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Subject Re: Some comments on source distibution for R1.1
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 13:23:00 GMT

Following I've given some of my ideas of your attached file.

1. Please add to the following to help Xerces parser users
#LDFLAGS="-s -L$AXISCPP_HOME/lib/xercesc -lxerces-c -lstdc++"
This is done. I've mentioned some of the problems related to LDFLAGS in a
seperate mail.

1. Update the INSTALL file in the root source distribution folder to
reflect the
latest simple set of install steps
This need to be done

2. when ./ is run required file `./NEWS' not found required file `./README' not found required file `./AUTHORS' not found required file `./ChangeLog' not found
Add (empty) files for them to eliminate warnings
Also meaningful content could be added to them as well

3. runconfig script does not have runnig permissions. chmod 755 runconfig
the benefit of those who use ./runconfig) does not have running permissions (for those who wish to use

4. There are many compiler warnings. Can we eliminate them.

5. It is critical to mention that most of the build problems are related
to not
seeting AXISCPP_HOME. (we can set this in if it is not set already)
I think it is not an over burden to set some environment varibles when
installing an application. For example xercesc, tomcat and several favmous
application use this approach

6. How do I instruct configure to use either Expat or Xerces?

7. Installation guide is missing in docs

8. Can we get rid of linux, windows directories in docs directory and include
platform options within a single document, with seperate sections
I don't understand why this is important. However xercesc also have all in
single doc with links.

9. Lets make the default build to be Apache 2 in (as most of the
OSes bundle apache 2)
this is done.

10. We need to have a #if you use apache1.3 comment in


11. Add LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS in so that swithcing parsers
becomes simple.

12. Can we add the parser selection as a parameter to configure script? When
./configure --help is run, it does not show anything related to the parser
selection. I think it should.
this is good. but I don't know how to do this

13. We have to document the Expat specific steps and Xerces related steps
sperately. (this is a critical requirement of parser abstraction layer)
this should be done. +1

14.Remove the 'xerces' folder in include (this confuces with xercesc)

15. In deploy/axiscpp.conf I had to change apache to apache2 (apache2 is the
default install folder) Either we have to document this change or have a
mechanism to autogenerate during configuration
We need to document this.

16. What about users that use apache that comes bundled with OS installation?
Its good to have documentation for them as well
I've tested in such an environment. Steps are intuitive.

17. deploy/conf/server.wsdd reffers to /usr/local/apache2 (unlike
deploy/axiscpp.conf). Have to consider documenting for users with bundled
and apache 1.3

18. Can we make samples and simple axis sever tobe bulit during intial
Then we can eliminate many redundent steps.
I thought that building samples seperately is better. But I've seen expat
do as you said.

19. In include the settings for Xerces parser as well and
keep them
commented (because expat is the default)

20. In include directory Xerces subfolder is xercesc and in lib directory
subfolder is xerces-c.
This is inconsistant. Lets use xercesc for both as it is the one used by
Xerces itself.
(But the lib name is xerces-c)

> Hi All,
>     I was trying out the source from the CVS over the weekend and came up
> with few suggestions to
> make the source distibution more user friendly.
>     Most of the suggestions are focused for the Linux platform.
>     Please see the attached text file.
> Thanks,
> Samisa...
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