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From Adrian Dick <>
Subject ANT scripts for building Axis C client
Date Mon, 06 Sep 2004 16:38:18 GMT

Hi Guys,

I understand you require an ANT based build for automated nightly builds
within GUMP.

I have just checked in an ANT script I have been using for compiling the
Axis C client, transport and XML parser libraries.  We have used this
regularly for the past month on Windows, Linux (RH AS 3.0) and AIX.
In addition, I have also checked in an ANT script to generate, compile, run
and verify the automated client tests.   I have been experiencing
difficulties with this script on linux, but am still investigating if this
is in the script or code.

I have included the following basic documentation within the ant scripts
(can be viewed by typing ant -projecthelp).   It is my intention to update
the web pages to describe more fully how to use these scripts.
This script is intended for use with Java 1.4+ and Apache ANT 1.6+.
Ant is available from:

To compile C/C++ code you will require the cpptasks extension to ANT,
      [ant install dir]/lib
This is available from:
{Note: you will require the cpptasks download, not ant-contrib}

It is intended that the default target be used, which compiles and links
all code,
generates documentation and packages ready for distribution.

Associated with this build script are property files for each platform, the
will automatically determine the correct one to be used;
Please use these to configure directories to suit the needs of your system.

* The documentation target requires doxygen be installed and available on
the system path
  This is available from:
* The following compilers will be required;
      - Windows = Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
      - Linux   = gcc
      - AIX     = Visual Age

I shall look into compiling the server and samples over the coming days.
If you have any problems, please let me know.


Adrian Dick (

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