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From Tim Bartley <>
Subject Re: New client configuration API
Date Sun, 08 May 2005 23:45:11 GMT
I agree with all of these points.


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John Kelly <> 
07/05/2005 00:17
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"Apache AXIS C Developers List" <>

Re: New client configuration API


A couple of minor suggestions

a) ClientLogPath

Might be nice if you could pass a file_handle so the output could go to
places like sdtout or stderr

b) ClientWSDDFile

Might be nice if you could pass a file_handle so the input could come
places like stdin

Might also be nice if one could optionally pass the equivalent of the file
contents in as a string, rather than just a file name. The program could
then build up the configuration programmatically removing the need for
deploying a separate file.

c) Library names

Might be nice if all the library names on the different platforms had a
standardised naming convention like
HTTP_channel.dll and, then you could have the
axiscpp.conf and the api take a short form of the shared library name, so
the method setHTTPChannelLibrary("HTTP_channel"); would be platform 
and the client would look for HTTP_channel.dll on the PATH on Windows or on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux.


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             Please respond to         New client configuration API 
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             Developers List" 

Hi Folks,

we'd like to implement a new API for configuration of the client-side.

I've written a vrief synopsis of what is there to day and what we'd like 

The environment variable is AXISCPP_DEPLOY. This variable is used by the
configuration system to look up a file called axiscpp.conf. This file
consists of the following:

#ClientLogPath:                 The path to the axis client log
#ClientWSDDFilePath:         The path to the client wsdd
#XMLParser:                 The xml parser library
#Transport_http:                 The HTTP transport library
#Channel_HTTP:                 The HTTP transport channel library
#Channel_HTTP_SSL:         The HTTP transport secure channel library

This data can be placed in a new configuration Object with the following
signature (Pseudo)

        get/set ClientLog(String);
        get/set ClientWSDDFile(String);
get/set XMLParserLibrary(String);
get/set TransportLibrary(String);
get/set HTTPChannelLibrary(String);
get/set HTTPSSLChannelLibrary(String);

A new Web Service constructor will be created that takes in an
AxisCPP_Configuration object. This constructor will be in addition to the
current range of constructors that are created for each service.

The user may create a web service using the constructor. However, if they
attempt to use the constructor with a configuration object more than once
in any given process the configuration object will be ignored i.e. the
engine can only be configured once per process.

Client WSDD files will still be required and no new API will be introduced
for them.

thoughts please?


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