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From John Hawkins <>
Subject fix for HTTP 1.1 chunking
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 16:54:00 GMT

Hi folks,

fix for 1.1. chunking. This is not tested too hard, because I don't have
many test cases. I would ask again - do we have any testsuite that I can
get up and running easily. I like to run against WebSphere Application
server so Java services would be good :-) As this has not been tested too
hard - can someone out there try it out too please?

(See attached file: HttpTransport.cpp)

The methods that are changed are:
GetPayLoad - now calls new method getChunkedPayload after getting the
complete body as before.
New method - "GetChunkedPayload" takes in the complete chunked payload and
returns the unchunked data.
New method - "axtoi" which takes in a hex in the form of a string and
returns back an int (used to work out the size of the chunk)

I'm not a committer so can someone else put this into the build please?

cheers for now,

John Hawkins,

Internal:  (7) 24-7131
External: (+44 ) (0) 1962 817131

Mailpoint 188,
Hursley Park,
SO21 2JN
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