+1. Excellent design


BTW, what is the rationale for “the engine can only be configured once per process”?


Also, in addition to the current settings supported by the conf file, there has been some Jira issues raised for setting proxy, username/password etc. in the conf file, so hopefully they too will be supported by AxisCPP_Configuration


Also it looks to me as if “AxisCPP_Configuration” is designed for client side – what about the server side? Could server side use the same? (I think we could possibly extend it – may be we should have a class hierarchy here, where the base would have common conf items and derived ounces have server/client specific stuff. E.g. XML parser setting is common, HTTP channel is not)





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AxisCPPClientConfiguration          AxisCPPServerConfiguration






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From: John Hawkins [mailto:HAWKINSJ@uk.ibm.com]
Friday, May 06, 2005 7:40 PM
To: axis-c-dev@ws.apache.org
Subject: New client configuration API


Hi Folks,

we'd like to implement a new API for configuration of the client-side.

I've written a vrief synopsis of what is there to day and what we'd like to do..........

The environment variable is AXISCPP_DEPLOY. This variable is used by the configuration system to look up a file called axiscpp.conf. This file consists of the following:

#ClientLogPath:                 The path to the axis client log
#ClientWSDDFilePath:         The path to the client wsdd
#XMLParser:                 The xml parser library
#Transport_http:                 The HTTP transport library
#Channel_HTTP:                 The HTTP transport channel library
#Channel_HTTP_SSL:         The HTTP transport secure channel library

This data can be placed in a new configuration Object with the following signature (Pseudo)

        get/set ClientLog(String);
        get/set ClientWSDDFile(String);
get/set XMLParserLibrary(String);
get/set TransportLibrary(String);
get/set HTTPChannelLibrary(String);
get/set HTTPSSLChannelLibrary(String);

A new Web Service constructor will be created that takes in an AxisCPP_Configuration object. This constructor will be in addition to the current range of constructors that are created for each service.

The user may create a web service using the constructor. However, if they attempt to use the constructor with a configuration object more than once in any given process the configuration object will be ignored i.e. the engine can only be configured once per process.

Client WSDD files will still be required and no new API will be introduced for them.

thoughts please?