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From "sanjaya singharage" <>
Subject How to get a anonymous checkout from a branch
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 11:33:38 GMT
The following cvs command will take a anonymous checkout from the branch
"Release1-2-branch"  to the folder <your local checkout folder>

For linux:
cvs -d checkout -d <your
local checkout folder> -r Release1-2-branch ws-axis/c

For windows command line cvs:
Change directory to the folder where you want get the checkout to and...

cvs -d checkout -r
Release1-2-branch ws-axis/c

For windows wincvs:

-Go to "Admin->Preferences->General->CVSROOT". Give the value
-Go to "Admin->Preferences->General->Authentication" . Select the value
""passwd" file on the server"
-Go to "Create->Checkout module...->Checkout Settings". Give the value
"ws-axis/c" for "module name and path"
-Go to Create->Checkout module...->Checkout Settings". Select a folder to
create your checkout to in "Local folder to checkout to"
-Go to ""Create->Checkout module...->Checkout Options". Tick the checkbox
"by revision/tag/branch". Give the value "Release1-2-branch"
-Click "OK"

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