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From Jean-Yves Baudy <>
Subject RE: Work items for the next Release
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 09:43:20 GMT
Hi all,

Here some others items that will be very important to include in next 

- SOAP Faults

- Coding styles

- Transport layer
Externalize the whole interface. Today if I want to add a new transport 
layer I need to add some extra code in the Axis C/C++ code.

- International (i18n at most for errors messages).

- And my comments to items see after.



 >1).Source Restructuring
 >- Include files should be restructured in the CVS folder hiarachy to >keep
 >include files that goes with binary distribution  seperately. Then CVS
 >folder /c/include will contain only the include files that goes with 
 >distribution and all  other include files are moved to the respective 

In the code restructuring a complete separation from the server code and 
client is crucial for those who are only interesting in the client (or 
server) part of the Axis C/C++ stack.

Example (Linux/Aix):
	modules for each targeted Axis C/C++ servers

 >4).Client Engine
 >- Implementation of client Side handler processing
 >- Making a single client side static library
What about shared library ?

 >5).Serialization / Deserialization
 >- Current Axis code does not support parsers other than Expat. We need >to
 >write wrappers for using xerces.
 >- Adding Base64binary/HexBinary encode/decode functions to
 >BasicTypeSerializer (This is find out a good existing encode/decode
 >functions and add them).
And support for most of the schema primitive and derivated datatypes.

 >7). Handlers
 >All handlers have to be modified/tested with new API.
Define a design for manipulating headers part in WSDL.
See :

 >9). WSDL2WS code generation
 >Generation of deploy.wsdd and undeploy.wsdd
Add more command lines options to WSDL2WS
- wrapped/no wrapped
- transport layer
- extras properties (HTPP 1.0/1.1 ...)

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