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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: Axis C++ testing - with Axis Java
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 10:15:28 GMT

Hi Samisa,

Great idea !

On this note:

We've been considering what to do about this in terms of the tests that we
have here which are not yet integrated into CVS. All the services are
written in Java and thus we were holding off putting them into CVS. What we
thought we'd do is create C services for them as well so that people had
the choice of server.

We need to work out a test suite process that allows for some services not
being implemented on one or other of the server side platforms. Don't have
the answers for this - not been looking at the build structure too much in
thia area but I'm sure Andrew Perry and Adrian can help.

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Hi All,
    To test Axis C++ as well as test interop with Axis Java, I think it is
worth considering to
implement the same tests as those that are available in Axis Java.
    This will allow us to test C++ clients with Java services and vice
    A second option would be to build Java services/clients for already
existing C++
clients/servces. However I think implementing C++ clients and services for
already existing Axis
Java counterparts would be energy saving.

   If you are OK with this, I could wite some test C++ clients for existing
Axis Java services
(tests and samples) (and somebody could take up the task of implementing
Axis C++ services for
them ;-))

Any thoughts please...


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