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From "Henrik Nordberg" <>
Subject Re: What teams are working on Axis cpp?
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 23:37:34 GMT
Hi John,

Yes, I would like to become a committer. I have tried to make it a point, when submitting
bugs, to explain how the bug could be resolved. And I have submitted a few patches.

 - Henrik
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  From: John Hawkins 
  To: Apache AXIS C Developers List 
  Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 6:23 AM
  Subject: Re: What teams are working on Axis cpp?

  Hi Henrik, 

  IBM also ship the client-code as part of the WESB product

  I am the front-man for this effort within IBM - however, I could only wish it was that simple

  Have you considered becoming a committer to the project. You have consistently applied your
efforts to it in your use of the code and have come up with some valuable insights. I'd be
happy to nominate you. This would greatly ease your companies maintenance efforts and particularly
response times (I would have thought)? 


        "Henrik Nordberg" <> 
        01/02/2006 18:34 Please respond to
              "Apache AXIS C Developers List" <> 

       To "Apache AXIS C Developers List" <>  
              Subject Re: What teams are working on Axis cpp? 



  Paul Fremantle wrote:
  > Henrik
  > Nice looking screenshots!
  > The IBM team (which I used to be the architect for :-) ) ship the AxisC++ 
  > 1.x project as the MQC2 support pack 
  > ( I can no 
  > longer comment on what IBM's future plans for this are, since I no longer 
  > work there :-)

  Who is the lead guy on the current IBM team? Just curious. :)

  > WSO2 are strongly backing the Axis2/C project. A couple of our guys were 
  > heavily involved in the creation of AxisC++, but we took the decision that 
  > to create a highly flexible asynchronous Web Service engine that supports 
  > WS-Addressing, WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-TX, etc, we needed to rebuild on 
  > the Axis2 design.
  > The result is the Axis2/C project, which is just getting to the stage 
  > where we have clients and servers talking using WS-Addressing.
  > So summary:
  > AxisC++ 1.x is fairly stable project with a team from IBM supporting it to 
  > IBM customers.
  > Axis2/C is a very cool new project with WSO2 firmly behind it aiming to 
  > have a 1.0 in the summer.
  > Paul

  I am sure Axis2/C is cool and we will most likely switch to using that when 
  it is ready for prime time.
  In the meantime, it would be nice if the bugs we (Emanuel and I) have 
  reported were fixed. Some of them are quite serious, and we provide 
  suggestions for fixes in the bug reports.

  Would it be possible for me to become a commitor on AxisC++ 1.x, so I can 
  fix those (and possibly other) bugs?

  - Henrik 

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