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From "Leo Stutzmann" <>
Subject RE: Axis C++ Question.
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2004 20:29:33 GMT
Thank you very much for the response.
The bugzilla page does not indicate where this is fixed, and how I get it.
The entire CVS tree as it exists today, does not build.

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From: Datey, Ameya []
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2004 10:06 AM
To: Apache AXIS C Developers List
Subject: RE: Axis C++ Question.

Pls refer to some old emails I have attached. 
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Can you please submit a bug report with a patch for this? That'll make sure it gets fixed
for everyone ..



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From: "Roland Kosovsky" <>

To: "Apache AXIS C User List" <>

Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004 9:04 PM

Subject: Re: SimpleAxisServer


> In my case the crash was caused by "sstr->so.http.op_headercount" that 

> was not set to 0.


> mod_axis2.c, Ln 138:

> static int mod_axis_method_handler (request_rec *req_rec)

> ...

> sstr = malloc(sizeof(Ax_soapstream));

> memset(sstr, 0, sizeof(Ax_soapstream)); // <<<<< insert this line


> This code has some more bugs, look at this:

> ...

> if(0 != process_request(sstr))

> {

> /*ap_rputs("SOAP Engine failed to response",req_rec);*/

> return OK; // #### sstr will never be freed!!!!!

> }

> if (sstr->so.http.op_headers)

> free(sstr->so.http.op_headers);

> free(sstr);


> Why is the Ax_soapstream not on stack? It would be deleted for free.

> Roland




> Datey, Ameya wrote:


> >Hi All,

> >

> >I'm trying to run the simple axis server (running without apache), and

> >the program starts but then blows up if I do an HTTP request.

> >

> >I ran simpleaxisserver 8888 and then tried  <http://localhost:8888/> http://localhost:8888

> >

> >The program crashed & threw open my debugger.

> >

> >Any pointers?

> >Ameya

> >

> >Ps: Windows 2000 with ALL service packs

> >

> >

> >

> > 

> >





From: Leo Stutzmann [] 
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2004 9:55 AM
Subject: Axis C++ Question.


I am new to using Axis C++, and may need help getting oriented in the right direction. 

I downloaded the Windows version of Axis C++ dated Dec 24, 2003. I installed it according
to the installation instructions.

I started the SimpleAxisServer using port 80 to try the examples. The server started and responds
Document parsing successful 
server.wsdd loading successful 

I start the base executable to run the tests and it says: 
invoking echoString... 
and then crashes with an acces violation in SimpleAxisServer.exe: 
AppName: simpleaxisserver.exe    AppVer:         ModName: simpleaxisserver.exe 
ModVer:  Offset: 0000f2c7 

I debugged the code and found the access violation at: 

    soap->so.http.op_headers[count].headername = pchkey; (in set_header() of Packet.cpp)

The count is set at the top of this function with soap->so.http.op_headercount, and op_headercount
is a bad value (large negative number).

I added an initializer statement to executework in simpleaxisserver: 
    str->so.http.ip_headercount = 0; 
    str->so.http.op_headercount = 0; 

To set the value to 0 as in the input header. 

Then when I run base, base finishes all the tests, but every test failed. 

I probably have done something wrong here, any help would be appreciated to get an installation
working, at least being able to run through the tests in base and groupB successfully.


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