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From "Franz Fehringer" <>
Subject AXISCPP-753 status (also relevant for Java Axis)?
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 11:53:58 GMT

Yesterday i made a test regarding the status of AXISCPP-753 using the
attached PruebasBug example.
To this end i downloaded the ws-axis_20051219052135.tar.gz source code
snapshot and first built the Java Version with JDK 1.5.0_06 and afterwards
the C/C++ Version with MSVC6SP6 and JDK 1.5.0_06 using the jars made in the
first step.
The problem still persists, i.e. there is a spurious warning "ignoring
anonymous type >PruebaDatosCabecera" and corrupt source code is generated
(referring to >PruebaDatosCabecera*; note the gt sign).
What i want to point out specifically is that the Java Generator wsdl2java
also fails on this example only with another symptom (but also generating
spurious gt signs, see below).
What are the prospects for solving this bug?
Will Axis C/C++ 1.6 and/or Axis Java 1.4 be able to cope with anonymous
complexTypes i.e. will AXISCPP-753 be solved?
Is the lack of support of anonymous complexTypes recognized as a bug in the
Java version of Axis, i.e. is there a JIRA isssue for it?
Due to this deficiency i cannot make productive use of Axis, since i have to
completely rewrite all customer delivered WSDLs (anonymous complexTypes are
all over there) and i think it is a severe shortcoming in general terms

Best regards and thanks for looking into this issue



The wrong generated Java source code lines are (note again the gt sign)        typeDesc.setXmlType(new
">PruebaDatosCabecera"));        param = new
"PruebaDatosCabecera"), org.apache.axis.description.ParameterDesc.IN, new
com.abysal.www.soap.PruebasBug_wsdl.PruebaDatosCabecera.class, false,
false);            qName = new

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