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From Roshan Weerasuriya <>
Subject Re: Axis with Apache 1.3.23 on RedHat Linux 2.4.21-9
Date Sat, 10 Jul 2004 08:57:34 GMT
hi kini,

Just check the following.

1) Whether you have given read permision to AXIS_HOME (eg: to
/usr/local/Axis, if it is your AXIS_HOME), as specified in the linux
installatoin guide. (for example just give full permision and see :
$chomd 777 /usr/local/Apache)

2) You have the LD_LIBRARY_PATH set properly as specified in the Linux
installatoin guide and also to export the same. Echo this in your shell
and verify the entry. (echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH)

3) If those didn't work then do a fresh install again carefully to
figure out you have missed any important poing.

4) If even that didn't work, then : We have tested Axis C++ with Apache
1.3.27 and Apache httpd-2.0.48. Try to download and install one of those
two versions to see whether it is some thing to do with your Apache


On Sat, 2004-07-10 at 02:22, Ananth Kini wrote:
> Hi All ,
>  I am trying to use Axis with Oracle HTTP Server  (Apache  1.3.23)  on
> RedHat Linux 2.4.21-9 . Everything is working fine except if i try to
> access the axis home page i am getting the  exception 'Deployment
> Descriptor not found' . I have the following settings properly .
>  I have also tried with Apache 1.3.23 downloaded from Apache WebSite
> on RedHat Linux 2.4.21-9 . Its also giving the same problem.
>  1. Axis Home environment variable is set properly 
>   2. axiscpp.conf file is located at <AXIS_HOME>/axiscpp.conf
>   3. server.wsdd is located at <AXIS_HOME>/conf directory . 
> Any pointers as to what is going wrong ? . The same set up works fine
> with Windows. 
> -- 
> Regards
> kini
> The statements and opinions  expressed here  are my own and do not
> necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation

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