Any hopes for my favourite issue AXISCPP-897 (recent wsdl2ws generates wrong/inconsistent prototypes; an absolute blocker/showstopper im my opinion)?
And btw what about AXISCPP-753 (WSDL2Ws can't handle complexTypes) and AXISCPP-898 (simple problem with simpleTypes)?
Best regards
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Von: John Hawkins []
Gesendet: Montag, 16. Januar 2006 19:32
An: Apache AXIS C User List
Betreff: Re: fail to run sample from Axis 1.5

V 1.6 is "just" coming out (rpc/encoded has issues but doc/literal is good at the moment). However you can download the nightly builds here ->

Guilhem Tardy <>

16/01/2006 18:22
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"Apache AXIS C User List"

John Hawkins/UK/IBM@IBMGB
Re: fail to run sample from Axis 1.5

> You'll be glad to know that in 1.6 the deletion across boundaries
> problem has been identified and resolved

And where can we download version 1.6?

I am all too eager to get the latest version, but no 1.6 here:

Thanks in advance,

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