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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Samisa: TestSoapHeaderBlock fixed
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 07:06:45 GMT
Hi Mark,
    I looked into the problems reported by you and looks like I have
made a mistake by leaving SoapHeader undeleted. However, I left this
alone because I did not want to new SoapHeader every time. So your fix
solves the problem by returning in serialize if there is nothing in
SoapHeader to be serialized.

   I do not think that  Attributes and Namespaces on SoapHeader are
redundant. I think they are not being exposed so that people could set
them on a SoapHeader. So I too think that those methods to add them
should be externalised as you have suggested.


On 6/24/05, Mark Whitlock <> wrote:
> Hi Samisa,
> I have fixed TestSoapHeaderBlock (and other similar tests) which were
> failing when the test added header blocks, invoked the web service, deleted
> the header blocks, invoked the web service again and the soap message
> produced contained a soap header begin and end tag, with no header blocks
> in it. I think this was due to SoapSerializer::reset clearing the
> HeaderBlocks but not deleting the SoapHeader itself. I've fixed this by
> making SoapHeader::serialize return immediately if there are no
> HeaderBlocks to serialize.
> I mention this because I know this was an area that you were involved with
> a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure whether my fix is correct and I would
> like to discuss it.
> SoapSerializer::reset clears only the HeaderBlocks, leaving any attributes
> or namespaces on the SoapHeader alone. I tried removing
> SoapHeader::addAttribute and SoapHeader::addNamespaceDecl and Axis C++
> built successfully. So no one sets attributes or namespaces on the
> SoapHeader. So there is code here that is never executed.
> Are Attributes and Namespaces on SoapHeader redundant, or should the
> methods to add them be externalised?
> Mark
> Mark Whitlock

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