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Subject [Help] Possible problem with Axis Jars used in WSDL2Ws tool of Axis C++
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 07:43:31 GMT
Hi all,

We are having a problem with Axis Java (release 1.1) code that we re-use
in WSDL2Ws tool. The problem seems to be with symbolTable package.
Basically the problem is that when we have following segment of schema in
a wsdl

>    <xsd:element name="index" minOccurs="0"  type="xsd:int"/>

the BaseType created in the symbolTable will have namespaceURI as
"" where as it should be

But this problem does not occur in any of the following situations,
1. minOccurs attribute is not there
2. minOccurs not equal to "0"
3. there is maxOccurs= greater than "1"

see for complete WSDL.

but this happens for all basic types except "xsd:string".

Is this deleberately done ?. if so please explain why.

If this is a bug, is it fixed in latest Axis Java code ?

Your help is very much appreciated,



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Subject: RE: DOC/LIT : Some new patches
Date:    Fri, March 12, 2004 1:42 am
To:      "Apache AXIS C Developers List" <>

Hi Jean-Yves,

I ran WSDL2Ws tool with your wsdl and found that its strange. This happens
for all basic types except xsd:string. But if you remove minOccurs="0" or
make "1" or have maxOccurs="n" where n>1 it works fine.

I am looking at the problem and it seems something wrong with the Axis
Java libraries (.jars). I will let you know once debugged well.



> Hi,
> After looking about my JRE and classpath I finally found the condition
for this issue. This is this kind of declaration that failed with the
current CVS implementation :
>    ...
>    <xsd:element name="index" minOccurs="0"  type="xsd:int"/>
>    ...
> I don't know why the Axis Java runtime build a BasicType with a
> namespace uri ("") that difer
from the xsd declaration (""). I haven't
downloaded the whole java source from Axis Java (i used axis java 1.1
> Testcase here :
> So comparing namespaces will failed.
> Have you got an idea to solve this issue ?
> Should the jars from axis 1.2 alpha will correct this issue ?
> By now the only way to bypass is to comparing the name only.
> Regard,
> Jean-Yves

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