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From John Hawkins <>
Subject RE: Generated source in CVS
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 09:12:01 GMT

Hi Folks,

With regard to auto-build and testing. Could someone explain to me about
the server-side a little more.

Reason for asking: We have a load of tests that are not in CVS but we would
like to put in. We are holding them out because we do not have C++ services
created for them yet (although some use Calculator most do not) We are not
going to be able to produce the c services for some time. We do, of course,
have the java services created for them.

I don't fully understand the way that the test-suite works in terms of the
services being available - where is the service code? How is it deployed to
the server?
Although we can add in our clientside wsdls into the autobuild (a valuable
thing to do anyway) we don't want to break the CVS autobuild if there are
no services on the server-side so how do you know which tests to run?

If there is somekind of "testrun" script that understands what services are
deployed and only attempts to run those then we can add in our client stubs
today, they can build only,  and as the services get created for them the
"runtests" script can change too.


John Hawkins

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Yes we need to have in CVS only the following
- The WSDL
- Business logic filled server side skeletons
- Client side manually written source files that uses the generated stub

And we probably need some changes in the WSDL2Ws tool to say,
- Not to generate server side skeletons (so that they don't overwrite
- Probably to place the generated files in gen_src folders when a
command line option --autotest is given.


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> From: Samisa Abeysinghe []
> Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 8:37 PM
> To: Apache AXIS C Developers List
> Subject: Generated source in CVS
> Hi All,
>     As we go on building test cases, the CVS is seem to be getting
> with generated source.
>     In case of inquire_v2 WSDL (UDDI) this is worse.
>     Would it be a good iead to check in only the client (user written)
> code, a rerad me and a
> chell script to generate the code on to CVS. This will considerably
> the time requred to
> checkout cvs. We can always generate code locally. (The idea is that
> WSDL tool should always
> generate correct code :-))
> Thansk,
> Samisa...
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