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From Jeff Clary <>
Subject RE: Web service DLL including class derived from SoapFaultExcepti on f ails to load
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 18:53:39 GMT

I need to work with a business partner's wsdl, so removing the SOAP faults
is not really an option for me, other than perhaps as a test.  I've been
pulled in another direction for a while, and won't be able to make that test
soon.  When I get back to it, I may just go back to an earlier version of
AXISCPP.  My business partner is using 1.4, I think.  Should that one be OK?


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From: Mark Whitlock []
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 4:13 AM
Subject: Fw: Web service DLL including class derived from
SoapFaultException f ails to load

Hi Jeff,
The soap fault model in the client changed in the last release. I don't
know whether soap faults work in the server. Does your service load when
you remove the soap faults from your wsdl?

I have reopened AXISCPP-237 since it is still a problem.
Mark Whitlock

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Background: Working in Windows XP, VC 6.0 build environment.  Using Axis

I have successfully built a client dll, and configured SimpleAxisServer to
use it as a web service.  However, when SimpleAxisServer tries to load my
DLL to service the request, the LoadLibrary fails, and GetLastError()
returns 127, "The specified procedure could not be found."  To get a better
diagnostic, I modified the SimpleAxisServer code to call SetErrorMode(0)
and then directly try to load my dll.  (That causes Windows to throw up a
dialog when LoadLibrary fails.)  The dialog message on the failure was "The
procedure entry point ??0SoapFaultException@axiscpp@@QAE@ABV01@@Z could not
be located in the dynamic link library AxisServer.dll."

I inspected AxisServer.dll with a freeware DLL viewer and found the
SoapFaultException entry point as just described.

I compared my code with the sample web services, such as calculator.dll,
which work on my system.  Unlike all the examples, my code includes a class
that derives from SoapFaultException, as listed here:

class PinException : public SoapFaultException
        xsd__int errorCode;
        xsd__string message;
        virtual ~PinException() throw();

Does anyone have any insight for me?

Does anyone have a full set of working VC 6.0 projects to build AxisCPP
from source?  I am hacking them together as needed, but am a rank newcomer
to Axis, and could use all the help I can get.

One more thing.  The JIRA bug AXISCPP-237 has a comment at the bottom that
mentions a memory deallocation error that happens whenever an
AxisEngineException constructed with a non-allocated message is thrown.
This happens in Windows whenever LoadLibrary fails, and could cause a
Windows program to crash.  Should that be opened as a new bug?

Thanks for your time,

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