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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: how to send a patch
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2004 02:36:31 GMT
"Sam Lang" <> writes:
> On a side note I'm curious about the AxisC++ process of accepting bugs. 
> Who gets what and assigns them to the appropriate people?
> -Sam 

As an open-source project there is no one person "in charge" who
assigns bug fixing or other work to specific developers. Bugs are
picked up by developers who want to work on those bugs; it may 
seem too damned chaotic to work but it does work. Yes, it often
does take longer than if the project were fully managed under 
the cathedral model but that's not how open source works.

When a release time comes up the release manager does play the
role of the "one guy in charge", at least for the duration of
that release. During the release planning process the specific
bugs to be fixed are identified (and recorded in the release plan
document) and then once that's committed the release does not
go thru until those bugs are fixed. The release manager uses all
the techniques he can to get the bugs fixed .. and since the 
release is occurring because the developers want it released (and
because the release manager is also a developer) the bugs do indeed
get fixed.


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