 (recently asked about this, source code access required)
> which would be very helpful, if fixed (e.g. in a bugfix version Axis 1.4.1).

There are no official plans to do a bug fix release of Axis. We even
had discussions to "attic" Axis 1 completely.

That being said, I'm facing a similar issue than you. At work, we have
a couple of applications that still use Axis 1 and they are all
affected by the class loader leak described in AXIS-2674. I think
nobody would object to doing a maintenance release, as long as there a
volunteers to handle it. The problem is that it is non trivial to do

1. The build and release system is antiquated and probably no longer
conforms to the ASF guidelines. I guess that one would have to migrate
it to Maven 2, which is probably not that difficult (and almost
certainly easier than upgrading some obscure Ant scripts) but would
require some reshuffling of the directory structure.

2. Although development rapidly stalled after the Axis 1.4 release,
there are still some changes that have been done in the trunk
afterwards. After 5 years, probably nobody knows anymore what these
changes are and if they are stable. In my case (the class loader
leak), doing a release from the trunk would not be an option, because
I need to know exactly what has changed between 1.4 and a hypothetical
1.4.1 release (to avoid regressions in our applications, some of which
have been developed years ago). Normally one would handle this by
merging selected changes from the trunk to a maintenance branch, but
that is incompatible with the changes in directory structure implied
by migration to Maven 2 (because merging with Subversion becomes more
and more difficult after moving files or directories around).

3. I think that the 1.4 release was not properly tagged in SVN. One
would first have to locate the branch and revision from which the
release was created in order to have a well defined base line for a
maintenance release.

Probably the most realistic option is to create a branch from the 1.4
release (after locating the correct revision), mavenize that branch
and abandon the current trunk (after recovering some selected
changes), i.e. all "development" would happen on that branch, knowing
that there will never be an Axis 1.5 release from the trunk.

Are you willing to help with this?

> Sourcecode access as proposed in does
> not work anymore. I cannot upgrade to Axis2, because I am restricted to JDK
> 1.4.

The source code was moved when we graduated to an Apache top level
project, and is now here:

> Or do I have to create an own, patched version of Axis 1.4? But at least for
> AXIS-2545 I need SVN access to retrieve the patch which fixes this (although
> I do not know, which commit is related to this).
> Thanks,
> Simon
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