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From John Hawkins <>
Subject "Unit test"
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 17:44:45 GMT
Hi Folks,

we've created a system that we are terming "unit test" however I would 
suggest it's more of a server agnostic test system.  Here's the 
cut-and-paste from the ANT build file

                This file runs what we have termed the "unit tests". They 
are not unit tests in a true sense of the word rather they run a set of 
                tests against a "mock server". This is a Java program that 
given a request will return back a given response file. Thus this system 
is useful for
                testing where we do not have an actual service written but 
have the tcp monitor request and response files. From these we can write a 
test quickly and easily and place it into
                the unit test suite which avoids us having to create a 
large number of potentially complex services when time might not allow 
                This system is essentially the same as the fv suite except 
for the fact that the endpoint is not
                a server but the mock-server. In order to run this system 
several things have to be set up in advance e.g.
                the response files. For more inforamtion about set up of a 
new test please read the document 
                In order to run the already created unit tests please run 
Ant against this build file giving the same properties as you do for 
                the fv suite in order for the suite to find your 
libraries. NOTE: This system does not handle ssl tests.

OK, so that's the summary. 

This does mean that if we get any customer problems that we don't need 
their service  we just  need the WSDL, the request and response and a 
simple client !!

We are going to run all unit tests on the overnight builds so if you put 
any new tests in then we will pick them up "for-free". Please try to add 
in as many tests as possible :-)

Any questions please fire away but I would recommend that you read the 
readme and then try the ant script to see what you think. This system will 
improve (less verbose messages on runtime) however, we were keen to get it 
out to you asap.

Question: How do you feel about having this run automatically when we run 
the test.xml? We can quite easily add a target to the test.xml so that it 
runs the unit tests and then runs the fv tests in sequence without you 
having to run them seperately?

thoughts please,

btw: The bad builds recently have been caused by adding this system into 
the scripts - many apologies but I'm sure you see that the end is worth 
while :-)


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