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From damitha kumarage <>
Subject Re: Few comments on Linux Install Doc
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 10:10:49 GMT
On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 12:22, Samisa Abeysinghe wrote:
> Hi All,
>    I reviewed the Linux Install guide (that is on the web site) and I have few thoughts:
> 1. It says:
> "You need to have the following in order to run Axis C++ engine.
>       RedHat 9 (2.4.20-8)
>       expat-1.95.7 (source)
>       xerces-c-src2_2_0 (I build xerces from source)
>       httpd-2.0.48 (source)
>       apache_1.3.27 (source)"
> Should'nt it be:
> "You need to have the following in order to run Axis C++ engine.
>       expat-1.95.7 (source) and/or xerces-c-src2_2_0 (I build xerces from source)
>       httpd-2.0.48 (source) or apache_1.3.27 (source)"
> BTW: Is it httpd-2.0.48 or Apache 2.0.48? Is it apache_1.3.27 or Apache 1.3.27? Do we
need to say
> to get source of these packages? I think we can build Axis C++ with bin packages of these
(or do
> we need to recompile apache with module so support)?
  Yes expat/xercesc binary should be enough. If the apache is not built
with module so support then that option is a must. Without it apache
cannot load axis c++ apache dll.

> 2. It says
> "Note: In my environment I have
> autoconf 2.57
> automake 1.6.3
> libtool 1.4.3
> gcc 3.2.2"
> I think it is not necessary to mention them.
> 3. The Linux install doc goes on and explain various configure options such as --with-apache2,
> --with-apache, --with-expat, --with-xercesc, etc. We can make the doc short and sweet
by just
> mentioning to the user "for more info on build options run ./configure --help" and just
> the defaults here

> When it is short it is not always sweet

> 4. Do we need to list contents of $AXISCPP_DEPLOY/lib? I think it is enough to mention
"You can
> see the folder $AXISCPP_DEPLOY/lib to see what are created" and not list contents. (Content
> listing results in poor readability)

> 5. It says:
> "Now you need to add to $<apache install directory>/conf/httpd.conf $ vi <apache
> directory>/conf/httpd.conf " 
> This makes no sense. It is sufficient to say; "edit httpd.conf in your $APACHE_HOME/conf/
and add
> the following"


> 6. Install guide goes on to explain the contets of axiscpp.conf. I think it is enough
to mention
> the default contents here and we should have a seperate doc on axiscpp.conf to explain
> contents of the conf file in detail.


> Thoughts please.
> If you guys are OK with these, I can change the doc in CVS.
> PS: I am still not clear on how to change docs and add them to the web site :-(. I need
to go back
> and refer the mail from Rangika.
> Thanks,
> Samisa...
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