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From Mark Whitlock <>
Subject Fw: Client samples doesn't build due to the method call "getFaultDetail(&pcDetail)"
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 09:56:02 GMT

Hi Roshan,
I'll fix this. Previously when a soap fault (defined in the wsdl) occurred
it was thrown as a service exception and the client had to extract the
fault information to work out which soap fault it was. I changed this so
that the complex type that is the soap fault is thrown. This simplifies the
client application since clients can have a separate catch for each soap
fault. This also simplifies memory management since the fault that is
thrown manages its own memory and doesn't contain a pointer to ISoapFault.
Apologies for breaking the sample,
Mark Whitlock

----- Forwarded by Mark Whitlock/UK/IBM on 17/02/2005 09:38 -----
             <roshan@opensourc                                          To 
             17/02/2005 09:32                                              
                                       Client samples doesn't build due to 
             Please respond to         the method call                     
              "Apache AXIS C           "getFaultDetail(&pcDetail)"         
             Developers List"                                              

hi all,

The current CVS sample client(s) (eg: simple clinet i.e Calcualtor
client) doesn't build due to the following method call,
"ws.getFaultDetail(&pcDetail);". When  I check the Stub it doesn't have
such a method call. Certainly it builds when I comment this line. But I
would like to know who ever removed it, might have added a different way
to extract the error details. Can someone please comment on this.

//---code taken from Calculator client cvs....

int main() {

if (strcmp(op, "add") == 0)
                iResult = ws.add(i1, i2);


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