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From Damitha Kumarage <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] [Patch] Cleaning up files
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 06:44:00 GMT
Anuradha Ratnaweera wrote:

>On 12/7/05, Damitha Kumarage <> wrote:
>>How about linking axis2c libraries when building tests. Currently axis2c
>>libraries are linked
>>with -L.. -l flags in's in tests. How can we do that in a
>>platform indept way
>>using AC_CHECK_LIB or whatever. I suppose we can use AC_CHECK_LIB inside
>AC_* are autoconf macros, so we can't use them inside 
>Once we get the _external_ library linking (e.g.: cutest) cleaned up,
>I'll look into it.
yes please

>One more question?  Is libxml2 the same as _the_ libxml2 or is it a
>different one. 
yes libxml2 is _the_ libxml2.
I think we need to check libxml2 existance if user select 
(see my today's change to

> If it's the same, it makes a lot of sense to keep it
>seperate from the rest of the tree.  But again, that can be done once
>we get the immediate cleaning up.
>Right now, what I am trying to do is to get "make dist" working
>properly, so that the created tarball is independent of
>automake/autoconf, and then a user should be able to just run
>./configure && make && make install.
>        Anuradha

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