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Subject Re: request for info on axis c++
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 05:00:41 GMT
> Hi,
>> There is a standalone server but we haven't been focusing on it much
>> because there wasn't much interest (except for debugging). Can you
>> folks help with it?
> We're currently still in the inspection phase, considering different
> SOAP frameworks to be used. Additionally, I'm not the guy in charge
> here. However, I'm personally optimistic about Axic C++, you guys did a
> lot of good work in a very short time.
>> I have zero knowledge of SymbianOS .. is it POSIX compliant?? If so it
>> should be relatively easy (or it *must* be relatively easy and we need
>> to improve the codebase until it is!). Do you need the dynamic loadable
>> handler stuff? If not that'll make things easier too.
> Unfortunately it is *absolutely not* posix complient, even not fully C++
> complient (e.g. no exceptions, no static variables, strange scheduling
> architecture, etc). It can be programmed in pure C using some very basic
> libraries only. So porting a C/C++ code to Symbian is often a pain in
> the ass. :) However, it is a must since most mobile devices are based on
> SymbianOS.

I think you are interested in making the SOAP engine as tiny as possible
right ?. This is possible with our own SOAP targetted xml parser
(development in progresss) ):

> Soon I'm beginning to experiment with Axis C++, perhaps I'll have some
> lame questions in the near future on the user mailing list. :)

You are always welcome


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