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Subject RE: Work items for the next Release
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 05:58:47 GMT
Hi Lilantha,

>>1).Source Restructuring
>>- Include files should be restructured in the CVS folder hiarachy to keep
>>include files that goes with binary distribution  seperately. Then CVS
>>folder /c/include will contain only the include files that goes with
>> binary
>>distribution and all  other include files are moved to the respective
> /c/src
> Let all the header files stay in their respective folders with their .cpp
> files. When the library is build the build scripts (Makefile etc.) will
> take
> care of copying only the required header files to the c/include folder.
> So that binary distribution (tar ball) will contain the library with only
> the required header file in the c/include.

What I feel is that we let all the header files except files needed for the
binary be in their source folders. We keep header files needed for binary
in the $AXISCPP_HOME/c/include. In that way from the beginng we
can cleary identify files which acts as interface to axis c++.
I don't see any gain by adding files to $AXISCPP_HOME/c/include only in
release time.

>>2) Writing critical failures to error logs.
> I would vote for Log4c so that you can direct your output anywhere you
> want
> and
> only configured logs will be captured.

Axis C++ already have a very simple log mechanism in which only configured
logs can be captured. I think that serves the purpose for the time being.
It's good if we can make a mechanism so that user can select and plug the
log mechanism he wants.

> regards
> -Lilantha

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