sounds a good plan.

We've identified a number of areas that we need to look at in order to support SOAP 1.2 correctly. Adrian is going to look into them in a few wks time. The biggest area is the fault/exception model. If you get there first then that's great otherwise you can count on Adrian :-)

Samisa Abeysinghe <>

30/06/2005 10:34
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"Apache AXIS C Developers List"

Apache AXIS C Developers List <>
SOAP 1.2 support

Hi all,
   As I mentioned in an earlier email, we have SOAP 1.1 verion
hardcoded in generated code.

   This also means that we have been always using SOAP 1.1 and never
tested SOAP 1.2 code. (Correct me if I am wrong)

   I propose that we provide and an API at Stub level to set the SOAP
version. (e.g. Stub::setSOAPVersion() ). Then like we do for the SOAP
action in the generetd code, the generated code would not set the SOAP
version  if it is laready set. Else it would set that to the default
of SOAP 1.1 9which is the de-facto hard coded default that we have as
of now.

   Value your thougts on this.