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From Jean-Yves Baudy <>
Subject Re: Problems with latest CVS Code and WSDL2Ws
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 00:04:04 GMT
Hi Susantha,

Here an implementation for the cpp/literal style. I will look for the 
c/literal style but don't know when (not enough time :-().

The jbydiff2 contains fixes for :


Add an empty string to SerializeAsAttribute to be able to compile 
generated code when attribute are present.


Little fix for multiples parameters in output.

The java file add the possibility to have 
multiples parameters in output.

All those fixes need to be validated.

I have also other questions :-(

When enumerations will be supported ?

<xs:element name="TYPE">
         <xs:attribute name="ENUM" use="required">
                         <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
                                 <xs:enumeration value="AA"/>
                                 <xs:enumeration value="AB"/>
                                 <xs:enumeration value="AC"/>
                                 <xs:enumeration value="AD"/>

Thanks for your responses to my previous mail.



 >Hi Jean-Yves,
 >we do support multiple input parameters. But not multiple output
 >parameters. What is missing is the WSDL2Ws's code generation. Axis
 >codebase supports having multiple output parameters. see interopGroupB
 >samples in CVS.
 >When we have multiple output parameters we make all of them be out
 >parameters and the return type is made void.
 >We appreciate if you can submit a patch to WSDL2Ws tool to do that.

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