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From Dasarath Weeratunge <>
Subject Moving Guththila to Axis C++ src tree
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2005 16:33:38 GMT

How about moving Guththila code into the Axis C++ src tree?

Dinesh is trying to implement XMLParser interface in XMLParser.h for
Guththila. At the moment the code that we have in the src tree
**/xml/tspp/ and **/xml/txpp/ are both old versions of Guththila 
written by Susantha, Damitha and my self.

Dinesh's code cannot be integrated with either one of these since its a 
different fork of tspp altogether.

What I propose therefore is that we take off this code and substitute 
Dinesh's code in their place. We can create a new subdirectory `guththila' 
at the same level as `xerces' and `expat' under **/xml/ and delete 
old subdirectories `tspp' and `txpp'.

Dinesh's code builds on tspp code and implements a full StAX parser 
with the exception of DTD's and a few other constructs rarely used in 
Soap processing. It also supports character encoding schemes and comes 
with a set of test cases. The encoding related code in the new code base has
been completely rewritten unlike earlier (see **/xml/txpp/) where we tried 
to reuse code from expat. We also improved the tokenizing code and API to be in
line with StAX.

IMHO cleaning up the src tree would make life easier for us who are 
working on Guththila since then we can directly commit our code to the CVS.


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