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From Fred Preston <>
Subject Re: Adding Attributes
Date Wed, 26 May 2004 15:08:28 GMT

Hi Roshan,
      Is there a way that I can do all this from outside ws-axis?  I have
created stubs from WSDL.  I have a 'main' which calls methods on the stubs
which call methods in axis.  All of the ws-axis object is behind the 'call'
API.  Is there a way to create an attribute and attach it to an operation
using this API?  Currently I have:-

m_pCall->SetTransportPorperty(SOAPACTION_HEADER, "find_business")
m_pCall->SetOperation( "find_business", "urn:uddi-org:api_v2");

But there is no API call that will allow me to add an attribute to the
SOAPObject that is created by SetOperation...  This is also true for the
AddParameter group.


Fred Preston.
Software Engineer
Business Integration

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Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 2JN, UK
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Tel:             +44 1962 817180
Internal:      247180

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SoapMethod has the method addAttribute(Attribute *pAttribute). You have to
create a Attribute object pointer with your data and set it.


At 06:07 PM 5/25/2004 +0100, you wrote:

>Hi All,
>       How do I add attributes to the SOAP-BODY operation. e.g
>Currently have:
>       <ns1:find_business xmlns:ns1="...">
>             <name>
>                   xxx
>             </name>
>       </ns1:find_business xmlns:ns1="...">
>Would like:
>       <ns1:find_business xmlns:ns1="..." generic="2.0">
>             <name>
>                   xxx
>             </name>
>       </ns1:find_business xmlns:ns1="...">
>How do I add in the generic="2.0" attribute using ws-axis methods?
>Fred Preston.
>Software Engineer
>Business Integration
>Mail Point 188,  IBM Hursley Park
>Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 2JN, UK
>Notes id:    Fred Preston/UK/IBM @ IBMGB
>Tel:             +44 1962 817180
>Internal:      247180

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