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From "Lilantha Darshana" <>
Subject RE: HTTPChannel.cpp exceptions
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 14:54:48 GMT
Careful when using errno if not compliant with POSIX.1c. Because,
POSIX.1, errno is defined as an external global variable, which is not
thread safe.

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From: Andrew Perry2 [] 
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2005 5:21 AM
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Subject: Re: HTTPChannel.cpp exceptions

Unix equivalent is errno and strerror(). I thought that all this was in
the platfrom specific files already.

And +1 for checking return status/error code and perhaps retrying
connection. Although I think that there is a retry concept already in
the code. Can anyone confirm.


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Hi John,
      If the channel fails at any stage, it should throw an exception
because something unrecoverable is happening (on Windows we can use
GetLastError() to find out what's happening - but I don't know if that
is a standard C method (I see John has done something with this
[GetLastError] in HTTPChannel)).  I'll go through the Axis3 code and
change where appropriate.  At the moment, if there is an error in
channel read/write the channel does not close.  Perhaps by using the
error reported by GetLastError we can make a decision on the severity of
the error before just blindly closing the channel and throwing an
exception.  Any thoughts?


Fred Preston.


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                                               Subject:  HTTPChannel.cpp
                      28/01/05 08:59

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Hi Samisa,Fred,

when looking at the HTTPChannel yesterday I saw in openChannel sometimes
we throw an exception and sometimes we just return a boolean - for the
same evnt i.e. failng to open the channel. Did you mean this or should I
change them all to throw an exception?

John Hawkins

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