Hi Dinesh,


AnyElement *next()

This will pick the next element in the xml stream of WSDL file. It’s picked the next element without ignoring white space and ‘<’ ‘>’.




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Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 4:24 PM
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Subject: implementing XMLParser interface


Hi all,
          I'm implementing XMLParser interface for tspp. Can somebody please tell me what is the actual purpose of
int getStatus() , AnyElement *next(), AnyElement *anyNext(), methods. Though comments give some sense , it is not enough to understand the interface.

         Do we need to implement "AnyElement *anyNext()" method. Because I saw in previous implementation of this interface for tspp it was commented as /*TO DO */. It says something like we no longer use it ...

If someone could comment on this , that will be highly appreciated.


W.Dinesh Premalal