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From damitha kumarage <>
Subject Axis C++ build in Linux is now very simple
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 06:50:19 GMT

I have done necessary changes to make the Axis C++ build in Linux simple
Basically you need to do only following

I assume you install as root user

You need to set some environment variables

AXISCPP_HOME - where you build axis c++. eg: /usr/local/axiscpp

AXISCPP_DEPLOY - where you will install the binary 
                 eg: /usr/local/axiscpp_deploy

APACHE2_HOME -if you need apache2 as server transport 
              eg: /usr/local/apache2

APACHE_HOME - if you need apache 1 as server transport
            - eg: /usr/local/apache

EXPAT_HOME - if you use expat as the parser
             eg: /usr/local/expat1957

XERCESC_HOME - if you use xercesc as the parser
               eg: /usr/local/xercesc



./configure --prefix=$AXISCPP_DEPLOY \
    --libdir=$AXISCPP_DEPLOY/lib \
    --bindir=$AXISCPP_DEPLOY/bin \
    --enable-apache2=yes \
    --enable-apache=no \
    --enable-expat=yes \
    --enable-xercesc=no \
    --enable-samples=yes \

Following are the explanation of these options
--libdir : Where libraries are installed. All Axis C++ libraries, 
           sample libraries and testcase service
           libraries are installed here
--bindir : All the client sample binaries are installed here
--enable-apache2 : To use apache2 as server transport library
--enable-apache : To use apache as server transport library
--enable-expat : To build expat parser library
--enable-xercesc : To build xercesc parser library
--enable-samples : Whether you need to build samples(server and client)
--enable-testcases : Wthether you need to build testcases


This should build all as you specified in configure and install it
in /usr/local/axiscpp_deploy(your prefix option)

To deploy and run

cd /usr/local/axiscpp_deploy


cd bin

to run the interoptest samples

./base localhost 80

For further information see $AXISCPP_HOME/INSTALL


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