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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: Some Design Questions...
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2004 07:34:15 GMT


Update on trace -

AspectC++ for entry and exit trace - I think we have to declare this a
non-starter. Having looked into it - the AspectC++ code is simply not
capable of doing the simple things we need to do. I get compile errors all
over the place. I'm still investigating but will not be able to implement
in the 1.3/1.4 timeframe. I intend to introduce some other way of adding
entry and exit trace (java pre--parser or the like) - we have a first
version but it needs improving. I'll keep in contact with the AspectC folks
and try to get aspects working in the future.

John Hawkins

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Hi Scott,
   At the moment none of the features you are looking for are available in
Axis C++.
   However the good news is that there are plans for a new version. Your
ideas could be taken as
input for the new design.

> (1) Has the axis server engine accommodated the possibility
> of asynchronous handlers in either the Request or Response chains?

Not at the moment.

> (2) What is the plan for allowing AxisCpp integrators to plug-in
> their own logging subsystem?

This would require a 'logging abstraction layer'. This will be food for
thought for the new
Hopefully plans would be available soon.
At the moment there is an effort going on to use Aspect C++ for tracing.
However, as I understand
this is not what you are looking for.

> (3) Similarly, what is the plan for custom memory managers?

Memory management has been identified as one of the areas to be improved.
The palns would be laid
down soon.

> Thank you,
> -Scott
> PS - Related to item (3) above...I saw in your TODO list that
> you would like to walk away from STL.  FWIW, this is wise.
> I've had to cut out all STL in my own projects because of many
> leaks and inconsistencies amongst different STL implementations.
> Sad, but true.

    There has been much debate on dropping vs keeping STL. However, the
community decided to keep
it within the engine as it is believed to be efficient and easy to use.
There had been some effort
to eliminate STL at client stub level.
    Considering the amount of STL being used in the core code at the
moment, it is not an easy
task to drop all STL overnight.
    I too have had bad experiance with STL in the past. I hope the future
versions would take the
concerns into account.



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