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From Roshan Weerasuriya <>
Subject RE : Improving Hanlder writing api
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 14:10:31 GMT
hi jean,

Thanks for your point. I will look for this as I think that this could be 
the problem.


At 09:00 AM 2/26/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Roshan,
>Your problem "look like a pointer offset issue". But I'm not an expert in 
>C/C++ programming. In the CVS code I saw this code:
>         virtual int initializeForTesting() = 0;
>If in the code you use pointer to access functions (in other part) in 
>release mode pIHeaderBlock->getFirstChild() may target wrong function. But 
>without your code is difficult to help more.
> >hi Jean,
> >
> >The code is not commited yet to CVS. I have a problem which troubles >me,
> >but which I still unable to sort out. The new code (i.e proposed >examples
> >below) works well in Debug build. But the code doesn't work at Release
> >build. i.e
> >
> >(For a good understnding of this code block look at the bottom of 
> this >mail)
> >.......
> >IHeaderBlock* pIHeaderBlock=
> >pIHandlerSoapDeSerializer->GetHeaderBlock("reservation",
> >"");
> >if (pIHeaderBlock != NULL) {
> >        BasicNode* pBasicNode= pIHeaderBlock->getFirstChild();
> >         ..........
> >
> >In Release build the execution flow doesn't enter to
> >the  pIHeaderBlock->getFirstChild();. The if block is evaluated as >true.
> >But it doesn't enter to the pIHeaderBlock->getFirstChild() method. (I >have
> >put a log to see whether it enters to this method, but the execution >flow
> >doesn't enter to it.) But without a single change in the Debug build it
> >works fine. Well so I still can't commit it. I also use the lates CVS
> >update. Also the SOAP request which I use contains the SOAP Header in >the
> >expected manner.
> >
> >Your ideas will be greately appreciated in this problem.
> >
> >rgds,
> >roshan

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