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From Adrian Dick <>
Subject Re: Test suite for Axis C++
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 11:36:20 GMT


Why has the automated test suite been placed into the linux subtree of

I'm assuming you're not intending on creating a whole subtree for each test
platform, as all the tests should be suitably platform independent with the
environment being appropriately configured by the scripts in

I feel the current use of $AXISCPP_HOME/tests/auto_build/linux may cause
confusion, is there any possibility the linux directory be dropped or

Adrian Dick (

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This suite was created originally by Jean -Yves, and automated and enhanced
by Andrew Perry. We've used it here for some time and it's quite stable.

John Hawkins

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I'm going to add a testsuite to $AXISCPP_HOME/tests/auto_build folder

When run with a wsdl as parameter this will simple generate the client
stubs for the wsdl and build with a pre-prepared file including the main
method and execute it. It will compare the result with the correct
result expected and prints the success status.

We can put all the wsdls in the wsdl folder there and run all the
tests for the wsdls in one run.
For details please refer to the Readme file there.

Special thanks go to Adrian Dick and John Howkins for providing Axis C++
this invaluble test suite.


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