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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Transport Abstraction question
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 07:40:53 GMT
Option 1 is too coupling. Option 2 sounds better (however, option 2 needs to tacle limited

What is the overall plan for paser and transport abstraction? Have you got an initial overall


--- Susantha Kumara <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am working on Transport layer and Parser layer abstraction and got
> following question,
> At the moment Axis assumes that the receiving part of the transport
> layer can behave in 2 ways.
> 1.       Some transport layers allocate memory buffers / fills them with
> receiving data and gives to Axis.(see getBytes(..) function)
> Ex : When using Expat parser
>                   These transport layers want Axis to inform them when
> Axis has finished using the given memory buffer.(see releaseBuffer(..)
> function)
> 2.       Some transport layers don't allocate memory buffers but will
> fill the given buffers (from Axis).
> Ex: When using Xerces parser.
> But generally its VERY difficult for a XML parser to use the buffers
> given by outside. Especially when the XML document is given in parts. 
> In above 1st case too Expat internally copies all data passed to it into
> its own buffer. That buffer inside Expat grows finally to the size of
> the whole XML document. But if we get a buffer allocated inside Expat
> and pass it to the transport layer to be filled and given back that
> would be more efficient in terms of memory.
> In above 2nd case Xerces allocates a buffer of around 48KB and passes it
> to transport to be filled.
> So It seems that there is no point of supporting case 1 as long as there
> is no XML parser that is capable of efficiently parsing (without copying
> to its other memory buffer) memory buffers allocated outside of the
> parser.
> Those who have experience in writing an XML parsers will understand this
> problem better.
> So what about supporting only case 2 in the upcoming transport API ?.
> ---
> Susantha

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