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From Andrew Perry2 <>
Subject Re: Ant test framework - running a test
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2005 11:44:36 GMT

The Ant test framwork has been written so that the test can be run only
with the delivered package and no trace of the build tree is installed.
This means that dir.classes will not exist. I am current working on
simplifying the parameters required.

For now if you specify -Ddir.wsdl2ws=<path to wsdl2ws.jar> on the Ant
command line or set it in a test specific properties file then it should

Please do not change it as all the testing I do is on a separate machine
using only the packaged deliverables so will stop working if you make your


Andrew Perry
IBM C/C++ Web Services Client
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IBM UK Laboratories. Hursley Park, Winchester, Hants. SO21 2JN
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"sanjaya singharage" <> wrote on 10/01/2005 11:17:39:

> Hi all,
> When I try to run a test in the following manner on windows...
> ant -f
> test.xml -Ddir.xmlParser=XMLPARSER_HOME -Ddir.package=PACKAGE
> lculator
> I get the following error..
> generateStubs:
>     [mkdir] Created dir:
> D:\san\works\checkouts\obj\test\generated\cpp\Calculator
> Caught exception ( while expanding
> D:\san\works\checkouts\obj\package\axis-c-1.4.0-Win32\lib\axis not found.
> D:\san\works\checkouts\head\ws-axis\c\build\buildTest.xml:29:
> D:\san\works\check
> outs\obj\package\axis-c-1.4.0-Win32\lib\axis not found.
> Total time: 2 seconds
> I suggest "<fileset dir="${dir.wsdl2ws}" includes="wsdl2ws.jar"/>" be
> changed to "<fileset dir="${dir.classes}" includes="wsdl2ws.jar"/>" in
> buildTest.xml,  which gets rid of this error.
> Looks like when package.xml is run the binary and source distributions
> a -bin and -src appended so ${dir.wsdl2ws} fails. Is it ok to do this
> change?
> sanjaya.

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