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From Jean-Yves Baudy <>
Subject DOC/LIT : Some new patches
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 10:23:18 GMT

Sory to send you new patches but by now is the only channel I have. Two 
files are provided one for the WSDL2Ws generator and one for the Axis 
runtime (minor fixes).

WSDL2Ws (some are re-submitted for memo only)
--------------------------------------------- :
     Correct a bug that appear this week. May be the wrong place.
     Add the one way message to Axis stack (WS-I 1.0). It may be already 
in the user mailing list. It was make by a collegue of me (Nicolas 
     Fix compilations issues when type is empty.
     Integration of null value (otherwise segmentation fault in Axis 
     Change SerializeAsAttribute calls (wrong parameter type instead of 
     Fix issue for <.. ref= .../>
     Add one way message.
     Add one way message.
     Fix issue for ref <.. ref= ../>
     Replace reserved C char by '_' ('>' added)

Axis runtime
     Attributes fixes
     Handle <.. xsi:nil=true ../> for complexType



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