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From Paul Fremantle <>
Subject Re: Problems with Keep-Alive and Cookie test cases - WSDL2Ws tool problems
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 11:28:28 GMT

I have the GetQuote WSDL attached working with an AXIS JAVA server and 
C++ client. (except for the HTTP bug you fixed).

You should be able to run WSDL2Java to generate server skeletons, and 
run this.


Samisa Abeysinghe wrote:

>Hi All,
>    As I have mentioned earlier, I am working on suporting cookies and keep-alive.
>    I am looking for a test sample for this. As we know Axis C++ server side support nither
>session with Cookies nor Keep-Alive.
>    So I have to try with Axis Java server.
>    The sample in samples/addr folder of Axis Java distibution let me test both Connection:close
>for HTTP 1.1 ans Cookie based session. However there is a problem. The AddressBook.wsdl
that is
>there does not work with WSDL2WS tool. It givem me a java.lang.NullPointerException. :-(
When I
>fix the error in WSDL to eliminate null pointer problem I get 6 classes with "class with
>attributes". (hmmmm....... there are too many TODOs with WSDL tool. It is quite annyong
that the
>number of WSDLs that work with this tool is so limited.)
>Either we have to fix the WSDL tool to generate correct code for the Axis Java sample's
WSDL (whic
>is going to be time consuming) or
>I need to have another endpoint with a WSDL that would work with our WSDL2Ws tool.
>I do not want to deal with the WSDL tool as there is some refactoring effort going on
with that.
>Does anyone know of a services or other Axis Java samples that deals with cookie based
>and /or Keep-Alive?
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